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Have you noticed an increase in advert placement on YouTube with a lot of businesses increasing their YouTube advertising cost? Now With over 2 billion users, YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world behind of Google and has over 1 million users every month.
As a YouTube advertising user, you pay per view with an average cost per view ranging from $10-$30 (per thousand) with the option to have your ad in four standard ad formats. In this instance your video ad will appear when a person searches a particular category on YouTube. This is when your YouTube advertisement shows up on YouTube partner videos that are 10 mins or more in length. This is the most priced possession of YouTube Advertisement, it is some worth similar to Yahoo's!
In-display ads are quite the new introduction into the Youtube Advertiement placement and can run across YouTube and Google Display Network.
The good thing about YouTube advert placement is that YouTube will not charge you If your targeted audience skip it before 30 seconds (or the end) you don't pay a cent, not a penny will be charged. YouTube allows you to target your ads by selecting options such as personal demographics, location, language and subject matter. Television advertising is very expensive to reach a significant percentage of the target audience, but YouTube video marketing is extremely cost-effective.
With a limited budget you will want to know where every cent of your dollar is going and how it’s being spent. YouTube advertising allows you to prove whether consumers were exposed to a specific advert or whether they were totally engaged. TrueView ads are a type of video ads, mostly shown on YouTube and provide the viewers with the choice and control on advertisements they want to see.
True View in-stream ads: This type of ad plays like a traditional TV-style ad, shown after or during another video play from YouTube partner.
TrueView in-slate ads: These ads are shown before playing YouTube partner videos lasting ten minutes or longer. TrueView in-search ads: These video are displayed in a special promoted section of the search result pages on Google Video or YouTube, when the viewer’s search matches with the keywords of the advertisement. TrueView in-display ads: These are legacy formats, which appear in the video overlay promoted by YouTube. As Google says, eighty percent of YouTube viewers prefer TrueView videos, over other formats of in-stream video ads. Since the sponsors have to pay only when the viewers select to watch an advertisement, it is easy for them to save money. When an ad is served but not watched beyond thirty seconds, there is no charge for impression build awareness.
It is also possible to target the audience according to their demographics, interests or keywords they use for search. TrueView advertising is available across wide range of devices, like PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones or other mobile devices.
TrueView video advertising is a completely new approach to video production and advertising.
TrueView video allows the advertisers to reach greater number of their target audience than ever before. Summary: TrueView video is a new concept of video advertising where the viewers can select the ad or skip it according to their need.
About the Author: Sam Middleton, a digital marketing evangelist, has also co-founded a small SEO agency in London, UK. Filed Under: Social Media Tagged With: trueview advertising, video advertising, youtube advertisingLoved this article? I’ll be testing this probably in November as my roadmap for tests and budget is really crowded for this month.

