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South Australian Artist, Writer, Video Producer and Animator, David Arandle working under the pseudonym 'The Extraordinary Tourist' or 'TET' for short Blogs about his personal animation projects as well as Tips, Software Reviews, Featured Animators Animation Business and a whole lot more.
If you're a fan of GoAnimate's Lil' Peepz Superhero costumes and characters but are disappointed there is no Bat Cowl then I've made a video to show you how you can create your own Lil' Peepz Batman like character. I say 'Batman like' because there is no way you can put the Bat emblem on the bat suit chest. The video is quite long and not the most exciting 14 minutes of your life but you do get to see me make the character in real time, explaining some of my choices as I go. The character will cost you 270 Gobucks (or US$2.70) as most of the components are not free. If you want to get started on yours right away this link will take you to the Lil' Peepz Character Creator. Synfig Studio is intended to be professional 2D animation software and is available to download for free.
Can't draw or animate to save your life but want to create cartoons or explainer videos?
WeVideo is a professional online, cloud, video editing and project sharing application that works right in your browser. I've watched a lot of these shows on GoAnimate and a common technique is to send off the same list of generic questions to every guest. There's nothing wrong with these type of generic questions in themselves and it's not wrong to ask them. The most important part of your interview show is researching your guests before sending them any questions. As you watch examples of their work think about questions you would like to ask about each.
They used to just randomly drop the foot into a sketch as an unexpected joke ending - which is what I did, kind of, with my animation. Of all the characters on GoAnimate, why did you choose Happy Bunny to be the one behind the Complaints Desk? Not only that but you, as the interviewer, may have no interest in your guests early work - or even their latest work.
If you're a fan of just one animation or animation series then focus all your questions around that. Your show will come across as more interesting and personal if you have a genuine interest in your guests rather than asking everyone the same questions like a robot. Keeping in mind that your guests are going to have to take time out of their day, and maybe even set up some equipment to record their voice (if you want their actual spoken answers), be sure to invite your guests to be on your show politely.
In your contact message you should introduce your show, perhaps list some guests you've already featured, and ask if they would like to be on the show.
Encourage your guests to record their audio in a room that doesn't echo (generally a room that has carpet floors and closed, material curtains) with little to no background noise.
Before doing anything else with your audio (such as cutting it up into separate answers) open the files in Audicity.
Once you've applied these effects, save out the files, with a different file name (never save over your source files).

However you represent your guests, be respectful as they've given up some of their time to make your show possible. Medium Close Up of the Interviewer - use this shot to focus attention of the question being asked. Medium Close Up of the Interviewee - use this to focus on the Interviewee as they give their answer. You can also mix in other shots such as an extreme close up of the interviewee's face - which is used if they are telling a particularly personal story. Below I've created an example animation which is by no means the pinnacle of interview animations but it does incorporate much of what I've mentioned above. The interviewer demonstrates he has researched his guest by asking questions that include information about the guest's background and work. Hopefully you've stuck with this rather lengthy article and picked up a few tips on how you could improve your own animated interviews. Once you do the research and decide what questions to ask, a GoAnimate Interview show is relatively easy to put together. By not sticking to generic questions that everyone asks and taking some time to make your show visually interesting will make your Interview Show stand out from the rest. Goanimate Softwarecommands and Exchange Server support, built-in ZIP files in a group (i.e. If you have some extra gobucks to spend then I'd suggest purchasing the Fighting Action pack just to give him a few of those necessary superhero moves.
However, when you get a whole list of these questions in a row and you ask them of every guest, it makes for a very impersonal interview. They want to see you connect with your guests with questions that draw out information and really tells them something specific about that person. Look at what your guests have created and ask questions relating to specific work that they have done. However, the second question I can give you a specific answer because I know exactly why I chose Happy Bunny. Although you can try, it's pretty hard to cover someone's entire body of creative work in that time. Questions and answers can be recorded separately when it's convenient for each person and then compiled together in the final show. Send along the questions you want answered and explain what format you want the answers (as text or recorded voice).
People are often busy, don't like recording their own voice or they may not want to answer your questions. You'll need to provide an email address or some other means for your guest to send you their recording as an attachment or download. With all your guests using different microphones and environments to record their audio there are a few things you can do to get better audio.
I use Audacity but the two effects I'm about to show you can be found in most dedicated audio software and even some video editing software. If the line isn't for the most part flat then this indicates background noise has been recorded.

Incidentally these two effects are good to apply to any voice work you do where your microphone isn't of the best quality. Now you can start chopping up your improved files into manageable chunks to upload to GoAnimate. I have used Text To Speech (TTS) voices and would recommend you choose the clearest voices if you're going to use them too. The one I created above I put together in only a few hours (made easier when you're interviewing a character from your own animation - feel free to try it with your own characters). Send a bunch of questions to your guests, have them record their answers then put the whole thing together like a standard, TV talk show. Your viewers will especially enjoy your interviews if you get insights about your guests that they've never heard anywhere else. For example, if you look at my very first animation, it's an unsuspecting cat getting squashed by a giant foot (hilarious right?). Just let your audience know first that your interview will focus on that specific body of work.
It could be the hissing of the microphone or the sound of a fan (if the audio was recorded on a laptop microphone for example). Normalize is particularly effective at boosting the volume on quieter recordings to a more acceptable level but is less effective at reducing the volume on louder recordings. If they normally use a character they've created in one of GoAnimate's character creators you may, if you have the funds, like to recreate that character.
There are three standard shots you can switch between to keep your show visually interesting. Who knows, you may have just caught them in a mood or with an exceptionally large work load and little time. As a result it's better if your guests provide you with low volume recordings rather than really loud, mic right up to their mouth, high volume recordings.
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