Fox News'The Doctors' host Travis Stork shares his favorite foods to reduce inflammationFox NewsResearchers have linked inflammation to everything from chronic pain to cancer, but what causes inflammation, and how do you know if you have it? Anti-Flammatory Dietkwoa (blog)If you want to reduce inflammation, eat less inflammatory foods and more anti-inflammatory foods.
This low carb dinner recipe was adapted from an old favorite out of the Better Homes and Garden Cookbook.
This cabbage stir fry is what we had for dinner tonight and it was great, plus easy, the two requirements for grub in this house.
These low carb open face cheeseburger sandwiches are the perfect low carb lunch, paired with carrot sticks or dill pickles – yum! Meatloaf has long been a staple food in my family.  In fact, it is my Dad’s favorite meal, so I remember eating it often growing up.

Made correctly, you can enjoy low carb meatloaf and include it in your family’s regular meal plans.  This recipe is the same one my family eats and is delicious, low carb and oh-so-comforting on a cold winter’s night.
Full Disclosure, FolksThroughout this site, you will find carefully selected affiliate links to different products. I think it does with a little investigative work.ChicagoNow (blog)Currently, I am on a weight reduction diet to assist me in losing the last few pounds that I gained when I was ill.
Base your diet on whole, nutrient-dense foods that contain antioxidants, and avoid processed products. This is a great way to use up leftover taco meat, assuming yours lasts long enough to turn into leftovers. I'm happy to report that I'm 10 pounds away from hitting my goal and I feel pretty darn good to boot.

If you are unfamiliar with hummus, it is made from chickpeas, also called garbanzo beans, with some spices and other items mixed in. Traditional hummus calls for other ingredients, such as tahini, but this low carb snack recipe is a great place to start with hummus.

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