Everyone loves to grill pork chops, but if you don't have the time or the grill, you can broil them inside your oven.
The trick with broiling is keeping the meat far enough away that it doesn't burn but close enough so it browns. Cook garlic cloves in heavy small skillet over medium-low heat until beginning to soften and blacken in spots, turning occasionally, about 15 minutes.
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Keep your eye on the meat the first couple times you cook pork until you get a feel for it.
I tend to think that my broiler is a little cooler than other broilers I have had in the past. In order to optimize the tenderness of the thick-cut pork chop, I brined them in chicken stock, salt, sugar, and spices. For meat you will almost always broil on high unless it is a large piece of meat; then you may broil on medium.

It only takes about 30 minutes for the brine to impart some flavor into the meat, but you can leave them in the brine for several hours, if you want.
If your pork chops are dry, add your spices and what-not, and then rub some oil on the meat to keep it from sticking and to help it to brown and get crispy.

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