It took a few minutes each day to make my meals and I can show you how to do the same for your self.
Having tried many other Diets, Atkins, Beach, Juice, Apples or Grapefruits only etc I have never lost this much before, so quickly and more so, kept it off. So if you are looking for a diet that gives you quick results and fits into your busy life style and does not mean going too weekly meetings, paying weekly fees if you go or do not go, or being weighed in front of people, talk about why you are over weight, and are looking for a diet that gives you quick results and weight loss, that is easy to follow, that does not take much time to prepare and that you can buy from your local supermarket or health shop, and is a diet that you find motivating because you are losing weight quickly then this is the diet for you.
Despite that I have never done this diet before, I lost 7 pounds in the first week and then 6 pounds the following week. Below is a chart showing you my weight loss each week, with a total of over 42 pounds in weight loss. Now although these numbers seem small on a weekly bases, over the 12 weeks they all add up to 42lbs, thata€™s Three Stone or 42 Pounds of Body Fat GONE.
Results would vary from week to week, but generally a good weight loss each week was being achieved.

All you have to do now is make a decision whether you want to really do something different, maybe to finally put an end to your weight worries.
I will show you how to lose over three stone within the next 12 weeks, by eating food from your local Super-market and Health store, but not in the way you think.
In a moment you will see a photo of me before and after, you will be amazed at the results.
Just think, if you had started a few months ago you could be three stone lighter and healthier right now!
All of your items will be posted to you via Recorded Delivery and Overseas International signed for.
While the approach may help those who are obese shed pounds in the short term, most put the weight straight back on, they warn. Not by Surgery, Gastric Band, Diet Pills, Hypnosis, Eating Eggs all day, or a Grapefruit before each meal and you do not have to buy the food from me.

Its not a fantasya€¦ This time a few years ago I was in your positiona€¦ Ia€™d never done this or even tried anything similar before and yet Ia€™m now over three stone lighter having followed this diet.
It is a diet that is ridiculously easy to follow and you only have to buy the ingredients and food at your local Supermarket or Health store. My diet of eating as I have mentioned before has worked with other people and no one has lost any less than 7 - 10 pounds in the first week. Over the next few weeks I did not stop losing weight, averaging from 3 to 4 pounds every week.
And I did this with a very quick and is an easy method of which you will be able to follow very easily and lose weight too.

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