In case you missed Nutrition School Part One: Macronutrient Basics, let me just give you a quick nutrition summary.
Tracking your steps throughout the day makes you more aware of how much and how often you’re moving. If you can’t stand plain water, try infusing your water with some fruit, veggies, and herbs.
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Going to the grocery store may be simple to you, if it is, you’re probably doing something wrong.
This is why I chose Isagenix after months of looking into all of the shakes out there and being disappointed and frustrated.
This is a video that explains the how a cellular, or blood cleanse works, and the effects it has on your cells! This blog has been a long time coming, and I did not want to be super sales-y, but I am so excited about Isagenix and I want to share this with you! They’re low in calories, full of satiating fiber, and filled with plenty of beneficial phytochemicals.
Yes, I am obsessed with eating organic, tips and tricks to improve your immune system and metabolism, and proper nutrition for children, and being a work at home mom… but what you may not know is that Isagenix has all of that in one place! I was waking up earlier, with energy, staying up later, my workouts were better, a rash I had for a few months vanished, my acne cleared up, my hair and nails grew faster, I dropped a pant size and I didn’t need coffee anymore! CFL is a juice that you can either drink every morning and night, or drink on deep cleanse days. I like to give advice on going to the grocery store and finding real food for your family, because I know a lot of people are hesitant to try new things, especially when they are looking at prices.

If you are looking for a home-based business and a great nutrition plan you will be hard pressed to find one that is organic. It is full of nutrients, and pulls toxins from your blood and organs. A deep cleanse day is a day where you do not eat food, you only drink CFL, suck on Isagenix Snacks and drink tons of water and tea. I don’t cleanse to lose weight, I do not have weight to lose, in fact, I gained muscle when I did my 30 day. They also integrate with other apps and social media platforms so that you can join an online community of fitness conscious people which helps ot challenge you to better yourself. Cleanses can be difficult, but there is so much support, and it’s so encouraging to do group cleanses, and after you have done one day, you wake up feeling fantastic, you have so much energy!
Most people see that the Sunny D has 100% Vitamin C and don’t bother to read the actual ingredients. Trader Joe’s, Lassens, and Fresh and Easy are easier for me, yes I still have to read labels, at least more of what I’m reading can go into my cart! Let’s address the problems before they start, and the best way to do that is proper nutrition!
Corporations have taken over most of our mass produced foods so we are not getting the nutrients our bodies need to function properly. The whey is also 99% lactose extracted, since I am lactose intolerant I needed either a dairy free shake or no lactose. And of course there were other tasty treats (like roasted marshmallows) and a few alcoholic beverages (wine, wine, annnnnnnnd, oh yeah – more wine). It helps to keep you full until your next meal, and it helps to keep blood sugars more level when you pair it with a carbohydrate compared to eating a carbohydrate alone.
But if you’re routinely getting less than 7 hours of sleep a night, it could really be derailing your attempts to be healthy and lose weight.
You may be saving money now, but in the long run, when your blood pressure is through the roof, when you have stomach problems that you spend extra money on antacids to cure, acne that you spend hundreds of dollars to cure, when you can’t lose weight and spend even more on drugs to lower your apatite, potentially develop an addiction that you now have to kick, when you have weight loss surgery, when your children are obese, when you have a heart attack… was that extra $50 worth it?

Do you want to be eating food that was was grown in soil that was sprayed with insecticides that made the bug’s stomachs explode? Imagine that, a safe, natural high that does not cloud your thinking, but actually helps your mental clarity, and there is no unfavorable come down! Now that you are in debt from medical bills that could have been avoided if you had been simply eating right.
IsaLean shakes are filled with 90 essential nutrients that our bodies need to work properly and have active enzymes which aid in digestion. That will help to keep you full throughout the day and make it less likely that you’ll be craving sweets and carby snack food.
Personally, I try to get 100-128oz of water per day, but that’s just what works for me. Instead of browsing the internet, use this time to create a ritual that will cue your body and brain that you’re winding down, and sleep is coming soon.
I can tell you how nice it is to no longer struggle with acne, and to be able to push myself like never before in my workouts. I can show you my long strong fingernails, and how long my hair has grown, how thick and healthy it is.
My body finally has the tools to deal with stress properly and I live in a perpetual state of contentment.

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