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April 8, 2015 by Mark Leave a Comment 2015 looks to be the year marketers will be more inclined to use Facebook ad campaigns rather than using YouTube. According to a study by video advertising technology firm Mixpo Facebook video could take over YouTube when it comes to the top video ad platform. When it comes to video advertising on social platforms, other names such as Tumblr, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram will plan to run more video ads, which means they will not only be dominated by Facebook and YouTube.
Escale Ads > Publicite Youtube > Combien vont vous couter vos publicites sur Youtube en 2015 ? Vous souhaitez faire une demande devis pour la gestion d'une campagne AdWords ou une formation Web ? YouTube's share of video views for Super Bowl commercials drops 20 percentage points to 74%, according to third-party data. Since YouTube includes ad teasers in its figures, apples-to-apples comparisons are not possible, but YouTube doesn’t appear to be hurting. Facebook hasn’t reported detailed video metrics, and declined our request to provide them, pointing to an infographic that includes the top video ads on the network.
Noting the trend and the reality of higher engagement for native Facebook video, brands have shifted away from posting YouTube links to their Facebook pages. Of course, YouTube still is the overwhelming leader and given its utility as an archive and a search destination, its position remains strong. The six among the top 10 that did best on Facebook, didn’t merely drop their ads there, said Mallory Russell, a video analyst with Visible Measures.
Snickers’ Facebook results were anemic likely because it posted on the social network both via YouTube links and native Facebook video, going back and forth after posting its very funny Danny Trejo as Marcia Brady spoof last Thursday via YouTube. Some opinions expressed in this article may be those of a guest author and not necessarily Marketing Land.
Martin Beck is Third Door Media's Social Media Reporter, covering the latest news for Marketing Land and Search Engine Land.
MarTech: The Marketing Tech Conference is for marketers responsible for selecting marketing technologies and developing marketing technologists.
SMX Advanced, the only conference designed for experienced search marketers, returns to Seattle June 22-23. A Facebook spokesperson said the company still believes its cost-per-impression format will remain more popular. This is BIG NEWS and a big money-making opportunity for bloggers who are using the Facebook Business pages to grow their client base. If you're already doing $10 per day in ads to grow your page to highly targeted followers, as I teach, and you're doing regular engaging videos, this is a big win-win without ANY extra effort on your part! On July 1st Facebook announced it will be testing showing people who check Facebook on their iPhones a list of related videos when they click to watch certain videos.
The “One Hour Appointment” I Have With Myself Every Week That Helped Me Build A $20 Million Dollar Business! Video has always been an integral part of marketing ever since the public access of television.
Although social media has changed the way marketing and advertising used to work, the fundamental elements remain the same.
Apps and websites have been created that only support the communication among users in the form of audio or video. Considering these rapidly changing trends, marketers are focusing specifically on creating visual content.
When necessary, the video also uses titles and captions, although Facebook now has the option to produce subtitles automatically for videos in English. Using right images and proper lens filters, you can create witty gifs that bring in thousands of views. The video incorporates captions and titles for shots that need explanation, hence you can watch them in public places or whenever you do not have headphones, without attracting attention for audio on speakers. Many professional videos are made on this format and are top organizations like BuzzFeed, Business Insider and Videospot are using it to make content. One of the most important pro of such videos is that they have the ability to reach global audience, since non-native English speakers can understand them as well. Questions and opinions are asked in a way that it appears a normal conversation so participants are usually unaware of the camera.
Creating videos needs creativity but with little guidance and understanding, it is very fun filled activity. As I mentioned earlier, videos were a huge part of marketing and advertising campaigns in 2015. This gave birth to the argument of whether the site is trying to hijack YouTube and its users. Many internet sensations got recognition from YouTube and now their livelihood depends on the number of viewers and subscribers they receive on their channel. There is one problem however, that is the metrics for Facebook and YouTube are hugely different. Some stats show absolutely no effect of Facebook video on YouTube, which means that Facebook is absolutely no threat to YouTube and just like other video platforms (Snapchat, Periscope, Blab), it is just catching up to trends. Let us know if you think whether Facebook is hurting YouTube and its content creators or it is just trying to give audience what they want without compromising any other video platform. In the modern pop-culture, the word ‘viral’ is considered a ticket to entering the big leagues of internet and social media scenario.
