All our Diets Don’t Work Personal Trainers are members of REPS (register of exercise professionals) at minimum level 3 advanced instructors, which means among the best qualified in the UK. They are not only highly qualified but also chosen for their all round experience and personality.
Founder of Diets Don’t Work, Adam is one of the most experienced and qualified trainers around, with a track record of amazing results. Highly qualified, passionate about martial arts and a dance professional, Annie has the knowledge and empathy to help you succeed. Very outdoorsy and a keen horse rider, Harriet is versatile and motivating, with a healthy approach to success.
Having gone from a chubby teenager to an accomplished tri-athlete, Jody knows what it takes for you to reach your goals.
12 times British windsurfing champion, Keith knows first hand what it takes to reach your goals.

Trained as a dancer and holder of the prestigious Premier Global Dip PT, Manjeet has a great positive and fun can-do attitude that really helps her clients. Something of a perfectionist, Nikita offers a very wide skill set and has a special knack of making clients feel good about themselves. Originally from Barbados, Ollie has a wealth of experience and qualifications including the Premier Global DipPT. Having come to Personal Training a little later in life, Phil is kind and encouraging with his clients.
An all round sports action girl, Sally knows at first-hand that success can be difficult to achieve on your own. From an athletics background, Stephen’s clients enjoy his varied and enthusiastic approach.
A full range of one-on-one and group Personal Training and Nutritional Services to help you get fit, lose weight and feel better about yourself.

They have in depth knowledge of all aspects of fitness and are qualified to train special population groups such as pre and post natal, the elderly and those suffering from arthritis, high blood pressure or diabetes.
She’s used to juggling family life and a demanding job and can help you juggle your priorities to get fit and slim. Enthusiastic and supportive, Emma will do everything she can to help you get trim, fit and happy.
But our trainers are also great characters with whom you can develop a rapport and have a conversation with, even perhaps while doing your squats!

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