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YouTube released its first Brand Channel Leader board earlier this year, featuring channels that have had the most success attracting repeat viewership, shares, and engaged fan bases.
According to Touchstorma€™s Video Index, only 74 of the top 5,000 channels on YouTube belong to brands. With the rise of viewership on YouTube, especially mobile, brands cana€™t afford to ignore it.
Obama Barack brought attention to Obamacare by inviting a group of YouTube influencers to the White House.
Wea€™re at a point on the platform where YouTube stars and influencers understand their worth to their audiences and the marketplace.
The key is to identify your audience, find crossover with YouTubersa€™ subscribers, and see if theya€™d be willing to collaborate. Instead of gambling on an attempt to go viral, be smart about using your resources to create original, serialized content that will keep your viewers coming back for more.
Red Bull is no stranger to virality, with its groundbreaking live stream of Felix Baumgartnera€™s space jump and action-packed Danny MacAskill videos, but what keeps their 3 million+ subscribers coming back for more are dozens of playlists of original, high-quality content. Michelle shows that consistency is crucial when turning viewers into subscribers, which is much more valuable.
Our self-serve advertising platform with managed services provides a leading solution for advertising your brand online. Since Tuesday is the unhappiest day of the week, I thought I’d lighten things up and make sure this YouTube Tuesday video was a fun one. Today’s YouTube Tuesday video is the clever Jennifer Aniston Smart Water spot featuring nods to many popular viral videos and memes.
On Sunday, The Social Network took home Oscars for Original Score, Film Editing and Adapted Screenplay. Creepy and funny at the same time, this Virgin Mobile commercial is our YouTube Tuesday pick of the week. Just days before the Super Bowl, Network Solutions released a video that stars Academy Award-winning actress Cloris Leachman spoofing the some-have-called-sexist ads GoDaddy runs during the Big Game. Beautiful example of what might happen if an ad agency planned a little girl’s birthday party.
I know there are a few tutorials on the web about this but I wanted to show you how I do it. YouTube sends the most engaged quality traffic to the blog so it makes sense to focus on growing it as much as possible! Since the blog launched YouTube has established itself as the 4th biggest source of traffic to the site.
In the ideal world people will discover us on YouTube and either stay engaged with our videos on YouTube itself or visit our site. We want to create as many opportunities as possible to get repeat exposure to increase chances of people clicking through to our site with our YouTube marketing strategy. We also want to make sure we are extracting key YouTube ranking metrics like subscriptions, comments & likes to increase exposure further.
The first thing you need to do is prepare some resources that we will use across all of our videos. This takes some time to do but once you have prepared them you can reuse them over and over again across all of your YouTube marketing campaigns.
One of the biggest problems with videos is you only have a short amount of time to capture & engage people or they move on to the next video. The average time watched metric also plays a critical role in the internal YouTube search ranking algorithm. I’ll share more tricks on getting people to stick around longer later but for now let’s just focus on the video intro.
We also want to consider that as people move through our videos, they are going to be forced to watch the same intro over and over again. So with that in mind we need to create a video intro that is short & snappy to get people to keep watching. I used Adobe After Effects to create my 6 second intro which contains my logo and brand colours. But it doesn’t have to be difficult and with a bit of elbow grease and a couple of hours you can knock out a professional intro.
They are usually priced around $10-$20 each and can be very easily edited with Adobe After Effects.
Even with the paid templates I have always found Animoto a bit restricting but that might be because I’m comfortable editing video.
As you can see there are a huge range of services available to create intro videos for just $5!
Throughout the video we will want to display various calls to action depending on the context of the current video. Sometimes this might be to get people to visit an affiliate link or sometimes to follow you on a social network.
Now what is really cool is you can actually add clickable external links directly into your video using Annotations!
I have prepared a video below that shows you my various calls to actions as well as the clickable links! I really recommend you get comfortable with editing these templates in Adobe After Effects. It really is a good idea to just spend a bit of time learning how to edit them yourself in Adobe After Effects. But as a video creator – all that does is take people away from our videos, reducing the chances of them clicking through to our site.