Everyone from high school kids to multinational companies and non-profit organizations wants to go viral.

Internet marketers always try to find new ways to get the word out about their business and new potential leads.
Working in social media marketing means that a handsome amount of your time as a marketer will be spent looking at new trends and new stories developing every minute. Facebook, as you know has become the king of social media, thanks to the now reaching near 2 billion number of users that include individual profiles, businesses, companies, multinational organizations and all types of professionals. YouTube has sent an email to its partners describing the forthcoming paid service, which will allow users to watch videos without adverts.
Most of the details of the service are yet to be announced but many users are already speculating over the price and channel options.
Since the rise of social media diversity, it’s often claimed that teenagers are giving up on Facebook and moving towards newer platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter.
The more visual platforms proved popular among teens, with Instagram taking second place with 52%, followed by Snapchat with 41%. If your company relies on the teen demographic for business, these statistics could be worth considering when choosing which social sites to use. Sarah is a Digital Marketing Exec and English Literature graduate with a passion for social media.
Slowly but surely, YouTube is missing a key distribution platform as Facebook’s videos become more popular these days. Facebook announced in September that it was serving up 1 billion videos a day, two-thirds of which were on mobile.
The stats in the survey show 87% plan to run video ad campaigns on Facebook; this study was based on 125 publishers, agencies and brands. It is not surprising at all considering Facebook overtook YouTube in total views; year-on-year the social network saw a huge 94% climb in video posts is USA alone.
Depuis la creation des ses premiers sites web en 1998, Florent n'a eu de cesse de developper ses experiences dans le web en travaillant dans le secteur du e-commerce chez l'annonceur, puis en agence, jusqu’a devenir conferencier pour Google. As of Monday morning, YouTube reported that views of Super Bowl ads and teasers had increased 75% (from 200 to 350 million) compared to last year.
YouTube also noted that people had spent nearly 4 million hours watching Super Bowl ads and teasers between Jan. Helped by a video-favoring algorithm adjustment in June, the number of videos in users’ News Feeds is up 360% since last year. That was the overwhelming case with Super Bowl video, according to Socialbakers, which reported that 82% of sponsors’ videos were uploaded natively. It also should be noted that YouTube tends to get a sizable amount of its traffic in the days after the event. Visible Measures declined to release raw numbers for YouTube’s 2014 views, saying that the comparison wouldn’t be accurate since a “huge” number of views come in the first month after the game.
Other data, from, reports a 21% increase in overall video views for Super Bowl ads since last year. He spent 24 years with the Los Angeles Times, serving as social media and reader engagement editor from 2010-2014. Previously, a marketer was charged for each impression made on the video even if it was merely watched for a brief moment while it auto-played.
For those who have followed my Facebook Ads training, it's a BIG opportunity to make more money with what you're already doing!
Those suggested videos feeds will include video ads, and Facebook will split the money from those ad views with certain creators and media companies. It is necessary to understand the dispositions of your audience and create the content accordingly.
Instructive and Informative: Videos that work best in Facebook advertising are the ones that are meant for educational purposes. Although they can be as short as one-second time to up to maximum five seconds they are still considered a form of video since uploaded in mp4 or mov formats. Silent videos: These Facebook video ads are targeted specially at office workers to be watched for work purposes.
Story advertising: Creating a storyboard and converting it into video is an exceptional method to bring in views. Candid videos: Real time videos with genuine audience input are also highly favored when it comes to Facebook marketing. At the end of the conversation, participant is made aware of the camera and asked for permission to use the shots in future videos.
Facebook was one of social media platforms that took to this trend rather aggressively and introduced live streaming. Many YouTube celebs showed frustration by squabbling on the fact that Facebook user newsfeed prefers and only highlights videos uploaded to it directly, while ignores the one that are hosted on other channels like YouTube, vimeo etc. The videos are first uploaded on YouTube and later shared to other platforms including Facebook. People can pick up videos from any websites including YouTube and upload it on Facebook without giving credit to the source. Therefore, company is working on resolving it, so any future copyright allegations be avoided. The company stated that the number of people watching YouTube videos per day is up 40 percent year over year since March 2014. While a strong social media presence can double your reach, audience, leads and sales, the wrong strategy can cost you these things as well. For effective social media marketing it is essential to have lead capture pages on your posts.

