Santa Claus delivers toys to the millions of kids around the world every year on Christmas Eve.  His job is so crazy around this time of year, it’s no wonder he is so fat! After a few weeks of his new routine Santa hadn’t lost any weight and his energy was down.  He decided to drop his caloric intake another 500 calories.  A few weeks past and more of the same, he had actually gained weight!  How could this be?
Theoretically, if it was all about caloric intake, any given person could lose weight on 1000 calories of chocolate everyday and be ok.  We all know that is not true even a little bit. Tom is a tier 3 personal trainer, Master Instructor, and holds certifications from the National Academy of Sports Medicine in personal training and corrective exercise therapy.

It’s about the right kinds of nutrients which include fatty acids, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. He utilizes postural analysis and the FMS (functional movement screen) to develop each client’s flexibility program and, when needed, corrective exercise program.
I’m here to tell you that Santa did everything the way he was supposed to, except the system doesn’t work and it never has!
His unique insight allows for better biomechanics, improved flexibility, pain reduction (and even elimination), increased strength and muscle tone as well a renewed sense of health and well being.

Fat is important for energy, but its also important in the brain for proper synapse firing. It does not float through your system unchanged, so fat clogging your arteries makes no sense at all!

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