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Contouring with cosmetics is not a new idea; celebrities have been using it for years to ensure they look their best on the red carpet or in photo shoots. Apply a dark (slightly darker than your skin tone) stripe of foundation in the hollow of each of your cheeks, under your cheekbone. After trying all of these tricks – don’t forget to blend properly before leaving the house! Need some tips for doing make up on a round face and how to make it appear a little slimmer. Not everyone has chiseled features, but certain makeup techniques if used correctly can give you angular and chiseled look, and also thereby making your face appear slimmer than it is. Go for bold eye makeup or smokey eyes to take off the attention from other areas of your face. Use a good-quality highlighter in the area between your brows, on the bridge of your nose, and on the cupid’s bow to draw attention to these areas and away from the fullness of your face.

Mario-We’ve all been patiently waiting for you to post Kim’s Teen Choice Awards makeup colors!
Now we are going to show you few makeup tips that are very easy and will make your face look glamours . However, thanks to the wonders of modern cosmetics, there are ways that you can even out your features, highlight your best assets and achieve a flawless finish. To slim and streamline your nose without needing a nose job, apply your concealer in a thin line directly down the centre of your nose and slightly up onto your forehead.
Zoe, a graphic designer by day and beauty blogger by night; is based in Lancashire, a lovely county in the North West of England, United Kingdom. Use a bronzer a few shades darker than your skin tone and contour the hallows of your cheeks and the side of your face.
I have a very round face and I started out contouring with eyeshadow, but I find it easier to blend with foundations and concealers that are darker then your natural skin tone! Also, if you have rounder face and want to take some pounds off with the help makeup, there’s nothing wrong with that.

This makes her the ideal person to offer some of her beauty secrets on how to achieve the perfect face contouring look with cosmetics. You should also apply it under each of your eyes, just above your cheekbones, reaching up to the ends of your eyebrows.
With the help of makeup, you can create an illusion of an angular face and its only a temporary method to make the face appear slimmer. Highlight the top of your cheekbones, your nose, and your brow bones to bring more dimension to your face and it takes away from the roundness of your face.
Additionally, you can wear long dangle earrings or frame the face with bangs to get the desired result. This makeup trick will create a light shadow effect on your face which will make your face look thinner.

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