This news comes in the wake of the launch of Vessel, which many successful YouTube creators have already signed up to. Possibly in an effort to compete with Vessel and also following on from the success of Music Key, YouTube is now expanding its own paid-for content. A new study has found that in reality this isn’t the case and Facebook is still ruling the social network kingdom with 71% of 13?17-year-olds using the site.
Somewhat surprisingly, only a mere 33% of teens are using Twitter, despite it having the second highest number of users overall. The study found that a tiny 22% of teens use only one social network, leaving 78% using a variety of different sites. Instagram has added a new notification feature to the app so, if you choose to, you can receive notifications from specific users whenever they upload a new post. In her spare time she enjoys running a fashion blog and is a big fan of cheese and cocktails.
The analysis was based on 20,000 videos generated by multiple Facebook Pages from brands, media, celebrities and entertainment companies and 180,000 posts over the last 12 months on desktop and mobile. Growth from video views on Facebook jumped 50% from May through July, according to the company. Last year, YouTube had a 94% share, meaning Google’s video network has dropped 20 percentage points. The fact that Facebook videos autoplay without sound in people’s feeds is also a factor.
Although most brands also post their videos on YouTube, there’s no doubt YouTube has lost some traffic because of the trend. But even with all those qualifications, Facebook’s zero-to-25% surge should be an eye-opener for brands. A graduate of UC Irvine and the University of Missouri journalism school, Beck started his career at the Times as a sportswriter and copy editor.
That's the same revenue split that YouTube typically offers creators, but Facebook is calculating the revenue a bit differently. In 2015 especially, video and audiovisuals took over the social media platforms and both it was one of the heavily used formats to communicate with followers and customers on Facebook as well as other platforms.
Fashion bloggers use this type of videos to show the processes that are lengthy, for example styling hair and putting on makeup. These are extremely short animations cut out from a video or made of series of static images in chronological order. The videos are usually known as work-safe videos and do not need audio to understand the message.
Making such video requires creativity and a brilliant story that is relatable to audience; hence, they are forced to buy the product, even though they were not told so explicitly.
If you own the brand and you are advertising it, it will have less influence on viewers compared to the situation where your customers are vouching for it.
Facebook also introduced auto-play option on videos that was set on by default, so even when you did not want to open a video and play it, it would still play if it is on your newsfeed page. Since, Facebook hinders the promotion of videos that are not uploaded on the host, it is becoming difficult for creators to reach audience, most of which comes from Facebook. YouTube on the opposite focuses more on engagement so it only adds a view when the video has been watched completely.
This robs the original creator of credits as well as viewership on the actual host, since people have already watched it on Facebook. The concept of Vessel is that users pay a monthly subscription fee to watch YouTube videos ad-free and ‘early’ as they will be available on the site a few days before YouTube. So, if you’ve been focusing on Twitter and leaving the rest untouched, it could be time to rethink your social strategy. This could be great for keeping an eye on the competition, or simply ensuring you never miss a post from your favourite Instagram accounts. Some sponsors uploaded videos multiple times with some being native and some being YouTube video.
For this reason, it is important to know and actually understand the kinds of videos that can be created easily in average budget.
It can range from introducing overall brand in general or specific instructions on how to make use of certain features. If you are creative enough, you can convert an average ad into a story that will keep audience interested and they will be convinced to share it further. This tactic was hugely successful since users open the video to watch it until end if it interests them. YouTube is more interested in the attention viewers pay to one video, while in the case of Facebook, a 20-minute video will receive a view even if the user watched it only for three seconds.
The system analyzes each video uploaded on the platform and if it appears that video was copied from an already existing video in database, it automatically removes the video and notifies the original uploader.
On the other hand, with most smartphone users already bombarded by push notifications from their myriad apps, who really needs more? This of course increases the views on video and since more than 1 billion use Facebook, companies started preferring uploading videos on Facebook first and YouTube later. Websites like BuzzFeed, food network and many more companies that are contemporary are using these videos to interact with people.

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