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VideoSpin is well suited for home users who want to do some simple editing to their videos before sharing those with friends or uploading to video ?sharing sites.
Specifically designed to make video editing and sharing fast, easy and fun, VideoSpin takes the complexity out of video editing while putting the sizzle in. Users can create entertaining movies in minutes simply by dragging and dropping their videos, pictures and music from their PC?s hard drive onto the timeline and adding a few transitions and titles if they wish.
Completed videos can be output in a common video format such as AVI, MPEG, RealVideo or Windows Media, for viewing and sharing on a PC or a portable media device. Videos can also be attached to an e-mail or uploaded directly to popular Web sites like YouTube or Yahoo! I wanted to share some Pinterest marketing ideas with you following some recent success with the site. At the beginning of 2014 I started an experiment which I had been meaning to conduct for some little while. So I created a site around a topical subject which I have almost exclusively promoted through Pinterest.

The total traffic to date is 36681 hits and 24,307 unique visitors which I am sure you will agree is quite impressive.
Pinterest is definitely going to be a prime focus for me in 2014, especially when figures show that it drove 41% of social media traffic to e-commerce sites in 2013. Why is this site such an ideal platform for marketing new brands and how do you effectively target its narrow group of users with brilliant Pinterest marketing ideas? Understanding the demographics of a social media site is crucial and the fact that 70% of US users are female and 50% are young adults aged 18-34 speaks volumes about the sort of brands that will succeed.
There is already a preconception that Pinterest is a craft-based, girly website with its use of visual pinboards but the truth behind this means that brands in areas like crafts, baking and fashion are sure to be a big hit. It is believed that image based content will be the driving force of social media in 2014, which fits in perfectly with the users of Pinterest and their highly visual, creative pinboards full of photos and other eye-catching “re-pins”; however, it you start a pinboard with nothing but simple dull images, you are going to have a bad response. Pinners are interested in projects and benefits rather than sterile items and brand photos and you will need to take a different approach with your Pinterest marketing ideas. This is a group of predominantly female, young adults keen to share and engage with other users and companies in a way unlike other social media sites: Twitter is arguably more about continual forward motion and repetition and the interest in Facebook pages is ebbing away. Pinterest is a hub of shared ideas with an emphasis on “repinning” items that can be passed on or saved for future reference. If all you want to do is make a brand announcement and hope for best then stick to Twitter; if, however, you want to take advantage of a strong, social, creative, female demographic, and really take an active role in creative marketing, then make a Pinterest board.

Based on my own experience I have put together a package (for free) which shares Pinterest Marketing Ideas for all sorts of businesses and organisations. I am a Pinterest junkie, I think the fact that I can use it for marketing is just FABULOUS! During the entire editing process you don’t need to worry about file sizes, formats and upload times. I had been havcing some success with generating traffic and sales from Pinterest over the previous few months. Reports show that users spend more on average than Facebook users, but its user-base is also a more specialised group of people with specific interests.
Because of the niche nature of this market and the countless similar brands trying to target it, it is important to make your brand’s page as unique and interesting as possible. You have to question what these users can do with what you are offering them and understand their desire to engage with a brand through comments sections and polls. Your only job is to be creative, and use powerful YouTube Video Editor tools to bring your imagination to life.

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