As you know from following my blog, I have written about the processing of grains and how it has affected our health.
Refining and removal of the essential oils from the heart of the wheat set the stage for widespread malnutrition.
In 1946 a government research grant was awarded to Hollywood Presbyterian Hospital in southern California to study these chronically fatigued people. As happens when many government studies end, the formula was put on a shelf and nothing was done with it. One of the participants in the study was a woman who had suffered for years with extremely painful rheumatoid arthritis. When the grain oil formula was put on the shelf, the man and his wife were able to acquire the formula from the research hospital.
So I can boldly state that Tre-en-en is the world’s best supplement for chronic fatigue. I’m so thankful you are sharing your personal success with Tre-en-en and chronic fatigue.
Many people have not heard of Tre-en-en or Formula IV but they need to know about them as they are so beneficial to basic good health. For those of you who have been following me the past 3 plus years more than likely know about my Mama’s Cancer Journey. They raised a righteous family living on God’s side, somewhere between humility and pride. I wonder what it must be like to hold a love that true, take part in something so sacred, everlasting new; it must take pride and dignity, it must take humble care, learning to hold on, learning how to share. What could Mama have done differently in order to prevent those cancer cells from growing in her lungs? Mama did cook delicious desserts but always from scratch with measured sugar and powdered cocoa. My daughter shared some thoughts about her Granny that describes the attitude Mama had about life. My grandparents were people who inspired me to be a better person, to greater faith in God, to love without conditions, and to treasure time together. Yes, my Mama quietly worked and trusted her Lord as the cancer eventually took over her body. Mama’s last appointment with her oncologist showed the cancer in her body was 100% inactive. That was June 2014; 7 months after this 93 year old woman had been told she had only about 3 months to live or maybe 9 months if she went through aggressive chemo. Mama had an amazing faith in God and had accepted Jesus Christ as her eternal Savior when she was a young woman. The Health and Wellness Revolution is here Now … The Home Business Revolution is here Now! Thank you, Veronica for your wonderful comment as well as for your tears as you read my Mama’s story. I read with great interest the article on your mother regarding her demise and she returned to our Creator cancer  free.
What was the best solution for mama’s journey with cancer – prayer, supplements, medicine, or all three? Unauthorized duplication or publication of any materials from this site is expressly prohibited.
Yes, we are praising the Lord for what He has done in my mom’s life and how He continues to work. Carolyn, thank you so much for your tears of caring and I’m so happy to help bring gladness to your heart.
Humans require other carotenoids such as lutein, xanthophylls, zeaxanthin, Lycopene, etc for proper utilization of any one carotenoid. High levels of one particular carotenoid can reduce the human body’s ability to absorb other important carotenoids.
Poor scientific evidence of bioavailability, utilization, and beneficial effects of krill compared to salmon. Many products have lower doses of omega-3’s, EPA and DHA than are claimed on the labels.
Supports optimal function of the heart, blood vessels, brain, nerves, eyes, skin and joints. Reduces inflammation that contributes to arthritis, menstrual pain, migraines, psoriasis, inflamed bowel and autoimmune diseases. Beneficial in reducing postpartum depression, major depression, bipolar disorder, attention deficit, schizophrenia, memory and cognitive loss. Includes UHPO3 (Ultra High Potency Omega-3 fatty acids) – an exclusive GNLD technology that boosts, stabilizes, and standardizes omega-3 levels while maintain the whole food qualities of fresh salmon. The 1st supplement of its kind to assure standardized amounts of all 8 members of the omega-3 family involved in human nutrition. Yes, sorting through all the info, researching, and applying known research info helps me sort through and share.
There is such hype about krill these days, Pat, that we really appreciate the thorough presentation of the issues of concern that it brings with it!  Without a reliable resource, such as you are, many are at the mercy of the loudest advertisers …!
You are smart to not jump on the latest thing out… it can save you from making serious wrong decisions about your health. My case is that when you do supplement, it is important to supplement with the best quality available. This was great info, since a family member just started taking krill oil since the taste was better compared to the fish oil. Everything you've written is true and I tried many Krill or Fish oil supplements until i located current ones. I had developed a passion for sharing the things I was learning about how nutrition affects immediate and long-term health.
