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We have highlighted how you can improve – independent of which CMS you use - the ranking for your website in an earlier blog post. Now, we would like to specifically show you how to optimize your WordPress website for search engines. Due to the wider functional range, we will focus on WordPress SEO by Yoast in this blog post. To install the plugin in WordPress go to the admin section and click on "Plugins" and then on "Add new". Indexing: First, you need to make sure that you are not prohibiting search engines from adding your website to their index. Title Tag: The ranking in search engines is positively influenced if every page has a unique title tag that contains keywords. Content Creation: Before writing new content, you should define a keyword per page and reuse that keyword in all sections of the page. XML Sitemap: Sitemaps make sure that search engines find all relevant content on your website. If you followed these steps, your WordPress website is now well optimized for search engines.
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This tutorial from Torque, a WPEngine publication, goes through everything you need to know to get started with SEO.
It avoids some of the more technical aspects of SEO and instead gives you a great primer to kickstart your SEO work. Yoast’s guide to SEO is perfect for someone who has a good grasp of SEO basics, but wants to learn how to apply the more complex elements to their WordPress site.
I’ve worked in the SEO field for many years, and still read through these tutorials to brush up on different aspects of my game. With over 70 million websites built using WordPress, it is definitely the leading blogging platform and most popular content management system (CMS).

WordPress SEO is not exactly simple or straightforward, especially because most creators and developers tend to focus more on adding great features, completely forgetting about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Consider SEO WordPress plugins as shortcuts to optimization, and there are definitely plenty of plugins to choose from. W3 Total Cache focuses on increasing your website speed to boost its rankings in search engines. Using tags and categories enables WordPress to manage and organized blog content in such a way that both users and search engines will be able to find and understand blog content more easily. Responsive websites can make a huge difference in a user’s browsing experience, more so if the website is also mobile friendly.
No one wants to stay on a webpage that takes ages to load, even search engines won’t wait either, which means website rankings could suffer. Because WordPress is used by many web creators and developers, you will have access to a community with an intimate knowledge on WordPress SEO. While All In One SEO Pack is known for being friendly for inexperienced users, it offers less features in the free version than WordPress SEO by Yoast, which offers all features for free.
By default, WordPress is well configured regarding title tags but you should double check these settings. Before publishing your content, you should scroll down in edit mode and make sure the keyword is used in the H1 tag, page title, URL, content and meta description.
The plugin will regenerate the sitemap for you if content is added or deleted, so you will not have to do that manually.
If you have questions on SEO for WordPress or on SEO in general, feel free to send me an email. Do it right, and you will see your site move up the search rankings and you’ll get more traffic. It may have something to do with the fact that it is easy to create a website using WordPress, and it is completely free to use when you opt for the self-hosted version.
Because optimization remains important now as it was before, a WordPress website must be SEO-friendly. It not only optimizes a website, but also allow bloggers to publish sitemaps, perform page analysis, and ping search engines every time your website is updated.

It improves page speed and user experience by reducing download times, increasing server performance and minifying HTML, JavaScript and CSS to save on bandwidth. Although there are thousands of themes that you can use for your WordPress website, choose one that is mobile responsive, boosting its search engine ranking in the process. Keyword-rich, however, has nothing to do with keyword stuffing or spamming, which will land you on Google’s bad side.
This goes back to using an SEO plugin that help increase your site’s speed, W3 Total Cache.
Based on the report we can make recommendations for improvements or, if you prefer we can carry out the work required to get your website where it should be… at the top!
With these settings title tags will be generated according the format "content title – your page site name". But make sure the box is enabled and have a look at the sitemap by clicking on the button next to it. But just when you think everything is easy on WordPress, you will be faced with the challenge of optimization. In addition, it directs you to where you can find backlinks and how to find organic keywords.
As an alternative you can use WP Super Cache, which is easier to set up but offers less features. Check if the problem is with your host, and unsubscribe right away if it’s performing poorly. Use only plugins that matter, as too much of them can also contribute to a persistently low site.

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