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But in reality, SEO is a very powerful business skill that can get you a lot of traction in the competitive world of the internet. The words (keywords) they are typing into the search field are the only link between them and you (remember, they have never heard of you).
A search engine is a program that searches documents on the World Wide Web for a specific word or phrase.
I spend a lot of time coaching my Connecticut SEO clients on best practices for social media to build relationships with their customers (Facebook, Twitter, Linkdin, Pinterest, etc). DSLR cameras can now shoot high-quality video that until recently was only possible with $20,000 video cameras.
This entry was posted in video production, Workshops and tagged DSLR Video, final cut pro, Video Editing on January 23, 2014 by Chuck Landrey. Sales of the iPad and other tablets are on track to surpass sales of desktop and laptop computers within the next year. I was studying Italian with an amazing vocabulary app called Memrise.  But there was one question about the app that stumped me. These days, many people are going to a company’s Facebook page first if they want to ask a question. Today’s clients and customers ASSUME that a company will have a Facebook page, where their questions about the company and its products will be seen and quickly answered.
This entry was posted in Social Media and tagged Facebook on September 12, 2013 by Chuck Landrey. I’m doing food photography for the Connecticut importer of Odense Almond Paste and Marzipan. Again and again, and AGAIN, I come upon websites requiring two, three or even more clicks to find such basic information as the telephone number, address, and business hours. This entry was posted in Back to Basics, web design and tagged user experience, UX on August 14, 2013 by Chuck Landrey. I had asked a colleague to add a new pop-out video feature into a cooking website we are working on.  This morning I received an email. A web page redesign isn’t done until it has been tested on all major browsers, running on both PC and Mac, and also on mobile browsers such as Mobile Safari and Android browser.
This entry was posted in web design and tagged menus, user experience, UX on June 17, 2013 by Chuck Landrey.
I'm Chuck Landrey, a Connecticut WordPress Web Designer and SEO Consultant in Old Saybrook, CT.
My sites feature responsive design, meaning they look good and work great whether viewed on a desktop, smartphone or tablet.
My team and I are adept at creating all types of web content, from copy-writing to images to podcasts to videos; all of it optimized for search engines.

WordPress SEO Plugin – General ScreenThe page analysis tab highlights key optimization areas and provides insight into how well your page is optimized.
It’s really only a series of little tweaks you can make in your blog posts and on your pages that can amount to a huge rush of traffic, and clients that are finally able to find you in the search engines. They are the people who are in Google search right this minute, and are madly typing words into the search field trying to find a solution to their problem or answer to their question.
If the words you use on your site (your keywords) match their search terms, then you will show up in the search results. As an online business and WordPress site owner, you need to know that SEO is what helps drive visitors to your website. When someone is searching for information on the internet, they type phrases or keywords into the Google, Yahoo, or Bing search field. But DSLR video has some unique challenges, and this workshop will teach you how to get the most out of your camera without additional expensive gear.
Add smartphones into the mix, and it becomes nothing less than urgent that your website work seamlessly across all of these platforms. A responsive website determines what type of device it is being viewed on, and then alters itself accordingly. If you have a smartphone, likely you have used it to look up the hours or phone number of a retailer. Up came their Facebook page with dozens of questions from users in the right hand column, to which I added mine. And because there is a very good chance that your website is being viewed on a smartphone,  the number needs to be a link that allows the user just tap the number  dial it. If I had not discovered our Firefox foul-up, close to 20% of the people visiting that page would have had a bad experience, because Firefox has about a 20% share of the browser pie. The icons on the left are red, yellow and green depending on whether you have met the suggested criteria for well optimized web pages.WordPress SEO – Page AnalysisIn the Advanced tab, you can set various index and follow options to guide the search engines. The first (above) from a grateful client, the second from a colleague whom I had sent a book that I just knew he would love.
Chuck Landrey is a filmmaker who believes that  having a great story is more important than having a great camera.
It was a tight squeeze for me and my camera between the various pieces of equipment, with no room for a tripod. It also includes a 301 redirect capability in the event you want to remove a page and point the URL to one that is active. Chuck is a Certified Pro in Final Cut Pro, one of the video-editing programs he will cover in class.
Plus, since it was a food-manufacturing facility, I was wearing a hair-net, face-mask and booties.

The plugin has added three columns to show the Title, Meta Description and the Focus Keyword that you used. If the area is blank or the SEO indicator is gray, you need to do some work.WordPress SEO – Page and Post ListAll of these new reminders keep SEO very visible.
Each post can be optimized as you write it, but I bet your pages have not been reviewed in a while.
Check your list of pages and see which ones you need to work on.On page SEO is important but in my experience, it is too easy to overlook because of all the details.
Most small business owners have enough on their task lists and SEO is one that never rises to the top. Look at SEO as a challenge to turn your indicator from red to green.What do you think of this new update to the WordPress SEO plugin?
Social HP 32 Image: Driving EDU Leads Through Social Media Brand Ambassadors Driving EDU Leads Through Social Media Brand Ambassadors Social HP 25 Image: Do You Want Loyal Customers? Optimizing your content for each page of your website, including your blog posts, is essential to helping your site get found.Good content marketing requires that you understand your target customer’s needs and then develop content to help them discover why they should buy your products and services. Effective use of keywords in content marketing makes your content more relevant to your target while helping search engines optimize the content.Content optimization is made simpler by the WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast. In a recent update, new enhancements that make analysis more visual make this plugin a time saver. Joost de Valk, the developer of this plugin and expert on SEO, explains the plugin thoroughly in his post. By selecting one keyword on which to base your writing, you create better, more relevant content for your reader while helping the search engines do their jobs.The WordPress SEO plugin gives you three tabs to help with the SEO process. The first, shown below, enables you to select your focus keyword, write your SEO Title (what appears at the top of your browser) and your Meta Description.
The SEO Title and Meta Description create the snippet that will appear in the search engine results pages. If you choose a focus keyword, the plugin gives you information on whether you have used the keyword in the right places. But still I don’t understand with on-page optimization, are menubar and sidebar links are counted ?

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