I explained my vision to different website designers but it seemed I was asking them to setup some very complicated site. Meanwhile I continued to use the old school methods of printed and mailed out newsletters which was quite time consuming and expensive.
I kept up with basic computer stuff (no programming or anything like that.) My computer knowledge grew as I did things like taxes, bookkeeping, writing letters, emails, and then eventually even joined facebook.
I’m now living my dream of sharing the things I have learned about health and nutrition on my own blog. In this process it is amazing what I have learned about how websites work, how to schedule emails to go out at specific times, and all kinds of things about social media. Technology has given this 70 year old grandma the opportunity to share about how nutrition and lifestyle awareness can impact your health.
As a matter of fact, my unleashed inspiration dream now is to make a difference in the future health of all the lives I touch. Yes, even in our sewing and crafts technology has increased possibilities that we thought would never be available. Lovely story, and I'm so glad you found that article, Pat, because you share such important, detailed, helpful health information. What an inspiration post, Pat, I love how you put, "Never give up on your visions and dreams even when they are not yet invented.
I am so happy for you that you were able to be able to fulfill your dream of putting together your blog. Yes, I am glad I was able to finally actually have the type of website I had dreamed about for many years. Congratulations on the weight loss and isn’t it wonderful to feel fantastic with even just a few changes?
I am so sorry to hear of all your husband has been through but am so happy he has been able to make very positive improvements to his health with diet, nutrition, and supplementations.
That is really neat that you had a vision for what you needed & wanted, technology just had to catch up! Yes, it was interesting when I really got to thinking about where technology was when I started my journey. The bran of rice started being removed about the same time the refining of wheat was perfected.

They were the children and grandchildren of people who had sawed forests and dug ditches by hand.
As a result of the research, a formula was developed of the essential oils (lipids and sterols) from wheat, rice, and soy. In 1958 Wally joined with Don Pickett, a salesman for a direct sales company that sold waterless cookware. Pickett, being familiar with direct sales marketing, chose to use direct sales as his marketing tool because he knew the product would require explanation. Pickett opened his own manufacturing facility and testing equipment including an artificial stomach. Pickett was still very active in Neo-Life when we joined the company in 1985 and we have had the privilege of meeting and visiting with him personally. It was originally tested on both sick people and also on athletes showing remarkable benefits for both the sickest and the healthiest. It is an important story to really understand how the products & company came to be able to help people.
Chronic fatigue and other immune dysfunction diseases are all around us and could benefit so much from basic good nutrition. Yes, people with compromised health issues can benefit from these basic nutrients and that is important but healthy people can more easily stay that way with these supplements. Our Tre-en-en supplement does contain some gluten however our Formula IV is considered Gluten Free (below the 20 parts per million limit.) We have worked with these products since 1985 and have never had anyone experience a problem because of the gluten. If they haven’t heard of it, they might want to consider making it part of their product line as everyone can benefit from this wonderful supplement. Like I told Claudia, it seems that we need to be more aggressive about getting the word out about Tre-en-en as everyone could benefit health wise from using it as a base supplement for ensuring the basics in nutrition. Tre-en-en is a trademark name for GNLD (Neo-Life)’s core product and is only available through a GNLD Distributor like myself.
Granny’s been right by his side, now on fifty years, been there through the good times, been there through the tears.
She was a person of quiet strength, relying on God, never seeking accolades for herself, but delighting in the service she gave others – and, of course occasionally stealing your dessert when you weren’t looking or winning games of dominoes as she would often hold that last domino tightly in her hand and sneak it out there in surprise!
At that point the oncologist dismissed her as a patient saying there was nothing more that could be done medically for Mama’s cancer.
As I said in my last blog about Mama’s cancer journey, she had chosen to go through the chemo. She was able to take some of her supplements but she had lost her ability to swallow enough to really fight the cancer. By December, she had lost the ability to use the left side of her body and could no longer be mobile without major assistance.
It was at that point that we had to reach out to the medical community for stronger pain meds in order to keep her comfortable.
She had been living with my brother and sister-in-law for several years so we were all with her. Her father, my son posted this on Facebook the day after Mama peacefully took her last breath. That meant that she had peace about where her eternal home was which gave us that same peace. I saw the pictures you posted of your parents walking hand in hand after 60 some years of marriage … that was so beautiful! Please know that I will be praying for your mother, you and your family as you go through this cancer journey and what God has planned for all of you.