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Fast forward 70 years, and brands are still trying to get their message in front of those who matter, which is no easy task when you take into account DVRs and multi-screen viewing habits. Well do not fear, Google AdWords for Video is a powerful tool for brands and their video content strategies, but only if done correctly. Speak to your audience – When creating video content for the purpose of YouTube advertising, it is important to understand your audience. The content created for YouTube needs to speak to those who are targeted – this will allow a brand to build trust with the viewer, ultimately creating a positive experience.
Grab their attention – There are two types of TrueView In-Stream Ads a marketer can run on YouTube – those that a viewer cannot skip and those that a viewer can. About the Author Latest PostsAbout Blake FifeBlake is BLASTmedia's creative director, hailing from Ball State University. Well I have and to be totally honest am not surprised, but what am surprised about is the fact that have rarely seen YouTube advert placements for small businesses.
Often YouTube is over looked by people when thinking of advertising on social media, but if the numbers are anything to go by, YouTube should not be shunned especially for small businesses with a small budget.
This display is similar to ads on Google search, except viewers can see a snapshot of the video.
The key to getting your ad to appear the most is to use relevant keywords when setting up the ad, or the most searched key words on YouTube. When combined with targeting tools, YouTube is a great marketing platform for small businesses.
Today’s advanced analytics enable marketers to understand exactly who is watching their advert and when.
Have been able to perform researches using the built up internet marketing tool; seo web analyst as a case study and will be using the web marketing tool (platform). Viewers see these ads when they search for videos in YouTube, or Google Display Network, or in related web content. Viewers can either watch one of three advertisements, or can opt to view regular commercial breaks interspersed through the video.
In-display ads are also shown in related videos, video search results and Click-to-Play format of Google, when there is a match for target audience.
This allows the advertisers to ensure views are relevant and engage more of their target audience. These ads on YouTube and Google Display Network are characterized by consumer’s choice, lower cost and higher engagement of the viewers. He is passionate about his profession and likes to write blogs about video production and advertising. I’ll be experimenting with YouTube and its TrueView Advertising in the following weeks so this post helps a ton. I have probably even seen it without realising, as I think the kinds of ads I see on youtube are like that.
Using the same targeting of AdWords, you can place your dealership video ad in front of in-market car shoppers when they’re ready to visit a dealership (49% of vehicle shoppers who watch a video ad visit a dealership). You only pay when an in-market, ready-to-buy vehicle shopper chooses to watch your entire pre-roll ad (or 30-seconds, whichever comes first). In fact, the early daytime drama shows received their name from the adverts that aired with each show. If there is a disconnect between your content’s message and the audience viewing said content, your ad runs the risk of having a negative response. People are watching videos on their computers and even mobile devices, which is much different than the traditional viewing experience of television. This is why it is imperative that you grab their attention early and fast – within the first 10 seconds.

Your ad content is interrupting someone’s pre-determined viewing experience, so they do not want to sit through a two-minute sales pitch of your product.
Advertisers and content creators alike must adapt and evolve to the changing digital landscape. Allow the well-equipped video team at BLASTmedia assist in delivering your message out to the millions of people on YouTube everyday.
Whether it's shooting video, working on graphic design projects or animating, he's constantly changing gears which allows him to keep a sharp, creative mind. Using Google you can be able to find the most searched keywords and set these up when putting up the ad.
Your ad can also show up in between ad breaks, allowing the user to choose which of the suggested ads to watch.
This ad will usually take place in the form of a large banner ad with mixed media options like trailers and video clips. This way you’ll ensure that everyone within your audience easily understands your brand or call to action. TrueView ads are definitely different from the most video ads, since the payment is made only when an impression is served.
Sponsors pay for the ads which are viewed either for thirty seconds or until the end of the video (whichever is less). The appearance of the video depends on the publishers and the sponsors are charged only when the viewers opt to watch the video. Submit a Guest Post, get traffic and SEO benefits from Stream SEO by reading the guidelines here. I have also just started thinking about youtube videos for my blog, to expand my reach and this is something you can ad to that. Companies like Proctor and Gamble sponsored the shows and promoted their household cleaners, or soaps, to the women watching at home, thus coining the term, “soap opera.” Other companies soon caught on, and the commercial was born. So when YouTube introduced its new advertising platform, Google AdWords for Video, brands seemed hesitant to adopt this new method – worried their content would be skipped after the first five seconds.
Targeting methods on YouTube are much more complex than buying airtime on national television. Content viewing habits are much different than they once were and cannot be created and used across multiple mediums; it must be tailored to the platform for where it will live. Clicking the ad will deliver a user to the YouTube watch or channel page to view the video rather than playing the video within the ad unit itself. The last thing you want is to waste precious ad dollars on people with no interest in what you are promoting, especially when you are a small business with limited funds.
I’m not quite sure about the design but at least traffic is coming and conversions are happening. This is your one chance to interrupt the content the viewer was about to watch, so make it worth his or her time.
Messing around with pre-roll ads, overlays and other ways to insert advertising into the video is one thing. Therefore the ad’s key message needs to be placed in the first 25 seconds with the remaining 8 seconds as a call-to-action bumper. In addition to speaking directly to the audience and letting them know you understand their frustration, be clear on your call-to-action as well. But simply handing over more of the homepage — its most valuable real estate and I think they figured that its a relatively easy way to generate dollars. Viewers will likely see this remaining time and skip to move on to other content – potentially giving you free advertising.

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