As the name suggests this product is intended to be used over a 30 day period, however it is not a fully-fledged diet plan. 30 Day Diet is a very popular product in the USA but is not available in the UK and information on the product is very limited for overseas customers. The official website claims that its specific blend of ingredients will enable you to lose weight, increase your energy and experience fewer food cravings.
The likelihood of losing weight is heavily linked to ensuring that you take the correct type of supplements to meet your goals. The ketones found in raspberries which are a key ingredient in this product play a major part in inhibiting the production of insulin, resulting in two benefits; the first is that the individual will feel as though they are full and will generally eat less during the day, and the second benefit is that adiponectin levels will be increased due to the low levels of insulin, thus fat stores will be used as the prime energy supply rather than carbohydrate or muscle glycogen. An additional way that this product works is through the increased production of serotonin.
Your metabolism is the rate at which chemical processes happen in your body to produce energy in the form of ATP. You can begin to see that 30 Day Diet does tick a lot of boxes which should make it suitable for the majority of dieters. For more information, read our How 30 Day Diet Works article and How to Use 30 Day Diet article. This product contains a total of five main ingredients which are supplemented by a small selection of vitamins.
The first main ingredient is African mango, this particular ingredient predominantly functions by reducing your blood sugar levels. This product definitely contains some ingredients which you may have heard of before which is always positive as there is generally a lot of information available regarding side effects, effectiveness and general customer experience of the ingredients. For more information about the effects of these ingredients, read our 30 Day Diet Clinical Studies article. Reviews on Amazon are unfortunately inconclusive as the product is rated at three stars with just as many reviews stating it does work as there are reviews complaining that the product doesn’t work. As we have seen from the reported side effects, raspberry ketones generally cause side effects to occur within the first few days of taking a product which contains this ingredient.
One of the main ingredients in this product (lychee) has been scientifically proven to contain high amounts of dietary fibre. There are some safety concerns surrounding this product, in particular the inclusion of bitter orange.
Overall this product represents some good value for money if you are willing to wait for it to be delivered from the US, which can be a turn off for some. It is very difficult to create a product which has no side effects whatsoever and unfortunately 30 Day Diet is no different. The main concern comes with the fruit peel ingredient, it was discovered that this ingredient is actually the peel from bitter orange, which can be very dangerous.
While possessing significantly less serious side effects than bitter orange, raspberry ketones do have their fair share of side effects. Unfortunately, the side effects caused by the bitter orange ingredient are substantial enough to warrant being extremely careful. If you live anywhere outside of the US then you may find this product quite difficult to come by. The two choices available to you to buy the product are either from the official website or from Amazon. You can also buy the product from Amazon although no special discounts are offered for multiple purchases. If we ignore the fact that this product is only available in the US then this product may appear to be very tempting for some.
Activ8 X meets all of our Approved criteria, with 8 clinically proven ingredients & drop technology which delivers ingredients directly into the system. Please also note that the editorial line (the things we write) is NEVER impacted by these links. For many women, a major obstacle in changing their eating habits is not knowing what to eat. Lotus DAugust 28, 2015 at 2:11 PMGrocery is, after all, one of the most essential needs of a human being. 30 Day Diet is a weight loss supplement that includes a number of ingredients designed to help you lose weight and come in a capsule form.
The manufacturer of the product, Creative Bioscience, is a well-known name in the US and has been the recipient of many rewards including #1 selling diet brand in 2011 according to a report by SPINS Topline Data Report. Initial studies of the product provide some evidence that the product can indeed meet these claims.

