It’s easy to use “being busy” as an excuse for slacking off on your nutrition, especially during the holiday season. The first step to accelerating fat loss is to remove the quick and easy foods that have been derailing your diet. Once you have de-junked your kitchen, the next step is to head to the grocery store and restock with healthy foods and snacks. One of the best ways to avoid eating food you shouldn’t in a hurry is to eat more fruits and veggies!
Being busy can sideline workouts and a good diet plan, which will, in turn, sideline fat loss and muscle building results.
After you have set a plan and understand where you need to be during the week, the next step is to prepare the food. If you happen to end up being stuck without food because your meeting ran over or your travel got sidelined, avoid grabbing fast foods by being prepared. One excuse many busy people make when it comes to meal planning and prep is that they can’t cook, or they are just too tired when they get home to do so.
Lauren is the creator of Sexy, Strong and Fit Online Coaching Services specializing in transforming women to fitness model condition. Before you even consider using a fat burner, a solid training program and clean diet are essential. When you are busy at work it can seem an impossible task to find time for the positive lifestyle choices that will lead you to achieving your fat loss goals.
However, that’s just not a valid reason to throw in the towel when there are so many healthy and easy health food options.
That includes removing the processed foods and sugary treats from your cupboard and fridge. Surrounding yourself with good foods that are diet compliant will leave you no choice but to reach for the good stuff. However, you can stay on track to your goals no matter where you are or what you are doing by looking ahead and preparing a plan of attack. Stash non-perishables in your purse, gym bag and desk like raw nuts, dried fruit, low carb protein bars or protein powder. Cooking doesn’t have to be complex or long and drawn out, especially if you have taken the time to prepare meats and carbs ahead of time.

Lauren has over 15 years of experience as a trainer, supplement consultant and nutrition expert. After your diet and training are in order, the right fat-burning supplements can go a long way in helping you reach your fat-loss goals.
We’ve all heard about the benefi ts of increased water intake from teachers and parents when we were growing up. This also means avoiding the holiday leftover treats that your relatives try to pawn off on you! Start your meals with big green salads and make sure your plate is more than half filled with veggies.
That said, take some time every week to set out your schedule—do you have meetings, do you have social events, or do you need to travel? Grill off a bunch of chicken, cook up a few cups of brown rice or quinoa and roast some veggies.
Even better, portion out these servings and bag them to avoid eating more calories than you should.
Instead, the majority of the fi tness world is more concerned about staying lean and healthy.
Finally, caffeine causes a variety of physiological effects that result in the mobilization and oxidation of fat.
You can hit up a healthy fast food-style salad place instead of the typical fast food options. Being busy can cause us to reach for easy-to-eat, not-so-good-for-you foods, especially if we have skipped out on meals throughout the day.
When food is ready in advance, it’s hard to slip up or make excuses as to why you can’t stick to your diet—even at your busiest. Raspberry ketone enhances norepinephrine-induced lipolysis via an increase in the translocation of HSL from the cytosol to the lipid droplets in fat cells. Studies show that when combined with green tea, caffeine’s thermogenic properties are even greater!
Make an agreement with yourself that these sessions are a priority and no matter what happens, you will not miss them. For example, wash and cut up peppers, celery, cucumbers and mini tomatoes and have apples and berries on hand.

This helps to decrease the amount of glucose that ends up being stored as fat in the body. Caffeine also gives a great energy kick and will increase mental alertness, cognition, and overall physical performance!
You can then begin to schedule the rest of your life, for example shopping, cleaning, ironing, cooking etc around your workouts.Make your workouts high intensityWhen planning your workouts ensure they are of a high intensity. This will help target fat loss, increase your potential to lose fat and take up less of your time than completing a full resistance routine and then some cardio.
Not only are these foods fibrous, they are also full of nutrients that aid in your metabolism, fight against disease and help balance healthy hormone levels. These types of exercises involve multiple muscles and joints, as opposed to just one isolated muscle group. The more muscle you have, the greater amount of energy you use at rest and therefore the greater potential you have to reduce body fat.Cook in bulkYou may not get the opportunity to cook meals every day so therefore you must maximise the cooking time you do get.
This way you can prepare a greater amount of meals in a shorter period of time and when you have no time to prepare food, you have something ready that you can turn to.Eat plenty of proteinProtein is not only vital for growth and repair, but also requires a lot of energy to digest. This means that if you eat a large amount of protein you will use up more energy during digestion. Fill up a two litre bottle with water and sip it throughout the day, making sure that it is empty by the end of the day.
Drinking enough water has many benefits, and these are benefits that you can physically see and feel.SleepSleep is massively underrated.
Getting 7-9 hours sleep a night can make a huge difference not only how you feel, but your stress levels. So get yourself to bed early and enjoy your rest.If you can incorporate these seven strategies within your busy schedule then not only will you begin to lose your unwanted body fat, but you will also have a solid base from which to build.

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