Celebrity diet: Julia Roberts' diet for Weight Loss Does Julia Roberts have only a healthy silhouette? The method followed by Julia Roberts, is the GI Diet of the Canadian dietician Rick Gallop.
The actress recommends to avoid food that dirties your teeth: tobacco, red wine and Coke, and use toothpaste from pharmacy that helps you to white them daily. Celebrity diet: Eva Mendes' diet for Weight LossEva Mendes is a faithful follower of the South Beach Diet. The South Beach Diet consists on maintaining the level of sugar in blood, and allows to lose 4 to 6 lbs per week.
During this phase, consume a normal amount of meat, chicken, turkey, fish and seafood as well as abundant amounts of vegetables, eggs, nuts and cheeses.
Prohibited food: bread, pasta, potatoes, rice, fruits, candies, desserts, cakes, cookies or refined sugar. Celebrity beauty secret by Eva Mendes: hairstyle Sublime hairstyle and happy face are the weapons of Eva Mendes to be happy. Before sleeping, Eva Mendes makes a good cleaning with Balsam-oil from Lancôme Eclat Baume. Eva Mendes in the Cartier 100th Anniversary in America celebration at Cartier Fifth Avenue Mansion in New York. Paris Hilton: Celebrity diet for Weight Loss How Paris Hilton stays in is ideal body weight? Paris Hilton extra exercise for weight loss: Singing and dancing in the most fashionable clubs. Dancing and singing in nightclubs, night after night, is good to get full energy and burn between 1,000 and 2,000 calories in only one night!
Celebrity Handbags: Paris Hilton loves Brand and Fashion Handbags!Paris Hilton loves brand handbags.

Victoria Beckham: Celebrity diet for Weight LossDoes Victoria Beckham take care about her body?
Victoria Beckham only eats the food and calories she needs to have energy throughout her activities of the day, nothing more.
The menu of Victoria Beckham includes salads, grilled fish, pasta and blueberry smoothies (it's an excellent antioxidant for aging).
Victoria Beckham uses appetite suppressants as tobacco, that combined with infusions with laxative effects eliminates from the digestive system not only the desire to eat but also any trace of food. Julia Roberts reveals us that she follows the GI diet (glycemic Index) to remove years and try to ensure the eternal youth. It provides a great sensation of wellness, and the union of the exercise with the sun helps to prevent osteoporosis.
If you have yellow teeth, avoid use an orange, gold and bronze that highlight your colour tone teeth. They cost more but if you can afford it then its definitely something you should look into. Lying on a massage table, the machine BodySculptor diffuses to Paris Hilton a low-frequency electric shocks to stimulate the release and removal of fat. And for that reason she likes being the center of attention, especially for being the girl of the party. Victoria Beckham makes you discover her best beauty secret to pose in photo shoots, by Victoria Beckham. She likes extravagant shoes, Victoria Beckham adds height in stiletto platform Christian Louboutin suede booties everywhere, from the streets of L.A. From left to right: Handbag by Jimmy Choo, grey handbag by Valentino (price $2,450) and oversize handbag chocolate color. Sea air brings many minerals such as iodine, very important for an optimum level of thyroid hormone in blood.

If you don't take care of your teeth, apply a natural bar and highlight the makeup in the eyes to bring the attention to the eye. Julia accessorized with a brown python skin clutch and Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses ($ 129). She is frequently spotted carrying handbags by Fendi, Balenciaga, Hermes, Louis Vuitton and Prada. However, Posh said, in the Heat magazine, that she left this diet on the advice of her husband, David Beckham, who feared that would suffer an eating disorder. She has more than 100 handbags and she has spend more than 1 million dollars in Hermés handbags. Walk along the sand also helps moisturize the skin, and help to avoid formation of varicose veins. The author of this web does not take responsibility of the application that the readership does of his content.
For clubbing, she would pair a patent Fendi black handbag with a white satin belted dress, giving off a great impression. It's very effective to keep the figure, but the nutritional planning must be done by a specialist in nutrition. Victoria Beckham is helped full time by a cooking chef expert in healthy foods and dietary dishes.

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