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Join over 600,000 marketing professionals, and gain access to thousands of marketing resources! Other YouTube ads to remember, wrote a post at Lund Business Review on 'Fake Viral Campaigns' the other day. Brian Solis shares why great products, creative marketing, and delightful customer service are no longer enough to win customers.
Presented by: Paul ChaneyIn just 10 minutes, we'll share six practical tips that will help you tap into your online community to grow your business and benefit your customers.
Speaking of our 140-character Goliath, Twitter's launched direct messages with photos, one move that it hopes will make direct (private) messaging more prevalent among tweeters.
YouTube's expanding its livestream service to all YouTube channels (as long as your account is verified and generally well-behaved). In another effort to get people using Google+, Google's launched +Posts: sponsored versions of Google+ content. Twitter launched Broad Match for keywords, which better equips companies to sell in-context ads against tweets. Content ratings also let them see what others thought of your videos before they decide to pay for access.
Pantene Philippines released a riveting ad that showcases how women are perceived when they try stepping out in life and at work (authoritative men are seen as bosses, while authoritative women are seen as bossy. Learn which social network is tops for business, what brands topped YouTube's 2013 charts, what video put the 'Net in holiday mode, and how Twitter and Instagram plan to beat back Snapchat. This just in: the social photo site's launched Instagram Direct, which lets you privately send photos and videos to family or friends.

At a machine for scanning boarding passes at the airport, a digital Santa asked departing families what they wanted for Christmas.
The idea's pretty cool: you know how you can sponsor posts on Facebook, creating "native ads" in newsfeeds?
It's is less obtrusive than we expected: If you don't want to play a video, just keep scrolling past it.
Taking into account that users often tweet the same general idea in different ways, Broad Match automatically accounts for terms related to the keywords you're targeting.
So if you ever dreamt of becoming a director, there's no need to wait for Hollywood to call.
The latter is a Twitter analytics site that analyses over 500 million Tweets per day to report on user sentiment and product popularity.
By now you should be rolling your eyes and saying, "Nobody needed to tell me that." Well, Starcom MediaVest still thought it worth analyzing the social conversation of 500 business and IT-decision-makers, so now there's proof.
Then the WestJet team hustled to satisfy some of those wishes before passengers arrived at their destinations, where a branded blue Santa helped distribute the prettily wrapped presents. Twitter's also moved the DM icon to the app navigation bar to make direct messages easier to access. It's the same thing, except that your +Posts (ironically!) won't appear on Google+ (since its official stance on advertising is NO).
Paired with Twitter's (also recently launched) features such as sentiment filtering and negative keyword match, it'll be nearly idiot-proof to ensure your hand-tailored Sponsored Tweet shows up at a conversation's primetime, whenever that may be. The buy is odd for a company that isn't much known for its social cred, but it's likely that Twitter's growing strength in social TV may have motivated it.

Think of it as an assistant perpetually standing beside you (or in this case, in your arms): The voice chat app can listen to up to eight people talking at once, then pull up related links based on context. The tech purchasing cycle was divided into stages, from awareness to consideration to purchase to post-purchase, and social media use at each was closely examined.
The ending encourages them to "whip away" double standards and shine, stoking the fire with a hashtag that ties empowerment to hair-swishing (convenient!): #whipit. Access the feature with the brand-new icon in the top-right corner of your feed; there, you'll find a spankin' new inbox.
ReadWrite suspects that this is a defensive move against Snapchat; either way, we're not complaining about more media in any of our feeds. Check the feature out in your Video Manager, but if it's not there yet, don't freak out; rollout could take a few weeks.
Instead, +Posts will appear as banner-ish (but also native-ish) content throughout the web, and will include the added value of letting users comment or join a Hangout. Since Twitter's also been known to use Topsy from time to time, this may also facilitate (or force?) more collaboration between the two companies. Over 13% of social media conversations about IT purchases happened during the awareness phase, when people are discussing new products (typically discovered on tech blogs or via other Twitter users).

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