So I created a bunch of video outros like the one below that groups together my relevant tutorials. One of these gets shown at the end of every video and by using YouTube annotations we can easily interlink all of our videos, get subscribers and visitors to our site. I used Camtasia Studio (my editing software of choice) to produce this outro and although it looks tricky it’s pretty simple.
Having this play at the end of every video is a huge benefit and keeps people moving around your content nicely! If you are going to use slides at any point in your videos, you will also need a background template to use. This is one of the easier things to create and that’s coming from someone that sucks at graphics!
Now you can use this as a background in PowerPoint or your video editing software of choice!
If you didn’t know you can now upload a custom image to be used as your videos thumbnail.
This gives us extra opportunities to stand out in the search results and in the related videos sections.
Sometimes you will see my logo in the bottom left corner of a video – this is just a semi-transparent version of my logo saved as a PNG.
You should now have everything you need to create great videos that keep people engaged with you and your content throughout YouTube.
It might look quite daunting at first but even a novice can put all of this together in less than a day. All of these little things add up to create a great user experience for your viewers but also serve to get as much value as possible out of YouTube. YouTube recently moved over to a new channel design based on Google+ which has really improved things in terms of YouTube channel optimization opportunities.
It has also introduced some new features that you can use to suck traffic back to your site!
This is the header image that spans across the top of your channel and you can put whatever you like on it!

When you uploaded your channel art you may have noticed a second option that says edit links.
If you click on the about tab of your channel you will notice you can add a description which makes it prime for YouTube channel optimization. Just write an honest statement of what your channel provides but also use this opportunity to include relevant niche keywords. If you look at my channel you will see I have selected a tutorial to use as the channel trailer.
Underneath that you will see I have added a playlist I created (more on that later, important stuff) along with my popular uploads and last my most recent uploads. So you have your video resources prepared and you have optimised your channel it’s time to take care of your YouTube video optimization. A side note, when creating your video remember you have less than 15 seconds to convince your audience to stick around. So now you have a video ready to upload, complete with your intro, outro and calls to action! Now before we start any kind of YouTube video optimization, we need to know which keywords we want to optimize it for. It is also worth doing a few Google searches for your chosen terms to see if Google has any current video results on the 1st page. The title of your video should include your primary keyword as close to the start as possible.
The description also provides a few opportunities to scatter our keywords and improve on our Youtube video optimization from an SEO perspective. If you follow all of my youtube video optimization tips you will have also learned how to optimize a YouTube video for search engine as well.
Then I write a unique description about the video weaving in my primary and secondary keywords where possible.
This lets you get picked up for lots of extra long tails while making the most of the description field.
So before I unveil my secret twist to take advantage of this, enter your primary & secondary keywords. Remember the image before where all of my videos dominated the related video suggestions in the sidebar? Upload it and this thumbnail will be used in search results & relevant video listings throughout the network.
If you added any calls to action or outro to your video you need to head over to the annotations section. There are options on the right to mark the start and end point, along with where it should link to.
A lot of people skip over this but what it allows you to do is upload a full transcript of the video. YouTube automatically syncs this up with the video which serves a couple of important purposes. It’s like having the video in article format, which is much easier for YouTube to digest and understand what your video is about. This means your video will have even better chances of appearing for related searches and long tails! I also use the transcripts when I post the videos on the blog here so they serve a few purposes and are well worth having. When you do a search on YouTube you can either get a video, a channel or a playlist returned as a result. A playlist is pretty much what is says on the tin, a list of videos that play in a predefined order. Give your playlist a keyword focused name – In this example I created a playlist targeting the term link building tutorials. I kept it nice and simple with a title of The Best Link Building Tutorial You Will Ever See. Now just repeat the process until you have added all of the videos you want to your playlist. Click Edit to the right of your newly created playlist and you can edit the title and add a description. Just like you optimized video descriptions before, you can use this box to optimize your playlist description to rank for your target keywords. Once you have setup your playlist and let some time pass it will begin to appear in the search results!
