I have definitely had a couple crazy months recently and I have been working a couple extra hours, sacrificing a little sleep, but now that qualification period is over, those few hours sacrificed has paid off!!I am so thrilled to share exactly what this excitement is all about!! So most of you know about me, but just for those of you who are new at visiting my blog, I am a mother of 2 amazing boys ages 18 months and my oldest will be 3 in 2 weeks! Since I had my transformation, I really got into coaching and have been helping so many people! Now that sense of accomplishment is so much better because those huge goals I once thought were impossible are now met and it's time to make bigger goals! I want to mention 2 of my goals that were too big for me to write down and mention my other goals that i did write down.
Since I had so many people that had the same passion for helping people, I ended up creating my own team which is now called Forever Fit! I have now added over 30 coaches to my team and have over 100 members and it is growing faster than ever! Michael Gowan: Michael was my first Diamond coach that works full time, is a full time father of 2 awesome boys and he is also my cousin!
Jen Morris: Jen is a stay at home mommy of 2 amazing boys, 1 which was diagnosed with Autism. Alisha Smith: Alisha is yet another amazing coach who literally surprises me every week with an awesome come back. Andrea Youngblood: This girl right here was one of my first coaches who wanted to coach as a career.
Lauren Penrose: Lauren is a mommy of a beautiful little girl Nora, a Physician's Assistant, and also my sister in law! I do want to mention a huge part of my success came from my up line coach and cousin Melanie Mitro. If you want to work from home, but have a rewarding career, I want you to know this is totally possible for you too!
I encourage you to follow your dreams, know you are capable of achieving your goals, and shoot for the stars! I am sooo excited for these 2 challenge groups to get started because I can smell results from here!! As I mentioned above, I help my challengers with meal planning.
I am so proud of our team the "Dream Team" for having 3 Elite and 2 Premier coaches alone!!
I had a few of my coaches travel 3 hours away just to be a part of this Super Saturday and am so thankful to have these ladies on my team! As a health and fitness coach, it is so fun to be able to work from home, in your workout clothes, and just talk to everyone around the US!
Each week, I alternate weight-training and cardio workouts for six consecutive days and I rest on Sunday. Minutes 4-5, 6-10 and 11-14 work your way from Intensity Level 6 to Level 9, maintain for one minute.
Minutes 15-19 work your way from Intensity Level 6 to Level 10 (High Point at Level 10), maintain for one minute.
For the second exercise of a muscle group, I will only perform 1 set of 12 repetitions using a lighter weight. Just as a final note, remember not to overwork yourself or use weights that are too heavy for you!
This is the mouth-watering, creamy, sensational dessert that I made for Kevin's birthday party. It's all about living that healthy lifestyle and making it something that is long term vs something just  temporary.

