My 10-Day Detox Diet Cookbook: Burn the Fat, Lose weight Fast and Boost your Metabolism For Busy Mom.
Every day, the food we eat is converted into energy that is used to keep our body functioning. Any calories consumed beyond our BMR are either burned through physical activity, or lead to weight gain. Today, we’ll show you how to increase your metabolism so that your body burns more calories, even at rest!
Please note that as you start shedding the pounds, your metabolism will adjust itself to your new weight. This entry was posted in WeightLoss and tagged basal metabolic rate, caffeine, exercise, protein, sleep, Water by Hemi Weingarten.

The majority of the calories we consume are burned, even if all we do all day is lie in bed. Exercise at high intensity – whether you are lifting heavy weights or running fast intervals, your muscle mass will increase. Lack of sleep decreases the basal (resting) metabolic rate through mechanisms that scientists are still trying to figure out. This provides a double advantage – first, your metabolism will stay high for hours after intense exercise, burning more calories while you recover. Emerging research suggests that protein consumption helps maintain levels of a hormone called triiodothyronin, which keep the metabolism rate higher even as you lose weight. The increase in metabolic rate happens within minutes, as your digestive tract heats the water to match body temperature.

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