Sometimes the trouble with eating healthy is that it’s either expensive or time-consuming. JOIN MY NEXT CHALLENGE GROUP!  Space in our current 21-Day Fix Challenge Group has been reserved. I used to get my tilapia cheap from aldis as well until i read an article about tilapia farm raised in China.
Hello and welcome to what should be the almost-halfway point of most of our weeks ?? Gotta love 3-day weekends!
Pretty much the exact same meal, except I loaded my eggs up with goat cheese instead of salsa because I had run 5 miles that morning and wanted some extra protein! The dressing isn’t exactly low fat, but I figured all the cabbage and carrots made up for it! I had time to run home for lunch yesterday and enjoyed a bowl with the wonton strips that the salad came with. I already showed you all this picture on Monday, but that Kale and Chickpea saute is a prime example of my typical lunch. My amazing Chicken in Spicy Peanut Sauce dinner that I was obsessed with and shared with you all. After 3 months of being subscribed to Cooking Light magazine, I finally tried out a recipe. There’s not lots of time to walk (or bike) home, whip up something for lunch, clean up and come back in less than an hour. My most common lunch is leftovers, or whatever dish I made a big pot of on Sunday for lunches the following week.
This was actually a picture I sent to T-Man to show him my firm’s new coffee cups (lol) but my favorite brand of soup cup is making a small appearance. This puppy (from evol foods) has been waiting in our office freezer as a back-up lunch in case I ever forget or don’t have time to plan out a lunch.
Greek Yogurt (I buy whatever brand is on sale, but Oikos is my favorite!) + a Fiber One 90 calorie brownie. The summer I returned from a year studying abroad, I went to visit my friends at UCSB who were just graduating.
Welp, my chauffeur boyfriend just started working on a congressional campaign (70+ hours a week) so I realized that I needed a bike. Now excuse me as I get ready to bike home at lunch (because I can) and bake cookies for the boyfriend’s work BBQ.

I work out in the morning, am busy after work at least 3x per week with clubs, sports, etc, and dining out every day is not in my budget. I do miss the leisurely breakfasts and lunches I was enjoying at home, but my lunches haven’t been too shabby! I am super thankful that my new office is just around the corner from my old one, AKA only 8 blocks from my apartment! I use the Safeway Just For U app pretty regularly to find deals at the grocery store (it even gives you personalized deals based on the items you buy the most!) and this week, I noticed that they were offering a free bag of chopped salad with your purchase.
Raw cabbage is kind of rough on the digestive system, so I figured the hot quinoa would cook it and mellow it down a little. Because even with work being as busy as it is, I’ve mostly managed to eat a homemade lunch at least 4 days out of every week, and have eaten dinner at home just as often.
This one really got some mixed feedback on Instagram…apparently not everyone thinks avocados are the best thing ever invented EVER.
I think it must be the dodgeball beers on Thursday night that make me feel like I need to load up on nutrients Friday morning! I say if you eat healthily during the day, a bag of fries and an IPA makes a fine dinner ?? Balance, people! I’ve also been trying to keep to my 3x per week workouts, which usually means lunch happens afterwards at my desk. Usually this involves beans or, in the summer, some kind of grain like quinoa that is good to eat cold.
Inspired by a Beeroness recipe, it has a healthy amount of chipotle, Stout beer, and even quinoa! We’re running low on snacks in our office pantry, but Wheat Thins are always in stock. It started when I had a broken hand and couldn’t make much of anything else for lunch. They are pretty good on keeping the scary ingredients to a minimum, and the first cup I tried on Monday was pretty tasty. I was fortunate enough to inherit Daisy, my graduating friend Mallory’s purple beach cruiser, and I looooved her!
Spread remainder of bean mixture on 2nd tortilla and place on it on top (tortilla side down again). You can make it so many different ways: crisp up the tortillas in some oil, use different veggies or mashed black beans instead of refried…the possibilities are endless!

So this week I’m linking up with What I Ate Wednesday to share my first week of work lunches. It made 3 servings – one I ate at home with a tortilla (see above) and the other two I brought in a tupperware to work!
I think I’ll add sriracha today too…it would go perfectly with the sesame dressing! In a perfect world, I’d eat a big breakfast and lunch everyday, followed by a snacky dinner.
It was super filling, protein packed, but didn’t leave me feeling too bloated to run around and throw balls at people.
I’ve been trying their fruit + veggie smoothies and, while they don’t taste as great as the purely fruit ones, at least I feel revived! There are a few brands that have pretty good nutritional stats, and many are less than $2 each. Yes, I realize I base my grocery shopping decisions on the basis of $1 difference…yes, I might be cheap. My beef with greek yogurt is that it has zero fiber…so pairing it with a Fiber One brownie is the perfect answer, as each one has 5g of fiber! And most importantly, I can bike home at lunch and have time to make a delicious and nutritious meal. And it will continue to be cray cray until our Legislative Symposium is over and done with on Wednesday. We weren’t a huge fan of the beer cheese pictured (it reminded us too much of processed nacho cheese), so we ordered another garlicky cheese and were totally in business. Also, we both have roommates, and whenever I plan to make a smoothie in the morning, one always seems to be asleep or on a work conference call and I’d hate to run the noisy blender. In fact, the lunch I packed today includes some leftover turkey meatloaf she sent me home with last night! I won a box in a giveaway from Christina at Hungry Meets Healthy, and I’ve been buying them regularly ever since.

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