I have to admit creating a bunch of playlists on YouTube has been on my to do list for a while now. But I thought I would share with you a couple of strategies I plan to use to take advantage of this. The first thing I want to do is go through all of my tutorials and assign each of them a very top level category.
Off the top of my head I have content that could easily be broken down into categories like SEO, Link Building, Social Media & Traffic Generation. Just like the example above I will create playlists that target broader industry terms like social media marketing. I know all of this seems like a lot of hardwork, so I thought I would share all of my stats with you. You know everything you need to know about YouTube video & channel optimization and if you follow my best practices you have also learned how to optimize a YouTube video for search as well!
In the next part of the series we will be looking at some tips and tricks to get YouTube subscribers and views for your channel. Hey Matt very informative, I will reading the entire post and implementing this youtube method tonight after the grind…. Do you have a simple backlink strategy for videos that aren’t ranking after doing all of the above? Excellent as always, but i have a question do you do any backlinking to your youtube videos or social bookmarking to get them ranked ? Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. In the first part of the YouTube marketing guide you learnt how to setup your channel properly and optimise your videos for maximum impact with calls to action. In the second part of the series you learned how to get more YouTube subscribers & views along with how to rank a video on YouTube itself. Now we are going to look at how to leverage all of that to get our videos ranked in Google! The combination of an optimised video, with views, YouTube engagement metrics, backlinks and social signals is irresistible to Google. One of the biggest benefits to Youtube search engine ranking is the fact you don’t have to be as careful as you would when ranking a normal site. With YouTube ranking in Google, in essence all we are doing is ranking an internal page from one of the most authoritative domains (YouTube) on the web.
This gives us a huge head start and makes ranking YouTube videos a lot easier than ranking any other type of web property. We can also be a lot more aggressive with our link building and take bigger risks as it is much harder to get a YouTube video penalised in Google’s results. This is why I love YouTube SEO because it’s easy to leverage into a long term Youtube ranking.
So on the basis you have optimised your video properly and taken care of video views – you can begin try YouTube ranking in Google. If you are not at that stage yet go back and optimise your videos properly and take care of the other metrics. The combination of an optimised video, with views, YouTube engagement metrics, backlinks and social signals is irresistible to Google and has a huge influence on your YouTube ranking as well.

There are a few different ways you can go about building links to your videos to improve your YouTube search engine ranking.
One of the YouTube SEO best practices I stick to is the fact that you want to try and create contextual links surrounded by relevant content from a range of sources. You want authoritative links coming from high page rank domains as well as a mix of lower quality links to create a diverse link profile. Private blog networks combined with good quality social bookmarks, wiki’s and blog comments are great. Link Emperor is a great service to use to build links to your videos for a number of reasons. However you should also add a bit of diversification with social bookmarks, wikis and blog comments.
If you own a tool like Ultimate Demon you can easily use this to build links to increase your YouTube ranking. My advanced spinning tutorial will teach you how to prepare content that includes the embedding of your video at random. You can then use Ultimate Demon to build a range of other links like social bookmarks, wikis and so on.
Although I would recommend supplementing that with some private blog network links (more on that below).
A link from a private blog network is by definition the most powerful type of link you can get. Google are always cracking down on blog networks and people are often scared to use them but don’t underestimate the power of them.
Link Emperor – I mentioned them above but they allow you to order private blog network links from a range of providers easily.
SE Slingshot – Jacob has been around for longer than I can remember and knows his stuff serving nearly 8,000 customers. Just like when trying to rank a website, social signals are starting to play a much bigger role in the ranking of your video in Google and also factors into the YouTube ranking algorithm. As you drip feed links steadily to your video you will also want to drip feed social signals at the same time to leverage your YouTube search engine ranking further.
