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Pavtube HD video converter for mac is a professional HD converter software for Mac users.It supports en-decoding all High-Definition video formats like MOD, TOD, MTS, MOV, M2T, TS, TP, TRP, etc.
Anyway, FCP is a professional NLE application, so it’s not surprised to see the compression speed is relatively slow.
A few months ago I wrote a post that contained directions on how to resize a video from YouTube and other video sharing services to fit into your blog's main column. It’s common to see people always want to upload their video project onto YouTube and Vimeo, the two most popular websites for sharing videos. To highly accelerate the conversion speed, you can consider using Pavtube HD Video Converter for Mac instead of Using QuickTime Conversion in FCP. I wrote that post because I often come across, generally new, bloggers posting videos that are cut-off because they haven't been resized to fit in the blog's main content column. In this article we will explore everything you need to know about posting Final Cut Pro Projects to YouTube and Vimeo with optimized settings. To achieve this goal, you may stuck in video uploading process, then you will realize it’s not just several clicks away. It's a fairly simple process for which you can get directions here.To make it even easier to resize a video, last week YouTube introduced a built-in capacity for resizing videos before embedding them.

Now when you locate the embed code below a YouTube video you can resize the video be simply entering new dimensions into the customization field. Here I will provide you with some tricks and methods to upload videos to YouTube faster.Main elements to consider while uploading1. A nice Internet connection speedIf the network speed is slow, then the upload speed will definitely not fast. If you enter only the width you desire for the video, YouTube automatically generates the height in the correct ratio. Choose a proper formatFor example, a video file with mov extension is obviously larger than that with mp4 extension.
Because, mp4 format works to strip out any unnecessary info for viewing, meanwhile it will not lower the video quality.
Set related output video parameters Furthermore, with professional video converter, you will be able to modify some parameter to reduce size either.Resolution is an important factor to determine the output video size. For instance, if you want to create HD video, choose standard mode will finally export as smaller size.Bit rate  is  also called data rate, measuring in bits per unit time. And its value is high or low will greatly determines the final video size become large or small.

In addition,  Frame rate  stands for how many frames displayed each second, which controls the playback speed. Standard quality movies are usually shown at 24 frame rates. Thereby, by reducing frame rate or bit rate to lower FPS or bits, you will dramatically reduce file size. When the compression process completed, you can get files ready for publishing onto Vimeo with best quality.
It offers you as part of Windows live essential, containing practical features that will meet your general video editing needs.
When you click YouTube icon, you will be provided with several possible resolutions, and the estimated size of each one. Pick an appropriate resolution that is smaller in size than original.Free video converting programsOf course, there are many different free video converters or encoders will do you a good favor. Here is a list of top 10 video converter for you.Some tips to upload videos faster on YouTubeThe latest version of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer will make the upload process go well.

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