The Easy Way to Lose Weight with Hypnosis App – Do you want to be the size and weight you desire? Re-gain control with this highly effective hypnotic app recording from Master Hypnotherapist & Trainer Benjamin Bonetti. This new recording utilises a three-pronged approach to change; delivering direct messages to both subconscious and the conscious mind. Simply listen to this deeply relaxing journey and immerse yourself in hypnotherapy for change.
For full effect it is recommended to use this hypnotherapy session just before going to sleep at night using headphones. This app has been designed to support you in all aspects of your life, with access to some of the latest self-help material you can indulge in as little or as much as you want, creating your own strategy for change. With access to Benjamin’s weekly tips and social media interaction, you’ll be able to benefit and have a coach ‘literally’ at hand. Helped calm me before preparation for a busy day or as an emotional relaxer & spiritual energizer during a private lunch break. I can hear when the background noise is looping (not seamless) and it’s distracting… would have been nice to have a longer bit of silence at the end.
I have achieved states of relaxation I could not achieve with any others, I highly recommend! Great for relaxing your mind when I was going through a stressful time last week I used this app several times daily and it really changed my mood levels. It works great, I never believed hypnosis but gave this a try and to my amazement it worked!!! If you follow his advice words you’ll get annoyed, switch it on and close your eyes and it works – My new favourite app! Love the music in the background… it really helps in the relaxation and even has helped me visualize flying above my obstacles and stresses.

Sometimes our creativity and ability to resolve our own problems is stifled because we can’t relax.
Very helpful you get a free audio then have to pay for the rest but they are less than 3 bucks! I didn’t lose consciousness till near the end but it was good enough to help me sleep during my flights.
I’ve bought Benjamin’s audios before and was disappointed when the older apps kept crashing. If you’re looking to lose some weight or stay in shape, and you don’t know where to start, this helps. Avoid negatives in your life by thinking about the positives, life is short and this helps create a little bit of positivity. It is very much user-friendly app that is interesting to the users, I have recommended it to several of my friends who also have helped out. This is really great, as a practitioner of Hypnotherapy, I’ve been sceptical about the quality but I was pleasantly surprised at Benjamin’s work. I work hard, two kids and need constant reminders to keep calm and breathe, this app has helped keep my stress under control.
A must have app for making your life positive and progressive, didn’t think it would work but both myself and my husband now listen together just before going to sleep. Please, upgrade to a different browser or install Google Chrome Frame to experience this site. On this you can find the commitment you need to change bad eating habits. Through hypnosis, discover how to regain control and enjoy a better, healthier life.
Following the railed path of a train journey, you’ll be able to slowly unload and opt for choices over your thoughts, behaviours and actions. It works on all of them, Benjamin certainly has a way of relaxing…not really sure how but better than many others about.

The only reason I download was because of another app I had didn’t work with my new phone, so tried this and its much better.
The content and delivery addresses some deep issues and Benjamin’s approach brings real freedom and lasting changes. I am so grateful to finally be free from such pain that has been inflicted on me for so many years. Benjamin does amazing things here – takes a while to download audios and you need good reception.
I hate the ‘alternative’ lifestyle and those fluffy therapists but was recommended this app as he approaches things a little more direct.
I’ve been struggling with snacking and the gastric band and the confidence audios helped me cut back and let go. I believe the mental and emotional aspect to losing weight is always overlooked and therefore people fail.
If you haven’t tried hypnosis then this is the app for you don’t try and focus too much as you will drift off very quickly. Previous apps by Bonetti were hard to use and crashed, this hypnosis one works without crashing. Falling to sleep is easy – Bought the weight loss one for $2.99 and waiting for the stress book to arrive.

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