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Definitivamente los seguidores de la serie Game of Thrones o en espanol, Juego de tronos, saben que un ano es demasiado tiempo para esperar una nueva temporada. Acercandose Navidad recordamos la historia detras de la festividad, ahora imaginense esa misma historia pero ocurriendo en nuestros tiempos de medios sociales y tecnologia movil. Este fin de semana fue lanzado el trailer cinematico de la tan esperada expansion para World of Warcraft: Cataclysm. As the world is going crazy about Smartphones, the amount of users watching videos on mobile is increasing the same rate.
Google also conducted recently a very interesting study surveying more than 16 000 YouTube mobile website users.
Enhanced channel: Free set-up, includes also branding box, watch page banner, side column image, channel header and analytics. Include the number of times video has been viewed, liked, downloaded, linked or shared, number of subscriptions to your channel, number of comments.
From SEO perspective including links to your Youtube channel can improve your sites ranking. If you are lucky, users will spread your video around the social networks, blogs, forums etc. I am Pauliina Jamsa, a 32-year-old multi-lingual Finnish Digital & Mobile marketing expert with International business background - I have lived in many countries and speak 7 languages. If you go about this with a plan and some knowledge, YouTube can lead to great things for your business. Some general tips for maximizing YouTube would be to make quality content and to make use of SEO. As long as the sites where you will post the video allow for this, you will be able to use the available coding to spread your message.
YouTube Marketing is a great way to promote your site, create brand awareness, and attract new customers. Usually I don’t understand content upon websites, even so want to point out that this kind of write-up very compelled me personally to look at plus do this! Last week, industry insiders and industry newcomers mingled, saleswomen and salesmen schmoozed, a veritable lovefest erupted on Twitter under the never-quite-trending #ReelSummit – this was the 2014 REEL Video Marketing Summit. And this is the highlight reel for the 2014 REEL Video Marketing Summit, carefully optimized with cat gifs. Be sure to join us next year, where they may or may not be providing more drink coupons with summit registration. What about you, fellow REEL Video Summit attendees – do you have other favorite highlights? Despite the relative newness of online video and online video optimization, this game has been around for a while. Presumably, if you can read English that should mean you can read English words in any typeface.
Despite this map being written in Modern English (the kind we still read and write in) and using words familiar to most English speakers, the street names are hard to riddle out. AND, IN ADDITION TO CAUSING YOU SOMETHING OF A HEADACHE, TEXT SET IN ALL CAPS IS THE LEAST LEGIBLE BECAUSE HUMAN EYES RECOGNIZE WORDS BY BOTH THEIR SHAPE AND THEIR INCLUDED LETTERS. As Forbes contributor Rob Schwartz pointed out yesterday, this year’s World Cup was a global phenomenon rife with challenges for traditional marketing.
With 45 brands spending more than $400 million to promote 97 campaigns, the 2014 World Cup in Brazil represents one of the largest marketing events in history. To get to the heart of the matter, we’ve decided to pit the top branded YouTube campaign videos head-to-head and see who won the 2014 World Cup Battle of the Brands (in our humble opinion). Share date – time since the video was uploaded, for context and to assure all metrics are evaluated equitably. Minutes watched – total, aggregated number of video minutes watched by YouTube users, regardless of whether or when the video was abandoned. True engagement – the Gold Standard of video marketing metrics, this key YouTube performance indicator crunches the numbers on every social media share and linked referral to a specific YouTube video, relative to its number of views. Nike wins by the power of true audience engagement, which is undiluted despite its high number of views. Despite significantly lower total views, Hyundai wins for its unprecedented true engagement numbers – 1 in 10 viewers shared this video. McDonald’s wins handily, in a competition so lopsided that it might trigger some PTSD from the Germany vs. With video marketing moving at the speed of light, it’s easy to get wild-eyed about your workflow. The last 20 years, and the mass adoption of the internet, have created the illusion that human beings can build complete digital worlds, will new markets into existence, and create content for viral consumption, all at once and all by themselves. It’s not an easy task to grow your views and subscribers organically and it has been a privilege guiding you in the quest for video marketing success. In celebration of your support, we have added Velocity, our trending indicator, to the vidIQ Vision Chrome extension for all users. Thanks again for your support and if you have any feedback on this release, please don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments! Creator Suggested is a new metric we’ve been running in our Chrome Extension for the last couple of months. It’s not as glamorous as some other metrics, but this has huge implications for channel (and thus brand) engagement. As of writing this, we are seeing the University of Minnesota have a very viral moment with Guy Pulls Out Sign on Gophers Kiss Cam.
If you take a second to look through the channel, you can see they didn’t get here by luck, or even a huge budget. Success on YouTube isn’t always about tracking just your metrics – it’s about gaining valuable insights into your competitors too!
Starting today you’ll be able to track your competitors’ growth on YouTube and see how you stack up against your competition, including views and subscribers by timeframe. As a global brand, managing your YouTube presence along with your Facebook and Twitter endeavors is no easy task – especially with a fragmented array of tools and a large social media team.
