Your device must have atleast 19.5 MB of space to download and install ProTracker Plus Watchers Nutrition and Exercise Value Tracker, Database and Calculator.
So you've got a few pounds to lose and you've tried everything but still have no significant results? Carrying a pen and paper with you all day is not the most practical way to keep a food diary, but with ProTracker Plus you'll always be just one touch away from your food diary.
The scanner is really great and a big plus from the last app we were using, I have found it to be user friendly and I would recommend this app.
This app does the job as far as keeping track of Points in the same way as Weight Watchers Points Plus system which has worked successfully for me in the past.
This is the first time I have ever rated an app and I have done so because I am so impressed. I'm a WW lifetime member of 5 years and I used to be so passionate about it I considered working for them. If you're already familiar with how WW works, this is a great alternative to the online subscription.
I love the whole point system, as it is an easier number to follow, and I love that you can load up fruits and veggies and save the points for your main courses. I was very sad when WW quit using the points plus system and I am sooooo happy that this app is dang near identical to it! After 2 months of using ProTracker I can say that it is a great app for tracking weight watcher points. I now prefer pro tracker in place of weight watchers mobile because after the change to their most recent WW software they are now charging outrageous amount of points for things that used to be reasonable points and they automatically deduct two points of any kind of daily exercise you add. This app does everything that the weight watchers app does, but doesn't have a monthly fee associated with it. Like everyone else says, WW had a good thing going in their app and then decided to "improve" it.

Too many steps to add my food, first to add to a list than to move from list to track, why not one easy step?
Well look no further because it is a proven fact that people who write down what they eat can nearly triple their weight loss, and ProTracker Plus does just that for you. You can now view a summary of your day from your notification centre by swiping down from the top of your screen.a€? Added a switch to quickly mark items as fruits or veggies.
When you add a food it takes you back out to the add screen instead of back to the my foods section. I'm not interested in WW new Smart Points system as it seems others have not had success and you have to be more careful what kinds of foods you eat. I've had luck with WW points plus in the past but am finding the smart points very difficult. But they switched to the new crappy smart points and I started to hate myself for regaining some of my weight again. Please please always keep the option to use the points plus system.I started doing weight watchers when they had the points plus system and easily lost 50 pounds then they changed to the new version during the holidays in 2015 and everything went to hell. I lost 25 lbs several years ago with the WW app, but the app got progressively worse with each "upgrade" and its increasing difficulty and lack of features are unconscionable for an app that charges $20 a month.
First the app stopped working, then lost my data then proved unusable so I quit in January. This forces the items food value to zero while still tracking the nutritional info.a€? App has been fully localized to French. I eventually stopped pointing bc I hated it so much and then I had the throw in the towel mentality which is the worst thing you can do. Pro tracker has the same database that weight watchers used to use and you can add exercise points and I much prefer it. Probably better if you've attended weight watchers first so you know what you're doing and are properly motivated.

Since WW had gotten so expensive, and it's IMPOSSIBLE to maintain a 2 pound leeway from goal to keep my lifetime status, I decided to start using your app. I called and quit and told them why they were losing a lifetime member and they couldn't have cared less. Only problem is sometimes the Data Base for food search is so large it can be overwhelming and inconsistent in how points are counted. I basically had to starve myself or cut out all the foods that had been working for me so i quit and started counting calories but that didn't work as well for me.
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