Under column 5,6,7 or 8 go down to the desired number of pounds then go across to columns 3 and 4 to determine daily calorie shortfall or consumption required to achieve your targeted weight level.
The following daily diet which was created by Diet Bites is based on the Food Group recommendations contained in the Official Food Pyramid. At this writing we feel it is the best pattern for losing excess pounds in a healthy manner. The Food Pyramid defines the types of foods that we should eat for optimum health - and it also separates these foods into groups. The calories are based on the average American and the amount of energy that their body requires in order to maintaining its healthy recommended body weight. However, this number of calories is simply a guide - a pattern used to depict the amount of food which would be required by an individual meeting this energy criteria. If you are a small woman with a small body frame size, and if you are older - and if you are inactive you may require as little as 1300 calories per day in order to support your recommended weight.

We have the same amounts of servings included in both of the following Food Comparison Charts. Therefore, the types of foods that we choose to consume do matter, even when they are healthy choices. We are also provided examples of daily recommendations from each group - given both the minimum requirements and the maximum based on a standard 2000 calorie daily diet. If you are a male body builder with a large frame size, who is extremely active and who is a young, tall adult - you may require well over 3000 calories in order to support optimum health. Both of the following Food Guides by Diet Bites contain the MAXIMUM amounts of food servings recommended by the American Food Pyramid. Our first chart contains about 1800 calories while the second holds well over 3000 calories. While all choices are considered very healthy choices, the total daily calories are extreme.

Food Groups hold varieties of selections of fruits, vegetables, grains, proteins and dairy foods - all of which vary in energy values. We wanted to show that the choices of foods that we make matter in a huge way where calories - as well as nutrition is concerned. It's up to us to make the best choices based on both nutrition and calories when planning our daily menus.

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