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Just once I wish I could buy a device with an expensive screen that came with its own cheap plastic stick-on screen protector in the box, instead of having to hunt for an aftermarket screen protector myself.
The Photos area was fine, but I was disappointed the device doesn't include a rotation sensor like the iPhone (or most modern digital cameras). I was puzzled why the Zune client doesn't offer a context menu on every UI element a user might conceivably want to right-click on. I'd prefer a Now Playing area in the client that showed what was playing without a distracting album art visualization. The Zune Marketplace often appears to get confused as to which online tracks are already in my collection.
I had trouble syncing over WiFi: nothing would happen, or else I would see a cryptic error message. While home videos on my local PC show up in the Zune library, videos on a networked PC don't show up at all, with no explanation. The Zune would make for a decent podcast player—if it weren't for a crippling bug: the Zune sometimes (randomly?) forgets what portion of the podcast already I've listened to. Both the Podcast and Videos areas are missing a crucial feature: the ability to remove a podcast or TV show when you're done listening or watching to it.
Another fatal flaw, is with Windows Media Player itself, when synchronizing, it deletes last meaning it gets its knickers in a knot when it runs out of space. Of course if you show me ANY piece of technology and i will point out a dozen flaws that infuriate me (even my beloved Karma). The new Microsoft Zune HD is so much more than just an MP3 player it puts all the others to shame and even die-hard iPod lovers are making the switch. The Zune has surprisingly robust HD radio reception and will even show you three separate signals coming from the same station. Similar to Pandora, the Microsoft Zune HD features Smart DJ which allows you to select a song and then it pulls in more similar music for you to listen to and enjoy. Watch movies or televisions programs streamed directly to your Zune or store them for later viewing. With the craze in mp3 players gaining all the time it was a given that Microsoft would enter the ring. As they have done in every endeavor, the mp3 player Zune has come out of the gate in style.
There are many sizes and colors to choose from as well as the Zune market place for downloading music and videos. If you think, you would like to give the mp3 player Zune a try here are a few models and tips for your shopping pleasure. This is a convenient to use small mp3 player Zune created that is perfect for joggers or exercise junkies. An 8 GB mp3 player Zune is not a huge player, it will hold plenty of music but many people are leaning toward the larger hard drive models so they can enjoy videos as well. For those people who have a library of music to rival the Library of Congress there is the mp3 player Zune 120 GB hard drive based model.
Of course, the first thing is the size, at 120 GB of memory you should have plenty of room for any music collection, plus a few hours of video. One little feature that is unique to this mp3 player Zune is the ability to tag a song from the radio to purchase later. If you're looking for honest evaluations of the newest, coolest techno-gadgets offered, (as well as the 'oldies but goodies') I'm confident you'll find my website helpful! The client UI is designed carefully enough to reward a close look: I found it trivial to find new music, download it, and sync it to the Zune. It feels like Microsoft is trying to out-minimize Apple by pursuing Apple's desire for a UI that's clean to the point of inscrutability. This means that, when looking at photos, valuable screen real estate is often wasted, and pictures are shown at a size smaller than that of the screen.
One of the major benefits of a music subscription is being able to move from one PC to another and not have to go through the absurd exercise of copying massive piles of audio bits everywhere I want to listen to music. I eventually discovered that the error message would go away if I got closer to the wireless router, so presumably the error message was just a (very bad) way of saying the WiFi signal wasn't strong enough.