For example, if you wanted to speed up your metabolism then it would not be beneficial to take a carbohydrate blocker. The name of the product may make you think there is additional support, for example a fully-fledged diet plan.
This particular hormone is common in anti-depressant medication as it is responsible for making you feel happy.
Generally, metabolic rate is different for every individual and is very much dependant on your age, gender, weight and lifestyle. Unlike fat binders or carb blockers, 30 Day Diet does not meet a specific type of dietary lifestyle and so would make a good product for both newcomers to dieting and experienced dieters alike. Like most diet products 30 Day Diet includes the almost inevitable combination of caffeine and green tea and it is likely that you already have personal experience of these ingredients and as such this section will only cover the ingredients that are less likely to be a fixture of your daily routine. An ingredient that has this ability is classified as possessing hypoglycaemic properties; this means that it can actively reduce blood sugar levels. This ingredient is in fact a fruit that is grown predominantly in China during the summer months, with its typical application being medicinal. While each product will have its own specific blend of ingredients and ingredient quantities you can begin to build a picture about how a certain product may work for you. It would seem that the favourable reviews claim between 5-9 pounds of weight loss over the 30 day duration while less favourable reviews claim nothing has happened. While this is bad to some degree, it does mean that the product is working and does so fairly quickly. This improves both digestion and increases satiety, this being the ‘feeling of fullness’ you get from eating food. This is because it relies on the mechanisms of metabolism boosting and appetite suppression. The first reason for this is that bitter orange can cause very severe headaches and in some cases cluster headaches. While it does have the common side effects associated with caffeine this is not where the product begins to cause the most concern. The ingredient reviews available on WebMD show that users have suffered from localised rashes, increased blood pressure, rapid heart rate, anxiousness, a jittery feeling and increased urination. A suggestion may be to consult your doctor before even buying the product to ensure you have the latest medical opinion on the ingredient and if there are any clearer warning signs than those presented above. If you do happen to live in the US then there are many high street chains which will stock the product, but if not then you only really have two main options available to you. Which source you decide to go for will largely depend on how many bottles of the product you want to buy. The product has a very reasonable asking price which only gets better as you increase the number of bottles you wish to buy.
African mango has over recent years built up a reputation for weight loss; the amount of African mango in this product closely resembles that of a study which did provide results suggesting African mango is an effective weight loss ingredient. Similarly, it would not make sense to take a fat binder if you did not consume a lot of fat in your everyday diet.
A major reason why people gain weight quickly is because they comfort eat to deal with a traumatic event.
The quicker your metabolism is then the more energy is required to maintain it, thus more calories are burnt.
Whenever we eat food, our body converts the carbohydrates into sugar and the amount of blood sugar dictates the percentage of fat you store in your body.
Oz television show during the segment called “Raspberry ketone: Miracle fat-burner in a bottle” in February 2012. While there is no concrete evidence of weight loss associated with the use of lychee the fruit does have a lot of general health benefits. Ultimately, it is never a good idea to believe the reviews posted on the official website and therefore the reviews on Amazon are the most reliable we have to go on. In addition to this, the caffeine included in this product is famous for being a fast actor, although this would depend on prior caffeine intake. Traditional uses of lychee have also been to this effect and so it is likely that you will notice some kind of appetite suppression.
Both of these methods require the manipulation of enzymes and hormones both of which are sensitive to a number of conditions. However, at just over ?12 a bottle from Amazon there is no real reason not to buy one bottle.
Users have also reported insomnia as well as feeling more irritable whilst using raspberry ketone.

There are of course long delivery times and the potential for expensive postage and packing costs should you decide to order from companies based in the US. If you are looking to buy multiple bottles then you will probably save money buying in bulk from the official website. The savings offered on the official website are very impressive and should be considered if you are planning on buying the product more than one bottle at a time. The main concern lies within the inclusion of the bitter orange ingredient, which has the potential to cause some nasty side effects, so be on the lookout for any associated symptoms.
The information is intended for educational purposes only and does not constitute professional, medical or healthcare advice or diagnosis, and may not be used as such. In terms of the metabolism boosting properties of raspberry ketones, this is very much still in doubt. By increasing the production of serotonin in the body it is less likely that an individual will feel the need to eat simply for the sake of making themselves feel better and will thus lose weight over a prolonged period of time. Raspberry ketone is a chemical from red raspberries (Rubus idaeus), which properties include increasing the body’s release of norepinephrine and adiponectin.
For example, lychee is high in fibre allowing for the treatment of digestive distress; it contains a number of antioxidants to aid in immune function and it has a high potassium content to help regulate blood pressure.
Studies have indicated that there is a potential for this ingredient to become more of a fixture in weight loss supplements.
By repeatedly taking the same set of ingredients will steadily cause the effect that said ingredients have on enzymes and hormones to decrease and a tolerance level will steadily build up. The ingredient reviews available on WebMD show that users have suffered from localised rashes, increased blood pressure, rapid heart rate, anxiousness, a jittery feeling, increased urination. It is unfortunate that the product is not sold from within the UK and so shipping charges from the official website may increase the price considerably at which point the value for money is lost. If you are only looking to buy one bottle of this product then this is surely the place to go.
Raspberry ketones also have their fair share of side effects but the vast majority are a secondary concern to that of bitter orange. Reviews featured on this website are researched and written by independent reviewers that are paid for their opinion and views.
There have been studies which have seen an increase in the metabolism boosting properties of raspberry ketones but these were conducted on mice and as such the crossover to humans is not certain by any means. Many products promising weight loss that contain the raspberry ketone ingredient claim that an increase of norepinephrine raises the body’s temperature, therefore helping to burn calories and increasing the metabolism.
While its presence in a weight loss product isn’t especially valuable, the general health benefits of lychee make it a good ingredient to have around. What all this means is that the product will only become less and less effective over time. A blessing in disguise perhaps is that many users state that side effects become evident almost immediately in the first few days of consuming the supplement. These are all clearly unpleasant side effects, which will make the user much less likely to complete an entire bottle of raspberry ketone, especially as many users state that side effects become evident almost immediately in the first few days of consuming the supplement. If however, you want to buy multiple bottles then the official website is probably your best bet. We all know that diet products have a different effect on different people and this is exemplified by the sheer amount of conflicting reviews of this product found online. The appetite supressing properties of lychee are historically accepted although the science to back it up is lacking and more work needs to be done before such properties can be cemented. At the low price point it has it might be worth your while to just try the product out for yourself. The information on this site is not reviewed by a medical professional, and is only to be used at your own risk. However, the long history and continued use of lychee demonstrate it does have some benefit. Everybody is made differently and so will naturally react differently to the same ingredients, what hasn’t worked for somebody else may well work for you and so it is always worth giving a product this cheap a try as long you watch out for the related side effects.

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