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The pot belly that typically comes with habitual drinking is a result of too many calories, as well as the liver burning the alcohol instead of fat, according to WebMD. The world of nutritional supplements, especially when it comes to their therapeutic effects, is full of inconsistencies.
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Social media has recently been abuzz about a study that seems to suggest that a drink a day could keep the neurologist away.

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Plus, alcohol does tend to increase appetite and often the food on hand often is of high-calorie and high-fat variety.
Researchers at Stanford University recently conducted a study that shows walking in nature has benefits for your brain and mood. This study confirms what has mainly been intuitive and anecdotally soothing, even therapeutic.

According to reports doing the rounds on the web and beyond, drinking 3 glass of champagne a week may help prevent one of the most common and debilitating forms of dementia, Alzheimer’s disease.
However, contrary to conventional wisdom, recent studies show that drinking wine and tequila (not at the same time), may actually help you lose weight.
A new study recently found that fish oil may be effective in combating depression when used with antidepressants.

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