Carrots, cranberries, nuts, and dried apple are added to a bran muffin mix to make a healthy breakfast or snack treats.
Another experiment in my quest for the best bran muffin ever.  This is getting really close to it!
The ultimate in food is an utterly personal ideal and, to a large extent, selfish in the best possible way.
Each type owes its final result to the proportion of fat, flour, liquid and sugar, and to some extent the individual characteristics of each ingredient. I asked Andrew Janjigian, associate editor at Cook's Illustrated Magazine, where they’re obsessed with finding the most foolproof way to bake everything, about the common mistake they see in muffins. If the muffin top is too flat and smooth, try slightly reducing the sugar and fat in the recipe by 20% to see if that makes a difference.
If the crumb of the muffin is too dense, try slightly increasing the amount of egg (especially egg white), slightly decrease the flour, and for every 150g wheat flour replace two heaped teaspoons of flour with the same measure of cornflour. If the crumb of the muffin is too coarse, try reducing the number of times you fold in the flour. If your muffin bakes a little dry, increase the oven temperature and decrease the baking time. It’s all about your desires, making sure that particular flavour combination or texture is brilliantly highlighted even if you’re alone in liking it.

For example, the bleached all-purpose flour available from some of the bigger American millers (it’s not sold here by law) has the curious ability to hold more fat and sugar in suspension compared to out UK plain flour. Prepare muffin mix according to package directions; fold in carrot, dried apple, and cranberries.
So if you like muffins, as I do, then what you need isn’t the “best muffin recipe” so much as tips on changes you can make to correct the bits you don’t like to create your own personal best. American cake-type muffins, as opposed to the flat English hotplate variety, are interesting here because the best ones are typically home made and fairly low-tech, meaning that the methods to achieve the best result can usually be found in every home.
The type of sugar you use can affect the way the muffin curves on top, as dark brown sugar can cause the muffin top to flatten.
You maw still see a few lumps when you spoon the batter into the paper case, but your muffin crumb will be more delicate. And if you use a cooking margarine rather than butter, you do get a lighter crumb from the emulsifiers it contains. That means setting the oven temperature higher than you might otherwise, letting ingredients or the batter come to room temperature before baking, and even placing the muffin tin on a preheated pizza stone.” One last big tip. Let muffins cool in the pan on a wire rack for 5 minutes; loosen edges and gently remove from muffin cups. Keep you flavour on the dry side and intense for the best flavour, use slightly more spices, flavourings and what factory bakers call “inclusions”, or “the bits you stir in” in plain English.
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Instead of stirring the pieces of fruit or chocolate through the mixture, try alternating small spoonfuls of the mixture with pieces into the paper cases. Please consider upgrading your browser software or enabling style sheets (CSS) if you are able to do so. She loved the mini form of these, liked the banana flavor a little less (but please know she's a *very* fussy eater and this banana is in a new form for her). I was uncertain which spices to use so added a little dash of cinnamon to the banana and the tiniest dash of cayenne to the cheese ones. I'm saving it to my handwritten cookbook and will be experimenting again soonest because the bacon and cheddar variation sounds yummy too! Right now, I really enjoy cooking in my kitchen with my family and friends with the help of these sites.

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