If you were to meet her in person you would love her even more… I do not believe she has an enemy on earth (other than Satan). Mamas are so precious and when something like that happens out of the blue it truly makes you scratch your head.
It is certainly a mystery when someone who has never smoked develops a disease that is usually related to smoking but we have to accept God’s plan and work with it and through it by focusing on the wisdom He has given us. My Mom is truly a blessing, inspiration, and testimony to so many people with her strong faith, healthy lifestyle habits, and supplements.
Thankfully some doctors are starting to be open to supplements however I would love to see them be more open to whole food supplements rather than the synthetic ones they typically suggest. This form of astaxanthin is not the same as that in fruit and vegetable carotenoids consumed by humans. Only top quality, healthy-screened, disease-free fish selected for human consumption are used. I know there is a need to get good, reliable information out to consumers concerned about their health.
The company I work with, NeoLife never puts a product out just because its the latest thing.
Supplements, just like food should be free from toxins, should not be fragmented, and should be selected and prepared to receive the best possible spectrum of nutrients.
Many people I know in the health arena have been promoting krill oil and personally I have stuck with my Wholmega wild salmon supplement.
It is distressing to me to hear (on radio or TV) or read misinformed information from experts the public has come to trust. I am taking a fish oil supplement that agrees with me, does not have a fishy taste and comes from a reputable Dr. So when I first became interested in using the internet to share these things I wanted to have a website I could easily update. I also made copies of flyers to give to people as I talked to them about their nutritional needs. Establish the healthy habits that will keep you feeling good and having the energy to seek your passion for the rest of your life. It is never too late to follow your dreams and I'm so delighted that you followed yours. In the 60’s I worked for the telephone company when they first converted their work orders to computers. When I hear of success stories, it inspires me to keep sharing and getting the word out to people about how very important it is. It is interesting how many people in, let’s say my age group, have made the effort to learn computer skills. At times it has been a challenge to keep up with all the techie changes but then it has also been a fun challenge.
This process stripped the grains of most nutritional value and left them as an unbalanced food source.
They knew something was wrong but yet the doctors couldn’t find anything wrong with them.
The chronically fatigued people participating in the study improved greatly when these essential grain oils were added back into their daily diet.
People would need to understand the difference between his supplement and other supplements on the market.
Formula IV gradually restored Jeanne’s health so much that several years later her blood work showed no trace of the rheumatoid factor. Neo-Life holds a pharmaceutical license so as to keep standards high in the manufacturing of all Neo-Life products. In 1962 a study was conducted on rats in response to the FDA’s challenge to health claims. It is absolutely wonderful that Tre-en-en has changed your life and also that it drug you into our business world. Of course, basic good nutrition can definitely reduce the risk of being burdened with health breakdown in the first place. When someone suspects or knows they have a sensitivity to gluten, we have them start very slowly with Formula IV and gradually build up to the suggested daily amount.
It is a supplement that everyone can benefit from taking to either maintain their good health or rebuild their health.
Actually, the Tre-en-en is a very good basic supplement for everyone, not just for someone whose health has deteriorated to the point of chronic fatigue or some other illness.
Her loss of appetite caused her to refuse to take any liquid supplements as well as refuse to eat many of the foods she needed.

The local volunteer Hospice was able to help us coordinate home care and equipment needed to keep Mama comfortable. Mama was known for her ranch cooking, especially her bread making skills which provided dinner rolls for many family, church, and community meals. We have God’s promise that there will be no pain or suffering in heaven so I know without a doubt that Mama went to Heaven Cancer Free.
God allowed you to experience those times so you can encourage and bless someone else as you will be more sensitive to his or her pain and concerns.
But you and I who are children of God know that there is always a bigger plan, a bigger purpose that will always bring glory to God.
She is now having the cataracts removed from her eyes so she will be able to continue doing everything she is used to doing… she is determined not to stop until God takes her home to heaven. This is not an issue with marine animals because their eyes are not exposed to sunlight as much as humans. The dollar value probably pays for your husband’s vacation and the health value is unmeasureable in good health benefits. We do our research very thoroughly along with our own tests in order to always know our products are credible and the best from the best source.