90% of Tweets that contains URLs to your YouTube videos don’t mention your brand name or Twitter handle. YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world, and 58% of YouTube viewers watch your video because of Search and Related Videos, making SEO very important.

Engaging with your viewers via YouTube comments is proven to increase engagement and views by 4x. Are you considering teaming up with YouTube creators to increase your brand recognition with an influencer marketing campaign?
First of all, though, you may not be completely certain that you want to give influencer marketing a try by working with someone on YouTube to help promote your brand. A YouTube influencer marketing campaign can be a great way to build brand recognition and convert more customers.
Start with YouTube searches for the keywords most associated with your brand, and then take some time to watch videos from the creators who showed up in those search results.
For an effective campaign, partner with YouTubers who create relevant content and fit the best with your brand identity. Now, you’re probably going to find quite a few different YouTubers who could fit the bill, but you may not be able to partner with or sponsor all of them. Once you’ve selected the YouTuber(s) you want to work with, start communicating with them and offer to partner with or sponsor them. Successful video creators know their audiences, and they know what their viewers respond to best. Of course, you will also want to be completely clear about what you expect from them and what they can expect from you. As with any business, it’s important to measure your return on investment, especially when it comes to promotion. For example, one way to track exposure that YouTubers have brought to your brand is to provide them with a custom URL that’s specific to them and the marketing campaign. This will give you a better idea of how your YouTube sponsorship is going and what you need to do to improve it for influencer marketing campaigns in the future. Keep these tips in mind to help maximize your results when partnering with the awesome community of YouTubers to promote your products or services. According to the official YouTube blog, in January 2011 YouTube exceeded 200 million views a day on mobile.
According to the survey, 75% of respondents claim that mobile is their primary way of entering YouTube, and 38% believe YouTube Mobile will replace their desktop usage of the platform.
Create a competition across website, YouTube channel and social media platforms and hide “clues” into videos or around the YouTube channel. It is very difficult to create a successful video users spread around the net and sometimes even the viral video creators do not know why it worked. Both YouTube and search engines (especially Google) classify YouTube videos based on relevancy for the user and keywords he uses.
Based in London, I am currently working as Digital Marketing Manager for Microsoft Dynamics. You need to put the keywords in the boxes provided without taking away from the content itself or choosing words that will not help. While it is great on YouTube alone, it is even better when you post the video to other places around the web. It is as easy as copy and paste, mostly because that is all that you are going to be doing. Your video will be easily found, your business will bring in more traffic, and you will be doing better as a whole. From 17th-century book binders to modern-day web designers, the art of legibility has been passed down to each new generation of typographic engineers and enjoyed by everyday folk like you and me (who have little clue that they are being visually manipulated into rapid word comprehension). Not impossible, of course – just more time-consuming than would be ideal for, say, catching the attention of a YouTube viewer.
TYPING IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS ENSURES THAT EACH WORD HAS THE SAME SHAPE AND, THEREFORE, TAKES LONGER TO READ. And while search rank is unaffected by a video title’s letter casing, you can be darn sure that Optimizing a Video Title for Human Eyes will affect viewer click-thru rates and reader comprehension. Access more of the metrics that matter, right on the YouTube Watch Page, with vidIQ’s free Chrome Extension. It also marks the moment that online advertising claimed a definitive victory over television. Be wary here too, because creators can withhold this data – sometimes to protect proprietary information and sometimes to obscure a paid viewing campaign.
And the thread that connects them has always been simpler than strategy, more powerful than promotion, and greater than hype. It seems necessary to surrender to the daily scramble to produce, produce, produce on your channel. We’ve seen great channels averaging around here, like The Verge and American Express.
We’ve seen some huge non-profits, political parties, and brands spending a significant amount on YouTube to get here. They just consistently upload content, grow their subscribers, annotate, and actively playlist content. And sound practice starts with the right data to build it on, which can all be yours with the vidIQ Chrome Extension. We’ve been hard at work developing a competitive analysis tool that will help brands on YouTube improve their business intelligence – and today we’re happy to announce its availability to all vidIQ users! Your company can gain a great deal from working with and sponsoring a YouTube creator, but you can’t just toss them some products and expect huge results. We’re here to tell you that video is incredibly engaging and a wonderful marketing tool, and when you work with a YouTuber, you’ll be exposing your brand to their entire audience. Of course, just like with any other marketing campaign, you still have to make sure that you partner with someone that’s the right fit, and take the right steps to ensure your success. To do this, focus on YouTube channels that target the same audience that your brand targets.
Another option is to use a YouTube influencer marketing service or platform which allows you to create a targeted campaign and take proposals from interested YouTubers. Successful campaigns involve YouTubers that have a strong relationship with their viewership. At this point, you may be tempted to outline a exactly how you want this relationship to work and what you want them to do for you in return for products, payment, etc. Don’t do it!
Ask them what kind of partnership will work for them and how they would like to work with you to promote your products or services.

The more clear you are about which products you’ll be supplying, what kinds of payment(s) you’ll be making, and what you expect in return, the healthier and more effective the influencer marketing campaign will be. To do so, you can use analytics tools to track your conversions, sales numbers, and repeat customers.
