With that being said, I have listed 3 types of supplements that can help you in your weight loss endeavors.
For an increase in energy along with some appetite control, taking some caffeine is the way to go. The key to benefiting from caffeine is to not use this product every day or in more that 300 mg tops (2 times per day). Again, keep in mind that while these supplements can assist you on your quest for fat loss, they will not cause you to lose significant amounts of weight without a diet and exercise. You see these big supplement companies profit from your wallets by promising that you will look like the person promoting the product.
These are the kinds of things that kill me inside and is one of the main reasons why I put together the Fat Extinction Program.
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Slimming Herbs Elements is clinically proven to be extremly safe and effective in weight reduction. Caffeine is a stimulant that will allow you to feel more energetic and increase mental alertness. Too much caffeine will not only make you jittery and irritable, but your body will also become accustomed to it and it will take more and more to feel its effects. When you start to decrease your caloric intake and create a caloric deficit, your body will decrease its L-Tyrosine levels which in terms will cause your metabolism to slow down. The reason for this is your body needs to have the right ratio of macronutrients to achieve any weight loss.
What they do not tell you is that these people stay in shape year round by maintaining a good diet and exercise program. I personally like to use 200mg twice a day at the most for no more than 5 days a week (with 4 days being even better).

In fact, as long as you follow a good diet consisting of the right macronutrient ratio and exercise program, you will have all the tools necessary to decrease your body fat. Some companies even go as far as doing the exact opposite of what they claim to do with the people promoting the product. In addition, the increased adrenaline will also give you appetite control along with increased performance (and even pain tolerance) at the gym. As a result, they are able to take a photo of them out of shape and fat for the before picture when in fact it is the after.

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