She has lots of knowledge on health and fitness and wanted to apply it even more to help people get healthy, so she decided to coach on my team and has been so successful!
Do something that makes you excited to wake up every morning and gives you that sense of accomplishment. I make a meal plan every Sunday to give them a guide to use (will differ, depending on caloric intake) and different ideas. So I know starting a new fitness journey can be somewhat discouraging, especially if you are not familiar with clean eating and nutrition. I finished it with great results(strengthened my whole body and I lost 20 pounds), but because it is such a high-intensity program and really beats up your body, there is no way I wanted to continue that for the long term. I was able to talk with my sister-in-law, Lyndsy, about it for quite a while, and after seeing how great it has worked for her, I decided to try it out for myself!
I rotate which two exercises I choose for a given muscle group so that my body never gets accustomed to the same one.
As shown in the chart above, I do upper and lower body weight training exercises on separate days. Hurting yourself will only result in you not being able to exercise, pushing your goals even further away. I also have an amazing husband who at one time wanted nothing to do with health and fitness until I had a transformation.. I was the type of person who is afraid of writing something down and not accomplishing them, so I would not write my huge push goals because of the fear of failure.
You need to give yourself deadlines, that importance, and accountability to yourself to reach what is truly important to you. He sees the excitement when I get a challenger's result that they have lost a number of inches or pounds, or when one of my fellow coaches rank advanced. I will say I will never completely quit my job as a nurse, because I love helping people and having that interaction and communication with others is so rewarding, but I am so happy to be able to work relief. Store in refrigerator.What an easy recipe that helps those peanut butter and chocolate cravings!! I listen to real people speak about their transformation with using Shakeology and other Beach body programs to reach their ultimate goal, but change their entire outlook on life! He came all the way from California to congratulate Melanie Mitro, the #2 coach in Beachbody (and my cousin ;) in the picture beside me) and the creator of the Dream Team! For the first set I will start with a lighter weight and then with each following set I will increase my weight, except for the very last set.
Someone you can always rely on to brighten up your day, but also take you to reality and help you see the greater things in life.. Lauren being a new mommy, and a full time PA still has dedicated herself so much to helping others make that healthy lifestyle for themselves! I will work when I want, and have the best of both worlds being home with my kids, while still working as a coach to help everyone!
I know my body comes first because if I do not have health, I have nothing!So it is time for a little fitness motivation!! I am so excited to share what being a BEACH BODY COACH is all about!So we started the weekend off with Saturday morning at the Sheraton hotel with over 350 coaches and guests at our event!
But she started coaching after getting great results with P90X and wanted to incorporate Shakeology and other workout programs and help others on their journey as well!! I am so excited to say she is now going part time as a PA to focus on being at home with her daughter and work from home as a health and fitness coach with Beachbody!
It is awesome to have a mentor to guide you into the right direction, which is exactly what I learned to do..

CLICK HERE for a little video I made today to help people get motivated and ready to make their transformation! I hope this helps to get you to get started today!! As a health and fitness coach, I am here to provide support, guidance, and lots of great tips to help you reach your goals!I will say from experience, I had such a hard time reaching my fitness goals on my own.. Something I added just 1 year ago into my life was starting a new career as a Beach Body coach. Our super Saturdays started with 30 people or so, and now we are growing and the room is full of people wanting to help people live healthy and fulfilling lives!
They work hard every day, and now have financial freedom that they never thought was possible at one time. The coaches on my team have taken time to help others, to dedicate themselves to live this healthy lifestyle themselves.
I lost 40 lbs, but had this huge gain of knowledge to take with me and share with others on how to eat clean and live a healthy lifestyle for you and your family. I was in a challenge group (support group through Beachbody) using Insanity and Shakeology, and was so happy with my results I was getting and how much energy I had! It has not been always easy for all of us, but in the end, we can all say this is such a rewarding career and not one of us would trade in this opportunity that was given to us! It is how I got my results and stayed accountable, so now I give them a guide to use.This is what my plan looks like this week.
My cravings were gone after using Shakeology, and I was just feeling different than I ever did with any diet I tried. After getting my results, I became a health and fitness coach and have helped over 50 people reach their health and fitness goals. I am currently doing P90X3 challenge, so you will notice I have a workout in 6 days a week.Meal planning has been my life saver.
There are also different intensity levels, so depending on if you are a beginner, intermediate, or more advanced, there is a program out their to fit your needs!Shakeology comes in different flavors. Having my food prepared gives me hope every day that I cannot make excuses because everything is already right in front of me!
Our Vegan Shakeology is made with pea protein and brown rice protein, rather than using soy or Whey. I am opening a FREE clean eating group 7 days long to get you started in the right direction. I also realized you can exercise as much as you want, but if you do not have the nutrition part down, your results will not show. This is a great opportunity to learn how to live that healthy lifestyle or even just gain some extra tips! I would not be anywhere near my results if I have not started in a challenge group using Insanity and Turbo Fire, and drinking Shakeology on  regular basis. Since incorporating the fitness programs, clean eating, and Shakeology, I have reached my fitness goals and am now sharing my experience with others! In my challenge groups, I have each participant take before and after photos and measurements so they can best track their progress. Yes, it sounds cliche', but I feel people truly do make lifestyle changes in my groups and feel like a new person!
This group allows each individual to pick their own fitness program to use during the challenge.My second group is actually my first test group!
I started using the workouts so I can help everyone better explain it, and every new DVD I use ends up being my new favorite!

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