Saljer en helt ny och oanvand Abtronic X2.Detta ar ett banbrytande fitness-system som helt och hallet kommer att forandra sattet du tranar pa.
Ny knivskyddsvast som ger skydd mot stick & skarskador samt harda slag och sparkar samt kastade objekt. Lacker tantokniv fran valkanda vapentillverkaren Walther fran Tyskland, kanda for sin hoga kvalite.
Den starkaste, ljusaste laddbara personliga ficklampa nagonsin fran TacGear, nu med glaskrossare och sjalvforsvars krona! Handleds larm ar en av de trendigaste och mest framat tankande personlarmen pa marknaden idag.
Complete your training program with the AbTronic X2™ belt, whose secret lies on the electro muscle stimulation of your abs! We're sorry, but the item you're trying to add to your cart cannot be added, because it is not compatible with other items in your cart.

48% off the AbTronic X2™ Fitness system offering you to complete your workout at home with a belt that stimulate your abdominal muscles! Recommended with an appropriate diet and workout plan, this system of electro muscle stimulation will activate abdominal muscle contractions for phenomenal results!
Your fitness system includes: the AbTronics X2 belt, 4 conductive pads, an extension hook-and-hoop belt, an ABTRONIC X2™ TONING GEL 4 oz.
Through 10-minute a day sessions, combined with your regular fitness program and a healthy diet, you'll get fascinating results! The AbTronic ™ X2 belt, thanks to its dual-channel technology, target two distinct groups of muscles. Please note that your product will be shipped from our warehouse within 2-3 weeks from your purchase date.
60 minutes of daily usage will make the cells last for 2 weeks approximately.Q: Is it true that the Abtronic X2 has 80 different workouts?

8 workouts at 10 various levels provide total 80 different exercises by Dual Technology Smart Microprocessor.
This week at the Boutique, get the AbTronic ™ X2 as seen on TV, at 48% discount, and tighten your muscles!
You will soon begin to receive emails saving you up to 50% on the best local deals in your area. En fraktavgift pa 51 kr tillkommer.For ovriga fragor ar du valkommen att kontakta mig via mail.

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