On a large monitor, these controls all but disappear in a distant corner of the screen, far from the content they pertain to. For me, being able to Resume a paused podcast is the feature that distinguishes a music player from a podcast player. But that is the experience i had with the Creative PMP my dad had, and he said it was the same with the zune.
When you see all of the features the Zune is loaded with you’ll wonder how they managed to pack them all in.
For example, some stations broadcast multiple programs on the same signal , news, classic rock, sports, etc. If you also have the ZunePass subscription you can even choose where the music is pulled from , your own collection, the ZunePass selections or both.
Sure you get a flashy looking website when you visit the Apple store but you’re limited in what you can buy and what you can do with it after you buy it. Microsoft has decided to throw the towel in for the music player market and discontinue the Zune line.
This is a second-generation mp3 player from Zune and as such is of course an improvement over earlier editions.
The flash drive is more stable than the larger hard drive models since it has no moving parts to be disturbed by heavy activity. Small players that are convenient and easy to use to more sophisticated models for larger collections of music and videos. My experience with Zune actually goes back a few months, to when I first subscribed to the Zune music service without actually owning a Zune device. It would be great if one could feel which one was which through some means (a raised letter, dots, whatever). This is a great way to indicate that the user can scroll down to see more items without having to resort to a heavy-handed scroll bar. The Zune offers a modest personalization option: you can set the background of the main menu to a photo. A UI that makes inconsistent use of context menus can be pretty frustrating, here all the more so because context menus are a nearly perfect way to offer a rich set of commands without cluttering the UI. The Zune client sometimes gets confused if I switch PCs and try to listen to music through the subscription. The unreliability of this feature on the Zune nearly wipes out it's value as a podcast player. The original Zune client felt like a warmed-over skin for Windows Media Player, while the new one feels distinct enough to have its own style. Through trial and error I discovered that pressing the middle of the touchpad brought up a context menu of sorts which included the Shuffle command. It's tedious to have to go back to your PC just to remove a podcast you've listened to or a TV show you've watched. The ZunePass costs $15 per month and you can download 10 DRM-free audio files and you’ll have unlimited access to millions of songs.
Instead of only giving you access to the strongest signal, the Zune let’s you access anything within range.
The bonus is , buy your videos once and you can view them on your Xbox360, your Zune or your PC.
You can move your movies and music from your computer to the Zune to the Xbox and back again.
However, with Zune living on through Windows Phone 7 (its Metro UI and music player), we don’t have to feel so sad about Microsoft discontinuing the Zune. This is due to personal past experiences wrestling with DRM, and the sense of freedom I find in paying a flat fee for unlimited music. The swirly background fractal may not be to your taste, but at least it's making a statement. If hardware buttons must be context sensitive to keep down the number of buttons, I always appreciate an on-screen indication of what they're going to do if I press them now. So, how many additional menu items do you think you will gain access to if you scroll down?

Many other devices do this, of course, but here the trick felt a particularly effective because the main menu itself is so minimal. I'm hoping the client will eventually do a better job of automatically signing in whenever one switches to a different PC. Listen to complete CDs or choose individual titles, organize playlists and tracks any way you like, and you can either stream your music or store it on your Zune. Existing Zune players will still be sold in shops, but don’t expect any new models to arrive in the future or retail outlets to keep the current device in stock for long. Windows Mobile does a decent job of this by always showing what the two soft buttons directly below the screen will do. In putting the device through its paces, I ran into more than a few issues: The Zune client incorrectly catalogued a few albums under the wrong artist. As a music player for an online music subscription service, the Zune works nearly flawlessly. In practice I could use the same amount to buy a big pile of audio tracks from iTunes, but for me a subscription enables a freer sense of experimentation.
It's less effective as a podcast or video player, but I'm looking forward to seeing those deficiencies addressed. Case in point: a relative who visited over the holidays wanted to share music by an obscure Chilean musician. I didn't notice this until I tried to take screenshots for the image above and compared them. It felt great to listen to several esoteric albums through the subscription, and there's simply no way I would have felt good forking over money on the spot to listen to something I might never listen to again.
It's similar to, but much more subdued than, the background effect in Windows Media Center. I'd be inclined to dismiss this as insanity, if it weren't for the careful attention to detail here.
Nevertheless, owning a Zune in an iPod world feels akin to belonging to an oppressed religious minority. It would have been trivial to position and size the text slightly differently to get all the text to fit on the screen without scrolling. Discussions about the Zune with fellow Zune owners must be conducted in secret, lest the conversation be overheard by the dogmatic iPod-wielding masses. This is too bad, since I found the second-generation Zune client software and the Zune device itself to work quite well in practice. The five-star rating system from Media Player always seemed to be more detail than I cared to supply. I can only conclude that making the menu feel more dynamic (by forcing the user to scroll) felt better than offering a completely static menu.
The Zune client replaces this with three simple states: neutral, I Like It, or I Don't Like It. With Cable Player you need not worry about faulty VCRs', VHS tapes, VCD Players or even the staff running your Cable Channel. It has drag-and-drop support, ability to stay on top of all other windows, works perfectly with large files. It s lighter than 2 CDs, can hold up to 10,000 songs, and downloads music at blazing speeds. The interface and functionality are similar to that of the Roku supplied infrared remote control. Using "bis digital court player" crack, key, serial numbers, registration codes is illegal. We do not provide any download link points to Rapidshare, Depositfiles, Mediafire, Filefactory, etc.

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