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Instead of individually blogging about each and every random device and its driver I come across, I’ve decided to make up this page to list them all. There will be no sponsored links, ads, compulsory registration or any such nonsense, and it’ll remain as long as I can support and maintain it myself. I can give no guarantees except about giving it a go, and that I already do this same thing for 5-10 computers every week at work. CPU-Z is a free and frequently updated app that identifies key parts of your hardware – namely, the CPU, RAM, and motherboard specs. I’d recommend installing the chipset drivers first, as they frequently include drivers for onboard sound, networking or video, which can save you the time of hunting them down one by one. Installing the chipset drivers will deal with unknown devices like PCI bridges and the SMBus. I’ve also found this in a Toshiba Tecra A3X, which seems to be on the Australian site but not the US one. This is the battery meter and wireless select switch driver on Dell Mini Inspiron 910 netbooks (and probably other models). Once the driver is installed, this device shows up as the iAMT (Intel Active Management Technology), or Intel Management Engine, or something. Everything you could possibly want to know about F6 preinstallation drivers is now contained in my F6 driver guide.
Intel graphics chips are usually part of a motherboard with integrated video; as far as I know XP already has inbuilt drivers for older cards like the i740 etc. To run a TV tuner in a PC, you need both the driver for the hardware, and some kind of software to talk to it to actually watch TV.
As for drivers, get UKD to tell you what card it is and go get drivers off the manufacturer’s site. AC97 is a codec standard designed by Intel to unify soundcards and make life a bit easier, but which driver you need depends on which particular AC97 codec chip your PC has. If you’ve just run the installer for HD audio and still have no sound device in Device Manager, you probably need to install KB888111. Dell put this soundcard in a few of their desktops a few years back; it’s a cutdown version of a Live! Another Creative soundcard, this is just old and Creative don’t host the drivers for it anymore.
Some desktop PCs, the ASUS Eee PC and various cheap non-Centrino laptops all seem to feature Atheros wireless cards. Windows XP has inbuilt drivers for Realtek RTL8139 cards, possibly the most common chip around.

Attansic are now part of Atheros, who don’t seem to publish drivers for their own hardware. Broadband modems generally only require a driver to operate if you connect your PC to them using a USB cable. Before you tear your hair out trying to find a dialup driver, remember these things are cheap to replace – any PC repair shop should be able to sell you an internal PCI modem for $20 or less.
External dialup modems that connect using a serial port will generally work with Windows’s inbuilt drivers for a generic 56600bps (or whatever) modem. This was (and still is, I guess) a popular card reader among budget laptops including the Dell Inspiron 1520, Acer Aspire 5720 and others. Digging through the text files in that driver, though, I found a copyright notice from Sunix, who apparently actually make the card. If you need to use a USB thumbdrive or external hard disk on a Windows 98 machine, you need this. If you absolutely can’t find a working driver, I recommend chucking out the offending hardware and replacing it with a product whose maker cares about its customers for longer than it takes to get paid by them. Apart from being technically interesting, it’s the easiest way to find out what chipset your system has. You can hunt down a driver from them, but a simpler solution is to use the Omega drivers, or laptopvideo2go for nVidia laptops in particular. Installing the wrong one can cause a range of things from simply failing to install through to a full-on BSOD (although Windows seems smart enough to recover from that and uninstall the driver in question if it happens). If your PC has a VIA chipset, you need a matching driver from here (they seem to have the same driver for all AC97 chips so pick whichever you feel like). Cards with this chipset are present in the MSI EX700 and Acer 5315 laptops, among probably millions of others. Drivers for all their gear, including the RT257x as used in plenty of USB adapters, are available on their website here. Mine are based on the Davicom DM9601 chipset, but the driver CD also contained software for ADMTek ADM8515 and Moschip MCS7830 adapters. If you use a network cable, they work as normal network devices and your PC should automatically configure itself to work with it. This is also the way to get updated firmware (software for your modem), which is adequately explained elsewhere.
Conexant have a generic driver page here for HSF, HCF and AC97 modems (if you have an AC97 modem, you’ll probably have to install AC97 audio drivers first).
The majority of them (excluding proper branded products like from Logitech or Microsoft) use one of a small number of Vimicro chips.

That page also has Applemouse, which gives you a key combination to right-click with a one button mouse. Windows 2000 and above have native support for PPPoE, but you can still use RAS instead if you like.
I live in Australia so most of the brandnames I see on boxes are from the Asian market and some of the bigger Northern American names.
Windows 7 has no clue where to find the driver, and Toshiba actually didn’t list the driver on their site for the A500 I saw at work. Xpress 200, will use this driver, as will machines that claim to have a SiS 7012 soundcard. A customer at my work happened to bring in a Dell with one recently, so I asked them to bring in their driver CD for me.
New versions of that software have some kind of licensing problem with a number of these adapters though, mine included, and won’t let you move more than 5MB using them (it resets the adapter and kills the transfer if you go over 5mb in a single session).
Vimicro host a webcam detection tool on this page (linked at the end of the first paragraph) which looks up the necessary driver on their website and gives you a direct link to it. The chip itself is an OX12PCI840, whose product page as a bare electronics component is here on PLX Technology.
The Apple keys worked as Windows keys, if switched with the alt keys (which took some getting used to). Fortunately, the exact same device is in the Acer Aspire 7740G, which is fully supported on Acer’s site.
Use it to look up the cryptic number on your card and figure out exactly which driver you need.
The Taiwanese site is only slightly less odd, but this page seems to link to drivers for each and every one of their products, including the DC315U pictured here. Everything on this page I’ve personally tested to work on at least one computer somewhere.
If you happen to have an Intel dialup modem driver for XP or other Windows flavours, email me and let me know!

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