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January 2016: Twitter sizes updated to new square format (most mobile devices still crop to horizontal). I’ve included ALL essential sizes for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, AND YouTube on the chart. My TOP recommended size: 1200 pixels square is ideal for Facebook posts, Instagram photos, and Twitter images.
Update January 2016: Twitter images are no longer cropped to a horizontal in the stream, but are seen in full, up to a square. Since Tumblr is so customizable and each theme is so different, you’ll have to check your particular theme for guidelines. Pin and share this complete updated social media cheat sheet with your friends and followers. Hey there, I’ve started designing for clients and want to stay within trademarked guidelines of social media branding. I am using pixlr to resize my pictures for LinkedIn logos for my groups and it doesn’t give me too many options.
Here are social media trends in 2015 for Facebook, Google+, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

Shared image displayed on timeline: 1200 x 1200 px (longest edge is scaled to display 504 px). Image for a post: maximum 2048 x 2048 px, minimum 400 px wide to be shared as a full-bleed image.
Photos imported by phone and not taken with Instagram camera will be imported at a lower resolution of 612 x 612 px. With so many users viewing FB on mobile only, I strongly suggest you use a size that works perfectly on both desktop and mobile.
Her straightforward writing style empowers small business owners to make their own graphics for social media success! I see that LinkedIn is calling it a glitch – but people have been complaining about it for almost 6 months. At that time, everyone started seeing up to a square on desktop, and on the newest phones (iPhone, anyway). Been surfing for hours searching for the latest Facebook event pic size and finally found help via this post. Take a moment to suggest a site to improve your site's SEO and increase your Google ranking.

Here is the Social Media Image Dimensions in 2015 for Facebook, Google+, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest.
Please report if any mistake, and comment below if you want to add interesting information about social media image sizes.
While some phones haven’t upgraded and still see horizontal, I believe square is the best going forward. I’ve run into the same thing with the LinkedIn background – both 1000 x 425 and 1400 x 425 are recommended by LinkedIn! There are lots of ideas around the web but I’m not sure which to go with… Any idea?

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