Google also claims that 70% of the users visit YouTube Mobile at least once a day, and 58% spend in platform more than 20 minutes per visit. Good thing is that users have to have a YouTube account to comment and it is possible to send them a direct message privately. If possible, try to include links when answering the comments (but not unless it is relevant for the user). There are some ingredients that add virality to the video: fun, surprise, sex, talent, tips…but of course you need to be careful not to damage the brand image and to make sure the content is suitable for your industry and target audience.
Make sure that you encourage the users to get in touch with you or the brand in the end of the video. Again, remember not to include only keywords, but direct the description and introduction to user, not only the search engines.
If you want to be found and if you want this to be effective, you have to put care into how it looks to the viewer.
This will help you to increase your ranking in YouTube search results as well as Google results.
From your website to blogs, this will help you to find more viewers and to give your SEO a nice boost. It should bring in your target audience and it should do everything expected, and possibly more in some cases.
But second fragments, as any internet professional knows, are critical when potential consumers are scanning web pages, feeds, and search results.
That’s more watches, shares, and engagement with their canon of videos, leading to exponentially more total views as people continue flocking to them.
If you want your campaign to be a real success, you’ll need to choose the right fit and do a bit of strategizing. Take a look at the comments on their YouTube videos, and then take a few minutes to explore their social media presences. They’ll have a lot of relevant posts and a consistent amount of comments, likes, and shares. Letting the YouTube creators use their experience to provide input and direct the brand-related content they’re going to do for you is really one of the best routes for your influencer marketing campaign(s).
Having their video on your official channel makes users spread the word around their networks and rest of the Internet. If you are a consultancy or B2B firm, usually industry tips, statistics and discussion of current hot topics can add value to the company and let you establish a reputation of an industry expert. You need to be prepared if one of your videos goes viral to support it across the platforms, media and websites for bigger impact. When people are looking for what you offer, you want to appear as high in the list as possible. Also join my newsletter to receive one delightful email per week about online marketing tips and tricks! The more of those videos that are on your channel, the higher the total views your channel will receive when those videos explode, and the better your brand sticks with each viewer.
Not only that, though, you’ll see that they also take the time to engage with their YouTube viewers. For tips, which posts require immediate response, which posts can be left for later and which should simply be ignored, click here.
Hoe groter het gekeken gedeelte van een video is, hoe sneller YouTube de conclusie kan trekken dat de content van de video ook daadwerkelijk nuttig en duidelijk is.
Videomarketing op YouTube – Bekeken minutenIets wat vaak over het hoofd gezien wordt en nauw samenwerkt met kijkersloyaliteit is het totaal aantal bekeken minuten van een video.
In principe is dit een simpele rekensom van hoeveel kijkers een video heeft gehad, wat de retentie is en wat de lengte van die video is. Dat maakt de rekensom niet gemakkelijker, maar neemt niet weg dat iedere gekeken minuut bijdraagt aan de waarde van een video binnen het YouTube platform.
Het aantal gekeken minuten is snel belangrijker aan het worden dan het totaal aantal views.
In eerste instantie puur om misbruik van het systeem tegen te gaan (daarom werkt het kopen van views ook niet), maar nu ook omdat het simpelweg meer zegt over een video dan hoe vaak de thumbnail is aangeklikt. YouTube kijkersgedragWat ook in de video hierboven is behandeld is de bijdrage van de kijker aan de vindbaarheid van jouw video.
Kort gezegd komt het erop neer dat een kijker die zolang mogelijk binnen het YouTube platform blijft meer waard is voor YouTube. De video’s die daaraan weten bij te dragen worden dan ook beloond met een hogere positie binnen de zoekresultaten van YouTube.
Zo kun je bijvoorbeeld effectief gebruik maken van afspeellijsten die nadat de video is afgekeken direct doorgaan naar een gerelateerde video van jouw kanaal.
YouTube Marketing – Titel en thumbnailsVoordat minuten, retentiepercentage en kijkersgedrag ook maar iets kunnen doen voor jouw video, moeten er eerst uberhaupt kijkers op terecht komen. Kies als het even kan een titel die de nieuwsgierige aard van de kijker aanwakkert, en zorg voor een bijpassende thumbnail. YouTube Marketing – De eerste 15 seconden zijn cruciaalDe mens is steeds ongeduldiger aan het worden. Door de gigantische hoeveelheid content op het internet ga je dan ook geen tijd verdoen aan iets wat eigenlijk niet zo interessant is.
Dit kan bijvoorbeeld door in het kort te vertellen welke voor de kijker handige tips er zoal aan bod gaan komen. Het geanimeerd in beeld laten komen van je logo is prachtig, maar niet het eerste waar de kijker op zit te wachten. Op het eind mag het allemaal wat langer duren, maar vooral in het begin wil je de kijker absoluut niet afschrikken.Wilt u ook beginnen aan een succesvolle YouTube marketing? Voor de mogelijkheden of een vrijblijvende offerte kunt u contact met ons opnemen via het contactformulier.Deel de kennis!

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