Keep up with our three women's journeys via their online diaries, which will be posted on the Telegraph beauty website every Friday.
Georgina Horne wears Fly Sport tank top by Pearl Izumi, her own leggings and trainers by New Balance. In our increasingly digital world, what role can technology play in the quest for weight-loss? Alice Dogruyol wears tank top and leggings by Marks & Spencer and trainers by New Balance. Categories: Appetite Control and Suppressants, Health and Personal Care, Vitamins and Dietary Supplements, Weight Loss.

Bring on the kale chips, the 2014 pioneering health-trend gurus shout - or a juice cleanse, or a two-day fast. The three-month programme is designed to reset metabolism and hormone levels to regulate fat storage. Duigan begins with a data-driven assessment, and his workout sessions include a long warm-up to activate muscle groups and are punctuated with high-intensity exercise bursts. But with so many methods to choose from, what is the most realistic way to shift weight and keep it off? Key features include an eating-plan comprising the foods best suited to your personal biochemistry (determined through a blood test), leaving a five-hour gap between meals and no aerobic exercise until your target weight is reached (as, according to Metabolic Balance, exercise causes fat-burning to stop).

Over the next three months three women will each embark on a different route to the same finish line: shaping up their bodies for the long term.

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