Dominance at the top of the college football world is certainly exciting for SEC football fans. And, quite frankly, when 2 of the conferencea€™s bottom 3 teams are the Tennessee Volunteers (who won a national title as recently as 1998) and the Auburn Tigers (who should have been national champions in 2004), you know the conference is loaded. If you are looking for tickets to an SEC football (or bowl) game, check out2010 SEC Football Tickets.
The SEC is the #1 conference against ranked teams, the number 1 conference against top 10 teams, the number 1 conference against major teams and the number 1 conference in the rankings. Or, how about the October 16, 2006 issue of Sports Illustrated a€“ the premier sports publication in America. The SEC has led the nation in football attendance for 11 straight years a€“ averaging 75,816 fans per game in 2008!
According to the 2008 SEC Football Fan guide the SEC holds an all-time 72.8% non-conference winning percentage (not including bowl games). Check out this blog for a great study on why SEC football is simply tougher than football in other conferences.
Year in and year out the SEC has more teams than any other conference ranked in the Top 25. Simply put, no conference compares to the SEC for its depth, competitiveness, talent, football history and football culture. When you are in a state with an SEC football team and that team is playing a home game a€“ you probably know about it because it is probably the biggest thing going on in the entire state.

During every home game at Tennessee a€“ Neyland Stadium becomes the 5th biggest city in the state.
If you want more information, opinion or discussion about the football programs of any of the SEC schools, click on the name of the team (above) and that will take you to their page.
You won't be surprised that we are predicting the SEC will be the top college football conference, again, in 2009. But, just as significant to the overall strength of SEC football is the tremendous depth from 1 through 12. In fact, Southeastern Conference footballgames are simply the most exciting sports events in America. And it is the SEC's supremacy of college football, that, in the end, makes the SEC the #1 college sports conference. In light of all that, I'd be uncomfortable saying the SEC is anything but the best conference ever. The 2008 NFL opening day active rosters showed 259 former SEC football players on NFL rosters. Actually the 4th biggest because, during the game, there are actually more people in the stadium (110,000 or so) than in the city of Knoxville. Ultimately, the conference with the best fans will have the most support for its football program and over time that is the key to why the SEC is #1. Tennessee Volunteers -- Read about the Vols new head football coach at Derek Dooley Biography.

More teams than ever are within range of a bowl game, and a number of teams that had struggled for a few years (Alabama Crimson Tide; Georgia Bulldogs) have established themselves as national powers once again. Other teams that had been off the college football radar for many years (Ole Miss Rebels; Vanderbilt Commodores) have become forces within the conference.
Despite it's woeful 1-6 2008 bowl record, we'll be charitable and keep the Big Ten at #3 due to it's great history. In the 2009 NFL draft, again, the SEC led all conferences with 8 first rounders and 37 players drafted overall. Coming off a superb 2008 season, the Crimson Tide return enough talent to once again be a dominant team in 2009.
But, huge wins over LSU and Tennessee; coupled with losses to South Carolina, Bama and Auburn have made 2009 a wild ride for the Rebel faithful so far.
Win over Tenn at home Saturday would lock up 2d place in the SEC East and a major bowl bid.

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