The other day I made some homemade chicken fideo soup and posted a picture on my personal FB, many of my friends asked me for the recipe so I’ve decided to share with you too. My grocery store carries Goya products, but you may also find this homemade Sofrito recipe interesting. Fancy Frugal LIfeMy Daughter’s Art Themed 7th Birthday PartyWe hosted this birthday party back in May, but I came across these photos recently and thought I’d share the details, because it was such a fun party!
Sazon is very high in sodium though so use a little and I hear there’s a low sodium version online. Sautee Onion, jalepeno, carrots and celery, in the olive oil & Sofrito for a good 5 min.

Add cilantro, broth, chicken, hominy, cabbage, and enchilada sauce and slow cook for about 45-60 min. This was my daughter’s first party we paid to have at a … Continue reading >That Time I Found 2 Pottery Barn Kids Backpacks for $14.99 each with Our Names on Them!Sometimes the skies open and the shopping Gods shine down on you while browsing your favorite store! It’s kind of like … Continue reading >My breadbox makeover to phone charger and kitchen clutter catch allSince it’s Earth Day and one of my favorite hobbies is to makeover, repurpose, or reuse inexpensive second hand or thrift store items, here is a great example I am LOVING in my kitchen! If you’ve been following along via Instagram last … Continue reading >My Backyard Tour (Getting Ready for Summer)Last weekend we filled all our patio pots and planted a few flowers and palm trees in our backyard.
We moved in last summer and this is pretty much where we live for three months straight trying to keep cool in … Continue reading >My Mossy Easter Centerpiece & Table 2015You know me and holidays.

I don’t always have time to go all out, but I recently set up a few pretties in my living room and dining room to get in the … Continue reading >My Christmas 2014 Home TourWelcome friends! Decorating for Christmas has always been a passion of mine, and I’m excited to share some images of our home all dressed up for the holidays this year!
He has pretty much had this theme for years, but we just refreshed it with some striking blue and white painted striped walls in our new home.

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