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This article explains how to add google analytics to your wordpress blog in order to measure, monitor and analyze your traffic stream. OK, now that you have you new Analytics account, you need to create a profile and add your website URL to it. All in One Webmaster is a plugin that allows you to add several webmaster tools to your wordpress blog. So, once you install All in One Webmaster plugin in your blog, go to the settings page and straight to the Analytics Options.
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Learn how to rank in the first spot of Google and master other traffic sources to monetize your traffic! By default, wordpress gives you the opportunity to measure stats by installing their Jetpack plugin. I would also add that because the GA is now asynchronous, placing the tracking code in the header is much more beneficial. Jetpack, in fact, is quite good, and allows you to check referral traffic and the keywords used in search engines that arrive at your blog. However, right now I’m using GA with the All in One Webmaster Plugin, so no need to put it manually on my header or footer.

If you don’t have a wordpress blog or you want to install your analytics code manually, then copy the whole javascript code. This includes adding the rest of the code, and making sure the code appears in all of your pages so you can make sure you’re tracking your site 100%. In this article, I’ll show you how to add Google Analytics to your wordpress blog in an easy way.

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