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Web Applications Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for power users of web applications. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged youtube or ask your own question. Would a sentient species be able to thrive when mating means the death of the male partner?
It can be ran as a simple Transition with a fadein duration, display duration and a fadeout duration or it can be used as a wait animation while running some task in your Code (including Cell activation) using DoEvents and additional error trapping. You can download the example Preloader demonstration Workbook and BAS Project files in one complete Zip archive.
Please see the Add to a VBA Project section for information on adding the Preloader BAS files into a new or existing VBA Project. I have included the Transition style Code if you want to copy it - check out the Preloader Demonstration Workbook for lots more.
You can display a Preloader on a transparent UserForm, a Dialog Window with a Caption or on a Framed Window. Here are 2 Videos of the preferred methods of using a Preloader while running a task using VBA Code.
There are 26 demonstration Hyperlinked example Subroutines to view and examine plus 2 preferred methods of using the Preloader in the real world. If you examine the Code you will see we did not actually pass any parameters to run the transition.
A Subroutine is included in the Preloader Code Module that you can Copy & Paste into any Code Module to convert RGB values into their Long equivalents. It is easy to make up and add your own colours to the enum types so that you can pass a new colour as a parameter in the Transition and Start & Stop Subroutines.
The preloader subroutines are very flexible - you can call any of the subroutines by omitting the keywords in the optional parameters. You can also preset any of these parameters with the word Control and then choose to override them with the actual parameters that you pass to the Subroutine or omit them entirely ie.

Preloader is programmed to always try to cleanup as best as it can and to ''never'' leave the Excel Application in distress or missing key functionality. If you create a new, stylish or exciting Preloader, let me know - I will post it here with an accreditation. A noticed a new button had popped up when watching some of my own YouTube videos this evening…Interactive Transcript (highlighted in yellow in the screen shot below).
Clicking the Interactive Transcript button opens up a timecode synced transcript of the video you are watching. Thus bodes well for making video and audio searchable in Google’s index, something that is not really possible today. I am seeing the Interactive transcript and yes it is far from accurate, on the transcript it mentions dragons? Doing speech to text is a hard problem and one that won’t be completely solved for a long long time, I think. Si bien en internet YouTube es sinonimo de "videos online", no todo el contenido audiovisual de la red muere en Google. Aca te traemos 5 sitios o plataformas alternativas a YouTube que te permiten ver, compartir y descargar (en algunos casos) videos online. Vimeo Es claramente uno de los que se encuentra en mayor ascenso en los ultimos meses (a esta altura, hablar de anos es demasiado). UStream.TV Abierta al publico alrededor de 2007, UStream es una plataforma integramente dedicada al streaming y al videocast. Como su nombre lo indica, Archive es el sitio web cuyo unico objetivo es convertirse en el archivo universal de la web. YouTube has been offering automatically generated captions for quite a while now, but this lays out the automated transcripts in such a way that the user can click on individual lines to just to that part of the video automatically. I would assume though that since they are creating these transcripts anyway, it won’t be a far step to slurping these transcripts into the Google indexing system so that people can find videos simply by searching on word used in the video.
Google often rolls out tests to random users in order to judge the popularity and effectivness of new features, so it might not be available for everyone.

I had a video that surprised me with its accuracy the other day, but it was practically a studio quality recording where the captions for my outdoors videos are basically non-sensical. Aparte de esta plataforma, tenemos una pletora de opciones que, apuntando a un nicho especifico y masivo, buscan diferenciarse y ganar posiciones entre los usuarios de videos online.
Esto incluye videos, audios, textos y cualquier contenido que haya dando vueltas en internet. Hulu es una plataforma de videos online exclusivamente creada para retransmitir contenido de las cadenas de TV. On the right side under "Top options for working with Excel" select the checkbox "Show Developer tab in Ribbon".
Machine transcription is far from 100% accurate, but with good audio Google’s algorithm can do quite well. One missing feature is an easy way to export the transcript, even from your own videos, so that you could share it on your own web site along with the video.
Como plataforma, permite subir, compartir y descargar videos (algo que en YouTube es una suerte de tema tabu). Claramente en esto se diferencia de todos porque no acepta subir contenido por parte de los usuarios y su unico objetivo es llevar la idea de TV on-demand a la web. Esto puede parecer una nimiedad, pero es interesante que haya una plataforma no global de videos que no dependa exclusivamente de la estrategia de los EEUU, en especial a lo que copyright se refiere.
Su principal diferencial es que es el primer sitio de videos (presento esta opcion en 2007) en permitir cargar contenido en alta definicion (HD), algo que la plataforma de Google implementaria recien en el 2009.
Alli podemos encontrar, subir y compartir cualquier tipo de video, de cualquier extension y dejarlo liberado para ser usado por todos los usuarios bajo formatos abiertos (opensource) y cerrados. El acceso es gratuito solo para los usuarios de algunos mercados (EEUU y Reino Unido) y permite ver contenidos ya emitidos por la mayoria de las cadenas de TV de EEUU.

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