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The induction period of a low carb diet is a two week phase where you will only be allowed a limited amount of foods containing carbohydrates. Breakfast meals that you can have include numerous egg-based dishes, like omelets, frittatas, poached eggs, scrambled eggs and fried eggs. Lunches are typically the point where you add in your first serving of vegetables for the day. Atkins, one of the most popular low carb diet plans, has a line of shakes and snack bars available that can be consumed during the induction phase.
I saw this recipe and just had to make a low carb version of it since it looked so very tempting.
I love my carb heavy food, and this is yet another great substitute to keep me on the wagon.
Sharmeen has been busy experimenting to make some delicious low carb roti, and has come up with this great recipe. Crepes are one of those things you can use for so many different low carb recipes, if you can find a good low carb crepe !
This is the recipe for the wonderful Dixie French Crepe Mix, which makes 48 zero carb crepes.
Bring mexican dishes back into your low cabr lifestyle with these great low carb tortillas. Stuffing is not a dish we use a lot in Australia, however those who have tried this low carb bread stuffing mix have all been delighted with the results.
Use this as stuffing in a roast chicken, or keep the bread stuffing chunky and add sausage for a perfect low carb dinner.
This is a yeast rise bread with high gluten  content, so you get the texture of regular white bread, without the carbs.

While I attended a blogging conference in Dallas earlier this year I had the absolute best soup at one of the restaurants in the hotel. For incredible flavor, saute the chopped veggies with seasoning in olive oil for a few minutes before adding chicken broth.
This is my husband’s favorite soup, we call it chicken stew, which I found in an old Southern Living cookbook. I add extra chicken broth with the homemade chicken broth so I can make a larger pot of soup. For I know the plans I have for you, "declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Heather is a published novelist with six Amazon bestsellers and a contract through Crescent Moon Press. During this phase, you should only have approximately 12 to 15 net carbs, and these carbs should come from vegetable sources.
You can add a small amount of full-fat cheese to the eggs for your meals, including cheddar, mozzarella and Swiss.
Hard boiled eggs, pieces of pepperoni, cubes of cheese, black olives and avocados are additional snack ideas. Low-carb diets are also effective at lowering cholesterol levels, blood sugar, blood pressure and other risk markers for heart disease. I was sitting here one afternoon, looking at my new mix master and deciding what to use my dough hook for, and it hit me.
Make these as a great side to curry or other low carb Indian dishes for the perfect side dish. This is a simple recipe, I made them ahead of time and froze them just like store bought garlic bread. The American Diabetes Association explains that net carbs are the total grams of carbohydrate, minus the grams of content that the body does not absorb such as fiber, glycerine and sugar alcohols -- although some sugar alcohols are absorbed by the body.

A side of meat is optional or can be cooked in with the eggs and includes choices like bacon, salmon or ham. Soups are also popular choices including creamy mushroom, cheddar cheese and vegetable soups. A side of vegetables is served with your entrée, such as broccoli, tomato salad, cauliflower and roasted red peppers.
Researchers conclude that low-carb diets should be viewed as a viable option for treating and reversing obesity, diabetes and risk factors for heart disease. The Americans use these as a side dish with their roasts (amazing dipped in gravy), or they make larger ones and use them as a sandwich biscuit. We grab a log out of the freezer and cook as a side with dinner just like we would have in the old days. Cook for 8 hours on low. Approx 1 hour and a half before serving, saute vegetables and spices in one tablespoon olive oil in a large pot on medium heat for 5-10 minutes.
If you are not a big fan of eggs, you can have a meat-based breakfast like salmon wrapped in cream cheese or corned-beef hash. Seasonings like ginger, butter, olive oil, rosemary, pepper and lemon juice can be used to season your dinner.
I tweaked the recipe slightly to make it a bit stronger tasting as the original taste was lovely but a little bland for us. Either way, these biscuits get a massive thumbs up from us at Low Carb Central – we adore them!

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