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Facebook, YouTube was burned in China some years back and are no longer an easy accessible networking service which only require you to own a computer, laptop,  phone etc. This the latest bridge discover by International students in China after they realized that freegate had some limitation. At kickoff, there were 2,735 people glued to the stream, many of them also furiously typing trash talk and xenophobia into the running chat on the right side of the screen. YouTube built some of the infrastructure for live video almost by accident, in the course of creating the YouTube we know now. They’ve been testing the infrastructure for more than four years, dating to its ambitious partnership with NBC to stream the 2012 Olympics in London.
Get ready to see more things like this as YouTube tries to make livestreaming as easy as pressing Record.
Last week, Periscope announced it has 10 million users watching more than 40 years’ worth of video each day. YouTube plans to grow that pie by splitting the difference, simultaneously offering the best of both live and on-demand video. YouTube’s currently testing a new gaming-focused app that brings livestreaming front and center. This is a key advantage for YouTube: Since it already has such a popular platform, all it has to do is tweak the interface and settings a bit, and people will start to discover live video. YouTube has quietly spent the last few years building the pieces to be a livestreaming monster. A few weeks ago, I watched President Barack Obama deliver a eulogy at a church in South Carolina. Plus de secret entre nous, les medias videos sortent grandis de la crise et se sont pour l’instant le mieux adaptes a la revolution numerique.
Les dernieres statistiques publiees par ComsCore ne semblent pas desavouer la progression de Facebook, et cette fois-ci dans le domaine de la video. Quant a Google, principalement avec YouTube, reste le leader authentique a la fois en termes de volume de videos visionnes avec 19.6 milliards que pour des telespectateurs uniques avec 157 millions. It’s better and faster than freegate and should be your first option to download upon arrival in China. Being that Facebook and YouTube is not easy to access has not denied people the life to chat with each other. But it’s the latest indicator that YouTube is beginning to take livestreaming seriously.
It has a terrific, usable player that is embeddable basically anywhere and accessible all over the world. Meerkat, its biggest competitor, is quiet about its user numbers but appears to be only slightly smaller. Bronstein points to YouTube’s DVR capabilities, for example, which let you show up to a livestream late and catch up. On one side, the Fox Sports and Olympics of the world, streaming huge events with huge infrastructure—they want a rock-solid livestream, with no failures and little overhead.

The company has always stayed at the bleeding edge of camera and video tech, and loves seeing it all together.
It has a new generation of stars, people viewers want to see even when all they’re doing is talking to the camera. I could pause and rewind, and talk with people all over the world as we experienced the event together. On your first days in China make sure that you have the downloaded and installed the latest version of freegate if you really want to continue enjoying Facebook in China. It has just opened the door for the discovery of similar social networking services such as QQ, Wechat commonly known as ??,Soso, Baidu and many others.
So far, the Internet’s biggest video site has stood silently as Periscope, Meerkat, and countless rumored products from Facebook have made livestreaming video into a powerful new medium. So YouTube built a system that captures your stream twice, and can switch between them if one goes offline.
He says there are many other phone partnerships coming soon, and off-handedly mentions launching a certification program to get even more devices using the YouTube APIs to stream live. Cameras in space and on a riverbank send us live shots of Earth and bears going fishing, respectively. Amazon-owned Twitch is the giant in the video game streaming market, but hasn’t really branched out. On the other, the YouTubers, the creators currently doing their off-the-cuff, live interacting with fans on apps live Periscope and Instagram. There are so many cameras around the world, and so much desire for real-time, unfiltered connection to the people and experiences we care about, that long-term the change just makes sense. My intention was to remove those I have no meaningful interaction, not remove those who interact with me from time to time or on a regular basis. The above named are easy, convenient and free to access at any time so long as you have your internet. This game was a big one: It marked the new season, and the beginning of a new partnership between the Bundesliga league and Fox Sports. But YouTube has the infrastructure and the audience, and now it’s deciding to focus on live video.
A few Sony phones have a similar feature, as does the HTC Re camera (the one that looks like a periscope).
Brian Blau, a research director at Gartner, says another big announcement like Samsung’s is coming in just a few weeks. Livestreaming is growing, but remains a vanishingly small percentage of the video we consume on the Web. It has ways for Fox Sports to run commercials and make money, and ways for any random person to turn on the camera and talk to the world. If you find that I have unfriended you, please send me a friend request again.If you just want to FOLLOW me on Facebook, then you can LIKE my page.
I would recommend that you have one of them for purposes of making Chinese friends especially for Scholarship students who are learning Chinese and are looking forward to pass HSK exam.

It won accolades for its streaming at the Dota championships, streaming 1080p game content at 60 frames per second with hardly any hiccup.
And maybe most exciting for Bronstein and YouTube, its creators are starting to use it as a way to connect in a less-produced, more interactive way on the platform.
And maybe most important, it has so many other things going on that it can wait for live broadcasting to really catch on, which is probably going to require better wireless bandwidth and improved cameras. In fact, I’d appreciate it if readers and Facebook friends would let others know about my Facebook page.
I have had recent posts read by thousands of Facebook members who have never been to this blog.
While I am not a huge fan of social media, I do know that Facebook and Twitter drive a lot of traffic to this site. Like every writer, I want my wonderful, delightful, poetic prose read by one and all.Recently, I surpassed 1,000 followers on Twitter. I am still trying to figure out how best to leverage Twitter, increase readership, and connect with readers at the same time. I have found Twitter to be a challenge, but I continue to work at being a better Twitterer. I find 140 character discussions frustrating, but I have met quite a few wonderful people on Twitter.
Of course, I have also come in contact with people who remind me of jock itch.In the near future, I plan to do some YouTube videos featuring some of my writing. If you have experience making videos, especially for YouTube, and have any expertise or advice you are willing to share with me, I’d appreciate it. I think this is an untapped resource and I want to see if I can use it to become, as the Apostle Paul said, all things to all men, that I might by all means save some.  Except, I want to save women too. Reply ↓ Steve April 26, 2015 at 7:38 pmDude, if you do YouTube videos, that wil be only the GREATEST THING EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I finally stopped posting anything political to the people who disagree by putting them in a different group.
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