The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Conde Nast. It’s my fifth year pulling together and hosting the Bon Appetit Food Lover’s Cleanse, and this time, I’m starting this cleanse a bit cleaner than intended: instead of eating steak and drinking too much at my friends’ cabin in the woods as I planned, I had a New Year’s Eve stomach flu and spent the whole day bundled in blankets and feeling sorry for myself.
In some ways this untimely illness was helpful: for one, I wasn’t hungover on New Year’s Day when I did my massive shopping trip.
More importantly, as my appetite slowly returns, I know I’ll be eating things that are tempting, delicious, and will make me feel my best.
This year, we have a shopping list to help you get rolling on the plan, a calendar to keep you organized, and a pdf of all the recipes to print out if you’d like.
On the docket: An always-comforting roast chicken is dressed up with sweet roasted grapes, and blah winter squash gets an upgrade with sweet-hot gochujang, a spicy Korean chile paste. I got to the store early and clear-headed, loading up a cart sheer to the brim with stuff like mustard greens, grapefruits, and mahi mahi.

The whole point of the Food Lover’s Cleanse is to tempt you back into balanced, homemade, healthful eating with its vivid, delicious food (think red rice congee with chicken, kimchi and mushrooms or seared swordfish with fennel and endive). And as in the past, I’ll be doing the Cleanse along with you: look for my posts here and and feel free to ask me questions on Twitter or Instagram.
But on the days you can’t do it, take the basic rules of the cleanse and adapt them to your lifestyle: The spinach at the salad bar can be the backbone of your lunch. Our dinner recipes will provide leftovers for use in lunch the next day, depending on how much your family eats. I had the presence of mind to wash all the greens I brought home, so they are ready for salads or sauteing. For me, the program has become a welcome touch point each year after fun, but disorienting, holiday seasons, where pie is a viable option for breakfast and some dinners are made only of cheese and Chardonnay.  I know that in January, the FLC will bring back well-rounded meals with all the crunch and chew and zing I need to truly relish eating. Here’s how I make it through: I empty the pantry of tempting foods (we’ll give you guidelines).

A simply cooked piece of fish paired with roasted veggies and whole grains works just fine for dinner.
In case you do not have leftovers, we have suggested alternative ingredients in the recipes to flesh out your midday meals. I roasted my beets like a good girl so I don’t have to rush them when they show up on the menu later in the week. Then I lean hard on the salty-enough snacks in the program; they have protein to tide me over until dinner.

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