It is this crazy behavior that made me try to look into detox’s and a cleaner meal plan.
The great thing about a detox is while it is difficult AT FIRST, you never feel bad afterwards!
If you are worried about going full-in on the Paleta detox, (they so generously discounted for us), then why not try my food plan?
Or if we spend the whole day, too busy to eat, then we gorge ourselves as soon as food is in front of us because we’ve starved ourselves to the point of forgetting our intention to stay healthy and conscious of our food decisions. I’ve devised a very easy-to-follow food program and have decided to do our first ever group detox in bootcamp this session.
It gets you in-line with the fact that filling yourself up with food, and negative food choices is not making you feel full!

Some countries don’t have option (we are fortunate enough to not be one), so why do we go for such negative treats? If that’s still too much for you then why not eliminate the food that you are feeling guilty about completely for two weeks?! A study conducted in the UK in 2011 stated that 54% of women thought more about food than sex. You’re being pulled in so many directions with the snack tray at work, or happy hour drinks. You’ll have a ton of support with your friends who have also chosen to tweak their diet during this time period!
When you start checking in during your meals, like you do in a workout, I guarantee you will see a change!

How can we get to a point where the choices we make and the foods we eat aren’t so distracting from the enjoyment in life? We cram crap in our mouths, feel guilty about it, and then work really hard to negate the choices!

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