If you are trying to find a natural way to boost your metabolism, we have the perfect solution for you. Apple-Cinnamon Water contains very few calories, actually less than 10 calories in each dose. Put the apple slices on the bottom of the pitcher(save some to put in your glass later) and then drop the cinnamon stick, fill half of the pitcher with ice and then add water.

This is the place to discuss health-related topics, like diet, exercise & women's health issues. Como puedo empezar a cambiar mi alimentacion para introducirme a un estilo de vida mas saludable? Forget about diet soda and juices, and let this apple-cinnamon water do miracles in a week.The results you should expect are a magnificient weight loss and amazing energy splash.

You should keep in mind that this tasty water has a hint of flavor, meaning if you want it to taste stronger, add more apples or slice them thinner.

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