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The hope has been that YouTube would eventually replace the Flash player with an HTML5 one.
Google Operating System noticed that the HTML5 now no longer served 1080p HD videos, even if the original clip is available in the higher resolution.
The change doesn't affect all browsers though, and it is related to the switch to the new adaptive streaming feature YouTube has been working on for the past few years.
Via the new DASH system, the player adjusts the quality of the video depending on network conditions, the player's size, and so on. This system is already used in the Flash player, but in the HTML5 player it requires support for HTML Media Source Extensions, which is only available in Chrome, Opera, and Internet Explorer 11. YouTube is phasing out these types of streams anyway; it will eventually use adaptive streaming exclusively. YouTube evidently intends to make this the standard embed code for users eventually, but for now they're just previewing it.

More recently, the player has been looking rather good and the site is using it quite often, though only for videos without ads. Likewise, videos are downloaded a few pieces at a time, only a few seconds ahead of the current position. So if you're using the HTML5 YouTube player in Firefox, you will only get videos in 360p and 720p, for now.
It groups tracks by artist and album for logical browsing, and provides a set of handy filters for switching between live, studio, cover or remix versions of a track.
The full version costs $9.00, and is available to purchase through the Ubuntu Software Centre. And today we will show you how the upcoming HTML5 Video Player displays videos from YouTube in a fantastic demo. Likewise, don't expect to be able to manually select the quality of the stream for much longer.

Needless to say, it's the easiest way to put a video on your website but in a greater design player.
The images are binded with the player through the Behavior menu (Control behaviors) and whenever clicked the video loads automatically. You can also navigate the HTML5 Video Player from its own navigation buttons supplied in all the designed skins.
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