Appreciate your presentation of the pros and cons and how committed you are to making sure people are educated! I was inspired to write this blog because of 2 difference well-known (in the public eye) doctors who are suggesting Krill Oil over Salmon Oil. And since I am praying to continue doing it for a little while longer, you are the perfect example that anyone can do it. So many people are deficient in vitamin D because of all the scare about skin cancer and people not getting enough natural sunlight.
I was fortunate to be using the Internet before it was available to the public through my husband's business.
It seems the older we are the more we have to learn because we have to relearn so much along the way.
This happened over a period of time so people gradually became depleted of these essential oils. Another less known fact is that the removal of the outer hull of the soybean is the source of very valuable nutrition. He quit his job and started working as a medical detail man with the doctors who were doing the grain oil research. Wally attempted to make the formula available to the medical community for their patients but unfortunately the medical community was not interested.
Meanwhile Fred started sharing Formula IV with everyone because he was so excited about the improvements he was witnessing in Jeanne.
Supplement manufacturers are not required by law to hold a pharmaceutical license but this was a choice of integrity that is still held by the company today. Pickett chose to retire, he turned the company over to 2 international business men who had the same values and integrity that he himself held. The results of this study were very impressive showing the endocrine benefits on even the well-nourished.
I visited your site and see that you are a doctor and was troubled by your own health problems. My mother’s oncologist is very supportive of her extensive supplement program and actually stands amazed at how well she is doing in month 9 after being diagnosed with the stage 4 lung cancer. The benefits of the tre-en-en formula actually contribute to giving the body the tools to utilize and use nutrients as well as rebuild from health issues. I am so thankful for family that cared so much for Mama that they were willing to make those sacrifices.
Her sewing skills kept Daddy and other family members in custom western shirts for many years.
I have always admired you for the faith, trust, and grace you have been able to sustain through the loss of your precious husband at such a young age. Praise the Lord for the healing He has brought her and the quality of life she continues to live. My mom-n-law is 96 years old and has been in a wheelchair for over 4 years due to breaking her hip. They thoroughly research, test, and are at the forefront with leading edge technology I can trust.
Most of us do not live an active enough life style to burn off the calories of getting all our nutrients from our food. It is hard to imagine what things will be like 40 years from now but then I more than likely do not need to worry about that for my sake.
There are so many possibilities for getting your message out now that it's mind boggling, eh? I will have to look into the high amounts of D3 because there can be toxic situations when our nutrients are not balanced with the other nutrients that work with them. Then later I worked in communications at Lockheed as a teletypist during the period the teletype tape was starting to be converted by huge computers in the tranmission process.
He used to battle Geographic Tongue but with changes to his diet and nutrition needs, primarily vitamins and mineral supplementation, he has been able to keep that problem controlled as well.
Thank you for sharing your true feelings as your growth in online marketing proves…you can teach us old dogs new tricks! Symptoms such as extreme fatigue and arthritis were being suffered by more and more of the population.
Most products made from soy such as tofu are missing this important nutrient of the soybean. Formula IV contained the grain oil formula plus additional vitamins, minerals, amino acids (protein), and enzymes derived from whole foods.
All raw materials are held to the highest standards and thoroughly tested for any impurities.
Another study was done in 1987 that showed an increase in adrenal activity of 175%, estrogenic activity increased 234%, and androgenic activity increased 155%.
I’ve looked at many other supplements over the years but never found any that are produced to the standard of Neo-Life products by GNLD. After Daddy went to heaven in 2001, Mama kept right on making quilts for family members and special friends.
Your mom is pain free now, and we can rejoice in that knowledge, as God brings us peace here on Earth to get through the sorrow.
In almost 30 years I have not known of any time we’ve needed to pull a product back because it was not from leading edge technology. You're article really made me think about what we are doing to other species and their food supply.
That was when internet was still dial up and I barely even knew how to send a simple email. It also showed an increase in overall growth and development, cardiovascular development, and nutrient utilization efficiency. Mama was the other Grandma to many, many children even in her last days when neighbor children came to visit her. This means we need to supplement to keep our bodies at a lower risk of disease and illness. You would have to take about twice the recommended amount to get the same as our NeoLife Salmon Oil Plus for about the same cost. They merged those companies with Neo-Life and have expanded into over 50 countries around the world.
She worked hard but always took time out to worship God, attend church 2 to 3 times a week, and visit with friends and family.

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