When you combine those three exercises with proper nutrition, your body will begin to transform rapidly. Follow the simple calculations above and you’ll be on your way to that shredded six pack. About UsSoletopia is a street fashion blog that was launched as a source of curated style & entertainment, footwear-based.
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And when it comes to nutrition for getting a ripped six pack, RippedBody and Leangains are the way to go.
Use this free calorie counter to calculate your daily intakes and buy a digital food scale to make life easier.
Now that you have the top 3 exercises, it’s time to hit up the nutrition side of getting a six pack. A word of caution though, Leangains is not for everyone, it works the best for athletes who are already in decent shape.

We strongly recommend that you read the links shown above for details that will maximize your fat burning and muscle building abilities, while answering other questions you may have.

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