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About EpictubeSome of the comments on YouTube and Vimeo are so awesome, they need to be preserved for future generations. If you have found an epic comment yourself you can contribute it and share it with the rest of the world!
If you have suggestions or questions about our website or advertising inquires, you can contact us. The Legal StuffUsers may find advertising or other content on our site that link to the sites and services of our partners, suppliers, advertisers, sponsors, licensors and other third parties. For the longest time YouTube only allowed partners to create a special thumbnail for their videos. Earlier this year I bought the BlackMagic Intensity Extreme to connect my HDMI camera to the computer.
The other day, Microsoft posted on the built-in apps for upcoming release of Windows 8. Conspicuously missing was an area for podcasts. While it’s definitely a feel-good move, getting an award for something is always a good feeling.
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Day in Tech HistoryIndirectly Promote Your Podcast via Forums March 21, 2016Take it to the forums to promote your podcast!
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It really gave a unfair advantage to others trying to build their videos on the YouTube platform.

Todd started to talk about his capture rig – Starting with the GotoMeeting internal recorder.
Most times you don’t even know someone is listening or watching your show until you realize you have been nominated for an award. I probably will continue to be an infrequent columnist for the next few months, but I suspect once I am in the Twin Cities full-time I will be bringing you regular thoughts on MN United. In addition, these sites or services, including their content and links, may be constantly changing. Now that its changing we can all partake in creating eye-catching images for YouTube and for our websites – especially if you host outside of Youtube as well. You can go in and set up a recording to record in the GotoMeeting format or Windows Media format. One podcast I took off my list because they ran a very annoying segment that went from a couple weeks in the year to 4-5 times a year. Created by Eric Timmer, the Podcaster Sound Effects board features cowbells, alarms, train whistles and more. Then you get your friends together to vote for you in hopes you get a metal trophy that sits on your mantle. Podcasters have always said that if you want your show to get more successful, then you have to promote. Both Luke and I look into the mind of a runner and hopefully help in conveying the message.
Since I’m already talking about MN United, I might as well mention […]Spring Soccer in NC, FIFA 16 on April 4, and the SummerSome of you know this, but Evan coaches the women’s team at Chase High School. Browsing and interaction on any other website, including websites which have a link to our site, is subject to that website's terms and policies.

Geffen Toolbox Todd uses the Geffen Toolbox – a HDMI to ATEM device to do screen capture. It seems every week podcasters have to defend their jobs by telling someone like Microsoft or Apple that podcasting is still important.
That means in the coming months he’ll be around less for Pro Clubs, articles, and the Free Culture Sports Show.
But we also know that if you don’t run a consistant show the audience might just leave.
I haven’t been available this winter much and I will continue to not be available for much of the spring.
We do live recording mostly of singer songwriter acoustic acts and this is great for vocals.
Ableton Live, When I first started making music Nine Inch Nails had just put their music out for the fans to remix.
The Pros of BlackMagic Intensity Extreme Best part is I can connect an HD camera to Wirecast using the Thunderbolt technology. As you get ready to leave the event, you are given an SD card with the festivities inside for you to consume again and again.

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