I’m a big fan of weight loss tips, as every once in a while I read one that helps me to think about my fitness lifestyle in a different light. However, while most of these tips are beneficial, they still don’t address the problem of weight loss, and therefore are ineffective when used alone. Because of this, it makes very little sense to make weight loss the focus of your weight loss program. What we need to do to effectively lose weight is simplify every decision in our life to a basic question. To create a period of sustainable weight loss we need to take the focus off of weight loss and instead put it on trying to be healthier.
Ultimately, we should be trying to figure out how to be healthier, instead of trying to figure out how to lose weight. Contrary to popular belief, we do not control our weight loss, at least not in the technical sense.
Once you’ve actually created that healthy lifestyle, influencing your body composition becomes as easy as eating less or eating more. The next time you find yourself getting frustrated at your lack of weight loss, take a step back and remember the big picture. I don’t have a thyroid and feel that so much of what my weight does is dependent on my dosage and my levels.

If you are truly eating only 1100-1200 cal and exercising that much, you could be in starvation mode. It is odd that you’re gaining on that many calories, especially 20 pounds in 2 months. Read enough about weight loss and fitness, and you begin to start developing your own philosophies on the subject. At worst, they remind you of certain aspects of fitness that you might have forgotten about. Nearly every one of these weight loss tips tries to attack the problem by treating the symptom. Instead, we need to focus on what causes the weight loss and treat the actual problem – a faulty lifestyle. Each time you answer yes to that question you are shifting the momentum towards achieving a healthy body composition. Had you asked yourself that very question during the period of weight gain you experienced, you would have noticed that the answer to the question would have more times than not been no.
Just the opposite also holds true – weight loss is a side effect of living a healthy lifestyle. We indirectly influence it with our actions, but we don’t physically tell our bodies to send fat loss hormones throughout our body to mobilize fatty acids, and then tell them to burn them for fuel.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to let your body do as it may, and instead focus on the actions we take in our life that make us healthier both mentally and physically? Refocus your efforts on creating a healthy lifestyle, and weight loss is sure to be a positive side effect.
I’m going to try thinking of my actions as something that makes me healthier instead of obsessing about weight loss all the time.
The former will help us work towards creating a new healthy lifestyle, and in return, we’ll receive all the mental and physical benefits that come along with one. I share a LOT of your articles over on MFP to those who are struggling and not eating enough, etc. 1200 is the lowest you should go, and however many calories you burn in exercise, should be how many you add to that 1200 cal. If you are still gaining, it has to be your Thyroid, and you may need medicine to help control your levels.

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