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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Think about how disruptive their model is and how they had to create a different supply chain to make this work.
Their approach rewards consumers who have to keep coming back often since what they like will disappear overnight. Retailers from Stella McCartney to Prada and Louis Vuitton have to react differently to the fashion cycle because of Zara. Is there an opportunity to change the rhythm and buying cycle of your consumers in your category?
How can you get closer to customers desires so that they have an incentive to shop and buy more often? What would happen if you could start from scratch with an emphasis on scarcity so that what you put out in retail expires at 10 times the speed?
When you see failure in the marketplace, do you truly understand what is broken and why in today’s faster paced environment? According to the NY Times, Zara’s centralized supply chain is “mind-spinningly supersonic, not just fast.

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Localizaciones: la irlandesa se suele situar en las afueras de la ciudad (sobre todo en centros comerciales) mientras la espanola apuesta por el centro de las urbes y las calles mas caras. Posicionamiento y percepcion del cliente: Zara intenta democratizar la moda y Primark es percibida como el Supermercado de la ropa barata. Colas: ambas son bien largas sobretodo en epoca de rebajas pero como ventaja, Primark tiene cola unica. Zara cuenta con una de las marcas mas poderosas del mundo y con una distrubucion excepcional pero ?sera suficiente para competir con el low-cost irlandes?
Despues de la comparativa de los dos gigantes de la moda en Europa, ?cual te gusta mas como hace negocios? Deja tus comentarios abajo!
And, they always have “what’s new” coming in tomorrow, so it provides an incentive to see what just arrived.
Ortega is said to be worth $72 billion dollars and just behind Bill Gates as world’s richest person and a step ahead of Warren Buffet.

Where traditional retailers replenish and update once or twice per year, Zara replenishes once or twice per week. More and more celebrities are seen wearing Zara products and dozens of established retailers are suffering from their speed and golden touch. They have a built-in flexibility that provides market-based feedback prior to making full production commitments.
Take a stroll through Zara and learn how they think differently and faster than their competitors. Consultez notre Politique de confidentialite et nos Conditions d’utilisation pour en savoir plus. They recently added an RFID fashion tags to control inventory to give them all the data to follow their capital from production to the consumer’s home.

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