You should be looking to get a steady stream of Google +1s, Tweets & Facebook likes for your videos. Double check that when you’re buying, it is easy to get confused and end up buying Twitter followers or Facebook fans. Be sure you are buying social signals for your video as if someone click on the +1, Tweet or Like button on the YouTube video page itself. Once you have taken care of links and social signals all that is left to do is track the rankings of your YouTube video in the SERPS. In general I tend to avoid cloud based rank tracking solutions because I had a problem with a company a couple of years ago where I lost all of my historical ranking data. Once you have done that SERPBook will automatically track your rankings for you across Google, Yahoo & Bing every day. Remember – the combination of an optimised video, with views, YouTube engagement metrics, backlinks and social signals is irresistible to Google.
If you get that right, you will see your YouTube search engine ranking in Google go through the roof which will bring you lots of new video views and channel subscribers.
Honestly, with this YouTube SEO tutorial you have everything you need to get started with YouTube marketing. Now you know how to optimise your videos, get YouTube subscribers, build links & get social signals. You are armed with everything you need to know to create and rank YouTube videos step by step – so what are you waiting for? Also, do you have a good automated tool you recommend for analyzing how competitive a YouTube video is to try and out rank? As long as your working on each metric and maintaining or increasing velocity it’s just a matter of time! As a side irrelevant note, YouTube till now did not suspend those accounts who are messing up big time with ScrapeBox. I haven’t tried it but am I right in thinking that just drip feed social bookmarks and doesnt actually provide any social signals at all?
Using the above formula, you must be able to rank for medium competitive keywords on YouTube.
Concerning your question, Social Monkee has a built-in social center for getting views, subscribers, social signals and stuff. Don’t get me wrong though, i am not against social signals they do help a lot when you are doing them manually and engage with your fans to get real high targeted traffic for your website. If you are a sociable internet marketer Matt, maybe we can arrange a quick Skype call one day checking some updates during the tea time.
The young creators shared their opinions on healthcare, education, and economic issues, while the YouTube team indirectly harnessed each of their individual fan bases. These stars have audiences in the tens, if not hundreds of millions, and for them to work with a brand, it really needs to be the right fit for them. She uploads videos every week that receive over a million views, thanks to her 7,000,000 loyal fans that enjoy her trusty makeup tutorials. The YouTube Playbook notes that when subscribers view your content, they watch for twice as long as one-off viewers do.
But I’m amazed at how little thought is paid to quality, distribution, engagement and conversion. It’s a clever spot and has received a lot of praise from bloggers and on the Twittersphere. I know they said the party went viral, but we would have loved to have seen digital cameras, Flips, laptops and smart phones out on the table for easy updates and sharing! Meaning, if you’ve seen no change in ranking after 1 week, 2 weeks, 3 days… you figure something is up or not working as it should? I have seen and analyzed many videos who are violating every single good principle you can think of and still ranking it with junk un-diversified links. To tie in branding, shea€™s represented countless makeup brands over the years, and launched her own line in collaboration with La€™Oreal last summer. Subscribers are the ones who will buy your album year after year and stand in line for the concert. I have used it many times with my ambassador account and it is giving relatively good results when used properly. I am literally following more than 30+ internet marketers and none is doing any experiments concerning that. For better rankings, you need real high quality relevant PR backlinks (preferably from home pages). Well, actually it does help indirectly but not because of the social signals themselves but because of the real traffic that you might generate out of those signals.
High quality targeted traffic are not going to come to your videos in mass numbers for sure – unless if you are in the music niche or you have got a video that flipped viral. We serve many clients every month and social signals did not give us much of effective results compared to those campaigns that we ran without social signals.
As real scientists though, looking at the other side of the fence help us perform better to a certain degree. Google took the hint already that social signals can be faked out way much easier than anything you can think of.
If they are relying on social signals to rank stuff then life will shine again for black hat optimizers like never before.

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