So yes you can lose weight in a short time on low calorie diets – but you wona€™t necessarily look your best when all is said and done. There are numerous studies that indicate carbs are far more likely to be stored as bodyfat compared with other nutrients. That means when you first wake up in the morning and eat oatmeal like all the a€?prosa€? tell you to do you are actually spiking your insulin levels. As a result your body starts using muscle tissue for fuel when you start exercising – which is exactly what we are trying to avoid here. Given that our main goals of dieting is to lose fat while maintaining muscle mass this is exactly what we want.
In fact, if you implement the following program you will be able to maximize the benefits of low-carb dieting without starving yourself of all those carb-heavy foods you like. You will start out the program by going 10 days straight without consuming many carbs – that means less than 30g per day. It might feel a bit strange at first but after awhile your body will get used to using body fat as fuel and you will see the fat melt off your body. At this point your glycogen levels will be so depleted that none of these carbs will be stored as fat – they will just be used to replenish those levels.
You will see a very quick change in the look of your body and the weight loss will follow shortly thereafter.
Ita€™s worth mentioning that no matter what program you go on you should always be performing some kind of resistance training. You see, your body has to work hard to rebuild that muscle tissue you broke down during your workout – that hard work means more calories burned.

Also this process goes on for up to 48hrs after your workout so you get that fat-burning benefit for several days.
This section is only for those that are actually serious about getting shredded in the next couple of months. This is exactly why we spent more than two months researching all these different fat burners and their ingredients. But you have to check it out now, because some big companies have gotten in touch and asked us to take down our report. Read our free guide on the best fat burning ingredients and supplements to know what to look for in a fat burning supplement.
As long as you are eating a moderate deficit and performing a resistance training routine that is made up with heavy compound lifts the muscle loss will be minimal. This Total Diet Food example menu is for a 38 year old man who wants to lose weight quickly. A Total Diet Food Example Plan for a male client, looking to eat healthily and conveniently.
Absolutely – in fact, ita€™s the most effective way to lose body weight in a short period of time. Additionally your metabolism will adjust down to the lower calorie level – as a result you will gain a lot of weight back quickly when you switch back to your normal calorie intake. When these levels go up your body stops burning fat and instead relies on glycogen for energy.
If you continue to eat carbs throughout the day you will just keep spiking your insulin levels and blood sugar levels – making things even worse.

If your meal is low in carbs you wona€™t spike your insulin levels which means your body can go ahead and use your body fat for energy rather than muscle mass. After that you go back to low carb diet for 5-7 days and then have another carb-heavy night. If you can try and place your carb-heavy days on the same day you go to the gym for a workout so you can take advantage of all the surplus energy you will have. This will ensure you dona€™t lose any muscle mass and will actually speed up the fat-loss process! Given that your body doesna€™t have tons of carbs it can draw on for energy it will instead burn bodyfat in order to get enough energy to rebuild muscle tissue.
You have to make sure your diet game is on point, that you’re training hard and that your cardio game is on point. We were sick and tired of seeing guys wasting their money on products that simply don’t work. While they succeed at losing weight they end up losing just as much muscle as fat and end up with a skinny-fat physique. To make matters worse their metabolism is shot so when they go back to their normal calorie levels they end up gaining it all back. If, however, you stick to low carb dieting you will keep your blood sugar and insulin levels low making it easy to keep that body fat off.

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